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  1. My next holiday is 2 weeks of sailing. So fancy pen knife with a few gadgets a attached, and sailing pen knife, which has a marlinspike on it will both be going in the hold baggage. Tools of the trade for that sort of holiday.
  2. The last couple of time we booked Early Saver fares, the person at the end of the phone tried to get us to upgrade to Select, plugging the free shuttles. I pointed out that at most of the ports shuttles were either provided by the port authority or there were no shuttles. In fact, on of those cruises I don't think there weren't any shuttles at all! We didn't upgrade.
  3. We were booked to go in January as well. Chose that cruise as it was going over to India. Got a few other cruises already booked, so going to do a land trip to Europe instead. Might have a look at Oceana's re-positioning cruise to Malta though...
  4. According to VTS Oriana is due to sail on 16 August. Destination port is vaguely stated as World. Attending a family wedding, otherwise I would have popped along on me bike to see her off. :
  5. We tend to stay at the Dolphin, using Tesco points. In the centre, next door to Wetherspoons, or a short walk from the German(ish) restaurant.. About £7-£8 taxi to the ter cruise terminals.
  6. We did a Grand Voyage sector on Artemis just before she left the fleet and a sector on Arcadia's worldie a couple of years ago. Revcently retired, and are booked on Arcadia's full worldie for 2021. I would like to think that we will remain in a position to do either future sectors or worldie/grand voyage at some point in the future. Also looking forward to other longer cruises like USA and round-trip Caribbean, when the price is right.
  7. A few years back were were on Oriana in the fjords. We left Bergen a bit late, and then stopped for a while in the harbour. After a while the cruise director announced that we were waiting for latecomers. In due course, a private launch went alongside the tender platform and an older couple unceremoniously climbed over onto the platform to rousing cheers. I wonder how much that cost them. We did a back to back on Aurora with friends. Went to muster drill in the theatre on the second cruise, and on the tannoy both couples names got called out to identify ourselves to the muster staff (as well a couple of other pax). Got taken into the Headliners changing room, and the staff checked our cruise cards. It turned out that several B2B pax cards hadn't been activated correctly and the cards hadn't worked when we returned to the ship.
  8. We went to this show last year on Oriana. Have to agree that the music was excellent. Also found the narrative interesting. Don't remember the narrator waving her arms though. Would certainly do this show again next time we're on board.
  9. 80 days to Azura, TA. Haven't cruised since January so can't wait!
  10. I think it was about 6 or 7 years ago, we ca celled a select fare and re-booked the early saver. Even taking OBC into account we saved about £800 on an inside cabin. The TA was very helpful and saw exactly where we were coming from. At that time the T & Cs for early savers allowed you to choose dining rather than the current system and shuttles were included so it was only cabin location that was left to chance and we felt the saving outweighed the location.
  11. Hi, We're booked for Arcadia's full worldie in 2021. Just wondering about whether there are any extra niceties/perks for pax doing the whole cruise. We're in Caribbean tier, so would normally get the Embarkation Lunch when boarding at Southampton. However, the Peninsula Club info says that the Embarkation Lunch is not available on worldies. I can understand that when joining the ship for a sector(s), but it seems a bit mean not having it at Southampton as per all other cruises. Or is not available because they have something for those booked on the full worldie? We've been told that there is a fancy lunch, similar to the Peninsula Lunch, for those on the full worldie, in the first sector, and the last sector. Does this still take place? Are there any other events specific to full worldie pax? Any other hints or tips appreciated. Thanks
  12. We took some baguettes ashore in Lisbon from the Grag & Go. Didn't get round to eating them before heading back to the ship from near the railway station. Gave them to the only person "at home" at the homeless area nearby.
  13. Depends on whether or not they contain an electric heating element.
  14. On Oceana in January. More than one member of my Dad's family ended up in a lifeboat after being torpedoed in WW2. One of my Mum's old friends ended up in the water after being hit by a mine after WW2. Oh well, might end up following family traditions.
  15. 891 posts Report post #20 Posted 5 minutes ago Low standards in northern seaside resorts? Ever been to Southend? Or Clacton? Or Hastings or Ramsgate? Or, by contrast, Scarborough? P&O's certainly downmarket, I agree, but that's what happens when you have to appeal to the mass market to fill your ships. I live in Southend. I do not own a football shirt. I do however own several rugby shirts.
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