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  1. Update to post #1069: VTS since amended. First date for Iona now listed as 14 November.
  2. Had some dealings with the cold TA re our now cancelled Worldie. They called on day of cancellation (good), but they were clearly out to simply get a re-booking. Having had an insight into the cancellation (thanks Molecrochip) we'd already decided what we want to do. But the TA made out that the they were doing us a favour by giving 125% FCC on what we had actually paid, not the just the deposit (we'd paid some balance off pre Covid due to the overall cost). They also made out that in order to receive the FCC on the amount paid, I would have to re-book with them. Which was just the first of several other rather important bits of information. At one point I was told that I had to use the whole of the FCC on one booking, and so would have to upgrade or lose the unused element of the FCC!! When they realised I wasn't going to re-book during that call they lady said she would call be back when she is next at work, 09:00, today in fact. Yesterday, I spoke with PandO, was told that the 125% FCC on monies paid over and above deposit prior to full balance is applicable to bookings via all TAs and direct, and is applied to future bookings by PandO. Therefore the FCC can be used with any TA or booking direct. She also clarified the correct situation re my other queries. At worst the TA lied, at best they didn't know what they were talking about. And the TA hasn't called me back so far, which is just as well as I won't be using them again. Only used them in the first place as we wanted a specific cabin at pre-registration, and they discounted by a couple of hundred pp. Will be looking to book Worldie 2023 direct.
  3. Must be a bit eerie being aboard one of those ships, no passengers and reduced crew numbers. Loads of empty space everywhere. Do they bother turning the lights on?
  4. Ouch. I'm sure that business is/will be booming for re-gassing aircon.
  5. Drove back from Dorset. Aircon barely coped with it. Saw 34.5 on the ambient temp display.
  6. I asked PandO if we could transfer our worldie from a TA to them. They said no. Now cancelled by PandO anyway.
  7. I must admit we popped over to Weymouth whilst camping in Dorset. We went to Noth Fort, and got a great view from the pier.
  8. Bit of a shame that Aurora is now taking over the worldies (for us). We had an aft balcony for 2021 and were so looking forward to be looking back! Aurora doesn't have aft facing balconies. TA contacted us yesterday trying to get us to book the 2022 worldie. Too pricey for us. We'd got a great price for 2021 as we booked at launch. We'd paid some of our balance off earlier this year (pre-Covid) and the TA has confirmed that they will apply the 125% FCC to the amount of what we have paid, not just the balance. So hopefully a cheap Early Saver cabin on Iona for Christmas, and some money in the pot towards worldie 2023, even though there's no aft balconies.
  9. Went to Scoffs in Paignton last week. They use beef dripping. Never been there before, had a takeout of cheesy chips to eat on the steam train. Very nice.
  10. I wouldn't mind trying out Bodelwyddan. Worked out of St Asaph for a while years ago and used to ride past it. Very pretty.
  11. I wondered that. Molecrochip has mentioned that the repositioning cruises may go without passengers, so it's possible that Azura goes into refit, then direct across for the winter season. Of course, the TA repositioning cruise is still for sale (with PandO) , but as we know they will keep selling till the very last moment.
  12. Just noticed that VTS is no longer showing Azura as in Southampton on 16 Oct, the day she is due to sail to the Caribbean for her winter season. Last entry for Azura is 30 Sep. VTS isn't an exact science these days, but... Britannia is still showing as in Southampton on 23 Oct, the day she is due to sail to the Caribbean for her winter season.
  13. You get people like that at Burnham-on-Crouch. The locals call them the Romford Navy!
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