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  1. I agree with the comment about the grey maps, awful! Our forthcoming cruises are all there, as well as our previous cruises. On a slightly different note, the Peninsula Club page states that only Baltic tier and above get the half bottle of champagne. Was this not previously a Caribbean tier perk?
  2. On the question of pre-booking stuff, does the loyalty discount apply to the Welcome on Board Packages? I'm considering secretly booking the Ultimate Celebration Package for a special cruise. Neither of us have ever used any of the payable spa services, so facial or massage only really has novelty appeal. I was wondering whether I would get better value for money if I booked the Bon Voyage package and pre-booked Select dining via CP to ensure we get the date we want, and of course 10% off at time of booking. By my reckoning the only things we would miss out on would be the spa items, as mentioned - not bovvered, two occasions of "dessert gifts" - whatever they are, and a box of two souvenir champagne glasses - I'll just keep the complimentary sailaway champagne ones 😱
  3. We were on Oriana at Christmas & New Year. Just as we were thinking we're now getting our 10% discount because we've used up the OBC, the pesky engines packed up. I took a chance and ordered more grog just in case we got some OBC because of the technical issue. I say took a chance as a) I didn't know for certain we'd get some OBC, as I didn't know how long the tech failure would last, and b) the toilets weren't working and you guessed it I didn't know how long that would last either! Anyway, £100 OBC pp later, we hadn't still used up the new amount of OBC and resorted to the shops on the last day. BTW we'd removed auto tips and did the right thing the old fashioned way.
  4. We did a fly cruise from Malta a couple of years back flying from Gatwick. I think we were on the 1740ish flight. No in flight meal, but Mr Wetherspoon saw us right at the terminal. We pretty much went to muster drill straight after boarding. By the time that finished we missed open seating in the MDR. We were a group of 10 and most hadn't been to Malta before, and the evening was so nice we skipped the buffet for the sailaway, and made do with the late night snacks.
  5. 53. England won the world cup whilst I was on my first cruise ship, the old Soviet Baltika from Tilbury to Leningrad. Those were the days 🚢
  6. Over the past year, OH, friends and myself have all used the Passport Office online renewal service and we've all received our new passports in less than ten days. DVLA's online road tax renewal is also very painless.
  7. Makes you wonder whether the Mayor of Amdam actually wants income in the city.
  8. Sums it up for us as well. Good value from our perspective We both enjoy the ballroom dance classes General relaxing ambience on board Crows Nest
  9. Not quite sure if I'm getting confused about the dates, but to me it looks this cruise is still available for sale on Pando's website (03/04/2020 - 17/04/2020, billed as school hols). Also had a look in the latest brochure received last week which shows the gap (18/04 - 02/05 presumably) mentioned by Spike So a bit bemused...….not unusual
  10. We last used the Welcome On Board Reception in December on Oriana. Certainly didn't go hungry! Yes it's not the same as what's in the buffet, but decent sized canapes that get re-filled if you want more. Did get a bit thirsty though as the stewards weren't particlularly pro-active.
  11. I could get them on PandOs site from just before 07:00 today. 😃
  12. We walked to the Viking museum. Very interesting and DIY significantly cheaper than doing as ship's trip. Plus you get a nice walk around town.
  13. Last time we were in Zeebrugge, we took the shuttle to the dock gate, and there was a company running buses to Brugge. I think it was about €20 return and took about an hour each way.
  14. Hi, I use https://www.marinetraffic.com Covers vessels that are using AIS (Automatic Identification System).
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