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  1. Sometimes I wear a white shirt, sometimes I wear a black shirt. Every now and then I wear a black shirt with a black jacket! I tend to wear coloured/patterned bow ties, apart from Black & White Night, when I usually wear a plain black or plain white tie.
  2. We did Christmas & New Year on Oriana last year on freedom dining. A few weeks before the cruise we received an email which explained that although on freedom dining, dinner on Christmas Day and New Years Eve would be on two sittings like club dining. The email contained a link to request our preferred sitting and table size. You were also able to provide details of others who may have been travelling with you to link your dining preferences. The Marco Pierre White restaurant (can't remember the name) was open both Christmas Day and New Years Eve. Beach House was only open on New Years Eve. The buffet was open on both evenings as well.
  3. Very interesting reading. A contingency plan that wasn't viable, followed by an inability to arrange for payment for goods at a local supermarket which could have assisted those stranded ashore. We're due to go to Monaco on Azura next year, and although its not the yacht show or the GP, it is the first day of the classic Grand Prix. Invoice states possible tender. Hopefully P & O will put the hindsight glasses on and try for Villefranche.
  4. We received 2 emails today re our flights for this cruise. Email 1 stated: "Further to our previous correspondence, we write further regarding your flight arrangements. Firstly, thank you for your patience whilst we sourced an alternative airline for you. We are pleased to confirm that your new flight has now been confirmed and is available to view on your Cruise Personaliser from 11 October. You are able to review these details, as well as print your boarding pass in readiness for your holiday with us by following the below link.https://cp.pocruises.com/login/If you have pre-paid for your flight seats, any monies paid will be refunded and you will be able to rebook your flights seats through your Cruise Personaliser from Saturday 12 October.For guests who have upgraded their flight, we can confirm that you will still be in the premium economy cabin on the aircraft on these new flights.We look forward to welcoming you on board soon." Slightly odd as our flight is with TUI. Then about 2 hours later.... 2ns wmail: "Further to the recent correspondence you have received from us today, we are writing to advise that this was sent to you in error.We are truly sorry that this was sent to you and would like to assure you that your flight arrangements remain unchanged and you may disregard the email that you have received.If you have pre-paid for flight seats these have not been refunded and will remain on your booking. You can check this by going onto your Cruise Personaliser.Once again, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused and assure you that your flight has not been affected. We wish you a very pleasant holiday with us." So hopefully the first email was only intended for those flying with Thomas Cook, and all should be revealed tomorrow. Haven't cruised for almost 10 months now, only just over a week to go now,
  5. I'm currently using cholesterol lowering mini drinks, bit like Yakult etc, but different good stuff in them. I doubt Pando have these for sale in the shops or available in the buffet, so they're coming on board with me. Along with our 1 litre of spirit each!
  6. Hi Kendo 44, Yes, our flight was always showing as TUI, into Gatwick.
  7. Twice we've arrived at Southampton the night before scheduled disembarkation. Both occasions on Oriana. The first time was due to avoiding bad weather. I think we docked about 20:00ish. Passengers were able to either disembark and go, go into town and come back or stay on board until scheduled disembarkation. I did actually see several passengers disembark, which I found a bit surprising as it was only a four night cruise. The second time was due to technical reasons on Oriana's last Christmas & New Year cruise. We docked about 22:30, and it was explained that passengers could neither disembark nor go for a run ashore, as the ship could not be cleared till the following morning. Which I think is fair enough. Border Force may well have a late night presence at airports, but this is due to scheduled flights landing at those times. If people want Border Force aka Customs to clear passengers arriving outside of their scheduled times on ships, be prepared to pay higher fares to cover the overtime costs that would have to be incurred. Or maybe bill departing passengers directly for Border Forces overtime!
  8. We are on the same cruise. Cruise Personaliser shows our flights are with TUI. Have you checked CP?
  9. Last couple of cruises before tipping was included I wrote words to the effect of: To ? from cabin number (forenames), with thanks. Or last cruise was over Christmas & New Year. We had cancelled tips as we prefer to tip personally. Our cabin steward had to take a day off on a sea day as his mum had died and he wasn't able to get home in time for her funeral. Poor fella was almost in tears when I gave him his envelope on the last night. When we got back to the cabin that night, he'd left lots (and I mean lots) of extra chocolates! Haven't cruised since no tipping, but off on Azura in 2 weeks today.
  10. We have received cruise booklets with 6 labels in each of them for our forthcoming cruises later this month and in December. Last cruises we did were booked as early savers. I laminated the labels we printed of and attached them using India/Treasury tags. Never had any problems with labels coming off.
  11. The strangest thing my mum has taken on a cruise was a set of tyres for my uncle's car!! To put it into context: My mum is Russian and back in the days of the Soviet Union we used to travel to visit family by ship from Tilbury to Leningrad. Mum's family lived about 40 miles outside Leningrad. My uncle wanted a set of snow tyres with metal studs. So dad got a set made, and when we went over for the summer holidays me and mum had them in the cabin! Oh and another year when dad came along to Rusiia, he took the car! It was a Mk1 Cortina. It was craned onto the deck and strapped down on some open space towards the stern. I remember that there was another car on board as well. That was on the good old Baltika.
  12. On cruises I usually take a handheld VHF radio (I am a licensed operator btw), an old Magellan GPS, and a route planning chart. All rather sad I know, but on sea days I do like to note our position through the day and plot the route taken on the chart. Less inclined to take the GPS these days as I've got navigation apps on my phone that give your position quicker than the old Magellan and they can record the route.
  13. We'll be onboard Azura on 21 Oct, so if there's something we want to book we should be able to get some extra OBC 😃
  14. We've always taken our chances on both longa & short haul. Always checked in early, and always got seats together. That said, I'm tempted at up upgrading to premium economy on the flight back from our trans-atlantic repositioning cruise.
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