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  1. A pleasant surprise landed on the doormat today. Feeling quite dizzy to achieve this height
  2. Was on Arcadia for this year's Worldie. Thought I would just chip in a couple of thoughts. Cabin: A bit dated, and dare I say tired in some respects. Had a bit of an issue with the toilet intermittently not flushing, which continued throughout the cruise. Staff came along and sorted it promptly. Other than those comments everything fine with the cabin. Decent size balconies. MDR: Early sitting was at 1815, a tad earlier than the expected 1830. That said, some people (not us) regularly wandered in at 1830. Menus were a bit samey compared to the 2 months of P & O cruising we'd done in 2023, which we expected. Still a good dining experience though. Sindhu & Ocean Grill: Had a lunch in Sindhu which was fine. One dinner OG. Didn't bother again. Service was great, the food not so, not really worth the extra money over the MDR for a return visit. One dinner in Sindhu. Great starter, let down by a bland duck main. Well cooked but lacking spices. TBH we thought the food in the Indian themed buffet was better. All subjective of course, and galley teams change. Just wasn't for us with the experiences we had. Glass House pop up: Did that once for lunch. Great. Much better than the other two. Didn't do it again as the menu never changed and sufficient other choices in either the MDR or buffet. Buffet: In the evenings they usually had a live cooking station special. Sometimes the wait times for that could be quite long (25 minutes once for chicken fajitas!). No pizzeria at the grill area. Entertainment: Pulse were great, have all gone their separate way no though. Entertainment team were only ok. Our perception was that the ents manager wasn't that great, which spread to the rest of the team. Apart from Martyn who was very pro-active. Several of the classical recitals were held in the Crows Nest which was a really nice touch, especially if going prior to dinner. Bars: Spent a lot time (and money!) in the Crows Nest and Rising Sun. Spinnaker was nice as well for a quiet afternoon or pre-dinner drink. Can't remember the name of the atrium bar, but that was good as well, with the music from either the busker or duo most evenings. Drinks menu in the Globe was a bit limited regarding beers, and most staff wouldn't pop into The Rising Sun to oblige. Apart from Suthide - thank you! Hope you have an enjoyable time on Arcadia as we did.
  3. Only just catching up with what's been happening on these boards. A belated thank you. We were on board!
  4. Current Arcadia was only part of Cunard while she was under construction. Moved across from Cunard to P & O prior to launch.
  5. Interesting. We're doing a Ventura TA next year, so would be good to renew without paying the extra £27 per cruise (and possibly pp) for missed port cover. Wait & see at renewal time.
  6. We were on Arcadia's worldie this year. Luckily for us we had moved our holiday insurance to Nationwide. 7 missed ports in total. We put our claim in whilst still on the cruise. Got paid out before we even got to South Africa. There was a bit of a glitch with the actual insurance provider, the settlement payment was for only three ports. However following a couple of phone calls to them, the settlement for the other four ports landed within a few days. I vaguely recall that someone said there was something like 950 pax on the full worldie, so if we were all with NW that would have a been payout pushing £1M for that cruise.
  7. As others have said smart casual. Just like to add that when we were on Arcadia recently, tailored shorts for men weren't allowed. A couple of guys had to go and get changed.
  8. We go and get scanned in a our muster station, then see if we can put our carry on bags in the cabin. Then its off to the embarkation lunch. Depending how that goes, stagger back to the cabin to see if any of our stuff has arrived and do a bit of unpacking. Then aim to be out on deck for sail away, and take in the scenery as we head out.
  9. Hopefully things can only improve following your poor embarkation experience. We used CPS in April, the first time in years. Everything went smoothly, however that was at Ocean Terminal. Using CPS at Mayflower this Saturday, hopefully they will have learnt from their poor handling of your cruise's embarkation. Since the re-start we've only done one cruise out of Mayflower and we arrived by taxi on that occasion. Lots of priority boarders though (terminal staff said there were 650) and we did have to wait around a while after checking in. Also was Aurora btw. However unlike yourselves we did not have to wait outside, and plenty of people were allowed into the terminal after us. Maybe you had a lot more priority boarders than when we were on board. Enjoy your guest speaker's presentations. I would certainly have been attending U Boat talks. Thanks again for the update, may your onboard wifi access continue un-interrupted!
  10. They had one on our recent Ventura jolly. I did see one lonely passenger using it one day. As mentioned earlier, scanning staff weren't telling pax to hand their grog over.
  11. We were on Ventura just before Christmas. At Gibraltar, security scanning was done on the ship. We'd bought our full spirit allowance there. The scanning staff didn't say anything about our haul. We would have quite happily handed our stuff over to save storing it in the cabin. All drinks made it home safely home un-opened.
  12. Worldie Formals have appeared overnight as well. 17 in all.
  13. Nothing on our doormat so far. A diary would be nice. Can't remember whether we got a calendar last year. Certainly no hard copy Moments this year.
  14. Anyone claimed for a missed sea day? Boarded Ventura 5 December. Scheduled to arrive Vigo on 08 December. Bad weather coming in, so Captain puts the handles down to get ahead of it and we arrive in Vigo on 07 December departing the following day. Rest of itinery as scheduled, so one sea day less. Tongue in cheek aside, we had our best port call to Vigo ever. We'd booked the Santiago de Compostela on your own trip, which was brought forward to the 7th. So a day out there, and then went ashore in Vigo in the evening to the Old Town and the Christmas Market near the harbour. Lovely lights and decorations. Great pre-Christmas atmosphere.
  15. Gave me a little chuckle. Just got off Ventura. SIL was with us on this one. She had four bags to carry off in addition to the case she collected in the hall. Ok, one was a handbag, a large one though. Then three fairly decent shopper/carrier type things. Combination of spending copious amounts on Spa products, Christmas booze in Gib, stuff for grandkids and general squandering.
  16. That's reminded me to check our worldie for next year. Thank you. Now 19 days to go as well. Also no mention in the itinery section of My Cruise as to dress codes. I remember the lists that used to be available re number of formals, theme nights etc. Used to be available by this link: Life on board - What will the dress code be whilst I am on board?| Frequently Asked Questions | P&O Cruises | Complete Cruise Solution However, the page now only refers you to My Cruise. That said, I still find Complete Cruise Solution still worth looking things up. Contains stuff that is either hard to find or unavailable on the P & O site. Also has info regarding Cunard which may be useful as you've dipped/dipping your toes into their domain.
  17. A house near us used to have a Dalek in the front garden. Disappeared a few years ago. I always used to wonder if there was a higher proportion of traffic collisions near there because of people looking at the Dalek instead of where they were going. Several years ago we were visiting friends in Boise, Idaho. Noticed a house there that had a Tardis in the front garden.
  18. We tried to buy dressing gowns on Arvia back in April, partly cos we had lots of OBC. Neither the spa, nor the shops were able to supply.
  19. Last summer we had to nip over to Basildon to sort out some personal admin. Hadn't been there for years. Wandered around the town centre area for a little while. I couldn't believe the amount of Turkish greasy spoons that were now there. All busy as well. If we'd have known that beforehand we would have gone a bit earlier and had a breakfast. With a big bottle of Efes as well!
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