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  1. The time we were on Oriana when she went about 23:00 we watched the sail in from the Crow's Nest. Very different seeing everything lit up and getting bigger rather than smaller. Especially approaching and going round Bramble Bank and the final creep in to terminals.
  2. Which hopefully keeps the cost down to everyone requiring a passport.
  3. I think I'm currently too young for the Covid booster 😇. But have booked an appointment with Boots for the flu jab.
  4. We've returned to Southampton the night before twice, both times on Oriana. First time was to get ahead of bad weather. Docked about 19:00 ish. Any passengers that wanted to self-disembark could, and anyone who fancied a run ashore could also do so. No refund of fares etc for anyone who self-disembarked, and imho why should they, dinner and entertainment still available. Their choice to disembark. Second time, Oriana broke down at sea returning from the Canaries. Arrived at Southampton about 23:00. Pax advised that no Border Force present so no one could disembark. We received about £50 OBC pp for the disruption and port changes caused by the breakdown. Was happy with that.
  5. We were in 15409 last week, which is under the bar of the Skydome. I can honestly say that we didn't notice noise from the Skydome. Some noise did seep into the corridor, and onto the balcony though when shows were on.
  6. I doubt it would work, but might be worth a try. See if they are prepared to refund the difference between early saver and select, but retain the coach transfer and OBC as a gesture of goodwill from P&O? The worst they can do is say no, which is where you're at now. Overall, very poor treatment from P&O. I hope you can reach some sort of compromise that you are content with
  7. Have they at least offered you some OBC as well as the opportunity to actually select a cabin of your choice? Seeing as P&O are now effectively treating you as Early Saver customer regarding cabin location, it may be worth battling to get your fare reduced to that price and refunded the difference. It should have been handled much better.
  8. Good to hear that you got things sorted. Also good to hear that you eventually got through on the phone.
  9. As long as they keep doing formal nights, we will continue going to them.
  10. My next door neighbour is going with RCI in a couple of weeks. He told me RCI require a PCR test within 72 hours of departure. They will pay for it, via their provider but the nearest venue is in Chelmsford. As he still drives they can make a sort of day out of it, but a pain in the proverbial for non drivers.
  11. I wondered if that's what they were doing. We're booked to go on Ventura in December and again in February. I was thinking of upgrading to an aft balcony, having had one on Azura on a TA. A few months ago, lots of availability, but when I re-checked a couple of weeks ago, all gone. Yet lots of availability along the sides. At least it means if we do decide to upgrade we can remain on an early saver fare.
  12. Off the top of my head I don't think we've ever not gone to a formal night. The most we've had on one cruise was six, which was a 24 nighter.
  13. Not as detailed as you Graham, but I keep an Xcel spreadsheet of how many nights we've been on each ship for our sea going cruises. And a linked pie chart to show the data in %. Current leader is Oceana. Unfortunately Mum never kept totals for the times we travelled to/from CCCP when I was a kid so those details aren't included.
  14. Explains why I got an email a few days ago "inviting" me to pay up the small debit on our account, when currently our direct debit is about 50% higher than current consumption. Shame they're going under though. We had a far better deal with them than our previous supplier.
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