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  1. Totally agree with Indiana's post regarding lack of Customs officers at the bench. That may change next week/end of the year. That said when we got off Oceana last week saw someone being turned out. From what I saw they were well over the over the "suggested" max limit for cigarettes/tobacco duty paid in the EU, let alone the duty free limit if they had bought their stash in one of the port duty free shops.
  2. On Ventura recently, at the Capt's interview, he said that this was part of Pando's commitment to reducing the use of one time plastics. Probably more of a coincidence. OH likes the GB sailaway, but I prefer to find somewhere quiet and take in the views.
  3. Thanks for the info that Pearl Harbour is waitlisted. We're on Arcadia's 2021 worldie so will make sure that we book Pearl early.
  4. We ordered a sharer on Ventura, and it was served as individual platters! If you like seafood, try the Pu Pu Platter.
  5. Got an email this morning saying that they're going to send me a cheque for the full amount.
  6. We've put in a claim for tickets we bought for a group of us to visit the Ann Frank museum on the following cruise which was cancelled in it's entirety. Have gone down the route of both email and FaceBook (wife's account, I don't do FB). They have replied that they will consider our request. Will post how we got on in due course.
  7. Just got back from Ventura's five day stay in Tenerife. Our Peninsula lunch was hosted by senior officers, including the Captain. There must of been over 100 pax at the lunch, so rather a lot of hosts. Our chap although very pleasant, was an administrator, albeit very senior. He had only been with PandO for a couple of months, though had been in the travel business (not cruising) previously.
  8. That's happened to us as well!!
  9. I've started looking at the new fangled cruise personaliser over the last couple of days. Also not particularly impressed. I noticed that it defaults to not sending out the cruise booklet. You have to click on the brochure request otherwise you've automatically opted out of receiving.
  10. When we were on Azura recently there were 2 or 3 new Headliner shows. I do like Reel to Reel, but having seen it for 10 years now, I feel that some the material could do with being updated, but the overall concept retained. There was a Freddy Mercury act. Though not Steve Larkins. Still very enjoyable though.
  11. I was vauguely interested in a Tag Heuer whilst on Azura recently. It was £750 less than UK high street price, and attracted Peninsula Club discount. Might be tempted next year...…...
  12. We quite like Neil Turnbull. Saw him wandering around the ship several times on our Azura transatlantic last month. Also saw him on quayside at Antigua talking with pax after we arrived 2 hours late, making himself available to anyone who wanted to whinge. Also saw him on the quayside at Saint Vincent chatting to pax soon after arrival. The only other captain I've seen so visible to pax is Robert Camby. Another captain we quite like.
  13. Generally I prefer the "smaller" ships ie Oriana/Aurora, though I really like Arcadia. However, I must admit to having a soft spot for both Azura and Ventura. As long as there's something no bigger than those two, I'd like to think that there will be itineries that continue to appeal to us.
  14. My Omega Speedmaster Professional makes me look like Neil Armstrong. Must get a Tag Heuer Monaco - Then I will look like Steve McQueen!
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