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  1. Azura now heading into English Channel. VTS showing as due in tomorrow.
  2. 😎 Thanks for posting. Been trying shore webcams, didn't think of trying other ships!
  3. Thank you Tinkercat for posting PandO's clarification.
  4. I must admit, I am thinking of just picking an Iona cruise at random and taking a punt that it will be the maiden! I'll use the scientific method of putting all Iona's cruise numbers in a hat......🙄
  5. We're due to sail on 19 April and 03 May. Our tickets are available to download from CP. The on-line check in link is even active for 19 April! I downloaded our tickets for posterity.
  6. Probably dumping grey water. When were on Ventura and spent 5 days Tenerife, they couldn't cope with the amount of grey water and were asking pax to reduce water use accordingly. Once they got one propulsion engine going, they took her out for a test drive and used the opportunity to dump the grey water. Obviously they haven't got pax onboard now, so it will take longer for the grey water to build up.
  7. So far we've watched: Outbreak Twelve Monkeys I am Legend World War Z Trying to get (without paying!): The Omega Man Soylent Green The Road 28 Days Later Juggernaut is on Film4 this afternoon, Virus over the weekend
  8. Same here, rightly so. We can see the hospital from our street. Not sure whether it was the hospital or somewhere else but someone was sounding some sort of horn. Might have been the football club?
  9. Just don't say Arcadia 2020 next time you're in the MDR. You'll never shut em up! 😀
  10. 1. Stepping from the airbridge into the ship; 2. Looking towards the shore when we're past Portsmouth and wondering about the thousands and thousands of people over the centuries for whom that was their last sight of Britain; 3. Crows Nest or similar at the other end; 4. Mojitos! 5. Dressed crab salad for lunch in the MDR.
  11. Fine if you have a future booking that is able to sail, not so good if you don't and are so fizzed off with PandO that you take your custom elsewhere, which many people will. Unless PandO remains as the only cruise line left standing on this planet..... Also, if you do have a future booking that does sail, there is a possibility that if you already have a lot of OBC you may struggle spending the additional amount. On Azura's TA in October we had £600 obc between us. OH doesn't drink as much as she used to, but I didn't hold back. Used Select dining a couple of times. Still ended up buying having to buy Christmas pressies on board to use it up.
  12. I found Booking.com very helpful recently. Our booking had a cancellation fee of €180. Booking.com contacted the property and got them to waive the fee. Full refund landed in about 5 days. Great service. P4C refunded me within 4 days. Again great service. Pando were great when they cancelled our Oceana Dubai fly cruise - they refunded a hotel booking; and they were great when we were on Ventura in Tenerife for five days last year, cancelling our following b2b, (full refund of the following cruise, but stayed on the ship and 50% refund of the Tenerife cruise, OBC was a bit mean though). Just waiting for PandO to cancel the next two. We don't expect them to be as good on this occasion.
  13. Thanks for posting Besberry. I searched for some pics or videos but couldn't find any.
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