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  1. Rishi has a lot to answer for. After Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday last week I realised DW was telling fibs. It is not compulsory 😁. Only once this week, but realised the coffee shops are doing it as well. Waistline now needs a discount.
  2. It got a bit colder once I persuaded her to close the window😂.
  3. Weren't they doing trips round the bay. You could go and have a close look. That would be rubbing salt in the wound.
  4. We were in the car yesterday. It was 37.5. DW asked , do you think the Aircon needs topping up, it doesn't seem very cold.
  5. You should enjoy Seaton. It's quite a way from Salcombe, so the bins should be empty 😁
  6. I don't think it lists " other ranks ". I couldn't find corporal punishment. I didn't look at the privates.😂
  7. Sorry, no time to reply, Still trying to Find General Chat on the Army list. I wonder if he will be giving talks on Iona construction.
  8. Perhaps he don't wanna be a singer any more, he wants to be a ........Lumberjack🚢
  9. Can I suggest that we get back to the subject. If we book Iona for the Canaries in February, do you all recon Gary will be available?
  10. Sorry folks , you should stop posting drivel and going off topic. Then all the rest of the posts (. Oh, sorry, won't be any ). Iona is late isn't she😁
  11. You seem to be getting passionate about this subject so I will but out and leave you to your memories.
  12. Elderly Gentlemen talking about 16 year olds snogging on the dance floor is perfectly healthy?.🤔
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