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  1. On Oceana in January. More than one member of my Dad's family ended up in a lifeboat after being torpedoed in WW2. One of my Mum's old friends ended up in the water after being hit by a mine after WW2. Oh well, might end up following family traditions.
  2. 891 posts Report post #20 Posted 5 minutes ago Low standards in northern seaside resorts? Ever been to Southend? Or Clacton? Or Hastings or Ramsgate? Or, by contrast, Scarborough? P&O's certainly downmarket, I agree, but that's what happens when you have to appeal to the mass market to fill your ships. I live in Southend. I do not own a football shirt. I do however own several rugby shirts.
  3. We've also been to shows on board with Roy Walker and Tom O'Connor. Both very good. Lionel Blair also did a turn on our only one Artemis cruise. Lionel did a great show where he talked about his life in showbiz and did a couple of routines.
  4. We booked our last cruise on an Early Saver and did not get the dining we requested. We spoke with the Maitre D on embarkation day and were allowed to change. It wasn't until the third evening that they were able to confirm that we could go on to Freedom dining, but as it was a Christmas cruise there was probably lot of people being just as picky as us regarding dining. As it was 16 nights, we thought getting the dining changed by the third night was fair enough.
  5. We got the HoHo bus. Two years ago (I think) was about €20. About 5-10 minutes walk from the terminal entrance, there was the red bus and the yellow bus companies. Might have been a blue one as well. We used the red bus. Takes you to the Acropolis. Once you've done the Acropolis you can use the 2nd route of that bus to get you to The Plaka, and other parts of the city. Getting back to the ship you use the second bus route to get back to the Acropolis and change to the first route to get back the drop off near the cruise terminal. A cheaper alternative too the ship's excursion.
  6. Admittedly it was for three cabins together, but when we booked Iona on release day, we couldn't the precise three we wanted. Still got three together on the deck we wanted of the same grade though.
  7. We booked a Select fare for our Dubai fly cruise next year. Main reason was cabin location, followed by freedom dining. we dalso got a little bit of additional OBC over the Select. Overall, the select fare cost us £55pp more than the saver on a two week cruise. For us the cabin location and dining are worth the money.
  8. Sounds like the infamous "black bottle" involving Lord Cardigan and Captain Nolan is returning.
  9. We still got the discount the even though we didn't book the cruises at the same time. Same ship though. I did have to email P & O regarding getting the discount applied to the first cruise booked (the second of the two cruises in real time). When I made the second booking I was told that an amended confirmation would be sent out. Nothing landed in my mailbox for a week, but a quick email via the customer services link, and a couple of days later the amended confirmation arrived with the 10% discount. I didn't expect or ask to get the discount at all, so a very pleasant surprise!
  10. Can't comment on Guernsey being cancelled on the cruise at issue as I wasn't there. On the occasions that we have experienced where tendering has been affected, I thought P & O made a good effort given the events. Guernsey: didn't get in on one occasion of two visits. On the abandoned one, the pilot was picked up, and we waited at the anchorage before it was announced that it was assessed that the swell was currently close to the safety limit, and forecast to increase. Fair enough. Cette (not too sure of spelling): Anchored on time, but swell was over the safety limit. Beautiful sunny weather! Capt Robert Camby decided to wait as the forecast was that the swell would reduce over the course of the day. Ent staff put on some extra things to do. About middayish (not too sure, was a few years ago) tendering started. Had a lovely MDR lunch and was on shore by about 14:00. Saw some jousting on the canal, and sampled the local wines, back on board safely on one of the last tenders. Stornaway: First visit, all went smoothly, no issues at all. Second visit, tendering started on time. We didn't want to go ashore till mid/late morning, but it was announced probably 10:30ish that they were suspending tendering from the ship due to winds and swell. Lunchtimeish it was announced that tendering was being cancelled due to further deterioration of the weather conditions. Tenders would only to continue to operate to bring back those already ashore. We stayed at the anchorage for the duration. Conditions on the ship (Oriana) felt great, but we watched the tenders struggling through big swells. OH was glad we were not aboard one! We spoke with people who had got ashore and they the return trip was very lumpy.
  11. Our first visit to Guernsey was abandoned. They made an effort to get there though. We saw the pilot board and we got to the anchorage. They gave it a bit off time before deciding that it wasn't doable, and dropped the pilot off.
  12. I agree with the comment about the grey maps, awful! Our forthcoming cruises are all there, as well as our previous cruises. On a slightly different note, the Peninsula Club page states that only Baltic tier and above get the half bottle of champagne. Was this not previously a Caribbean tier perk?
  13. On the question of pre-booking stuff, does the loyalty discount apply to the Welcome on Board Packages? I'm considering secretly booking the Ultimate Celebration Package for a special cruise. Neither of us have ever used any of the payable spa services, so facial or massage only really has novelty appeal. I was wondering whether I would get better value for money if I booked the Bon Voyage package and pre-booked Select dining via CP to ensure we get the date we want, and of course 10% off at time of booking. By my reckoning the only things we would miss out on would be the spa items, as mentioned - not bovvered, two occasions of "dessert gifts" - whatever they are, and a box of two souvenir champagne glasses - I'll just keep the complimentary sailaway champagne ones 😱
  14. We were on Oriana at Christmas & New Year. Just as we were thinking we're now getting our 10% discount because we've used up the OBC, the pesky engines packed up. I took a chance and ordered more grog just in case we got some OBC because of the technical issue. I say took a chance as a) I didn't know for certain we'd get some OBC, as I didn't know how long the tech failure would last, and b) the toilets weren't working and you guessed it I didn't know how long that would last either! Anyway, £100 OBC pp later, we hadn't still used up the new amount of OBC and resorted to the shops on the last day. BTW we'd removed auto tips and did the right thing the old fashioned way.
  15. We did a fly cruise from Malta a couple of years back flying from Gatwick. I think we were on the 1740ish flight. No in flight meal, but Mr Wetherspoon saw us right at the terminal. We pretty much went to muster drill straight after boarding. By the time that finished we missed open seating in the MDR. We were a group of 10 and most hadn't been to Malta before, and the evening was so nice we skipped the buffet for the sailaway, and made do with the late night snacks.
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