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  1. We seem to be getting emails from the chains every day. Harvester and Toby carvery 25%off. Flaming grill, bogoff burgers on Thursday. Gail has a taste card, 50% off. Don't these people know I'm trying to loose some weight.🀣
  2. We did that on Arvia. Booked around half a dozen slots. I was told. " don't book every night.".
  3. A little poetic licence taken Kalos.......Chicken and chips with a bit of salad.🀣
  4. On Arvia the lifts were pretty much empty. If the lift stopped and folk got in to go up, or down a floor or 2, why should that bother me, or anyone else. Getting back on board some folk needed 3 crew members to push them up the gangway. They expected everyone else to give them priority and the crew to immediately appear to assist them....I can see P&O's predicament.
  5. Our old one fell over and broke in a storm before Christmas. I put the new one out and within minutes they were stealing the food. I hadn't even officially opened it. There's wild birds for you..no manners.
  6. At a well known Surrey garden centre, after looking online.....Where are the bird tables, over by the bird food, but it looks like we don't have any. But online it shows you have several in stock....sorry. We had a look at the plants...loe and behold we found the bird tables and chose one...at the check out the helpful manager looking bloke said...oh I checked the stock on the system..they are outside ( he said to the customer holding a bird table ). Zap said thanks, as you see, we found them ,but thanks for your help. Death of retail shopping...I wonder why.πŸ€”
  7. There is a whole industry producing Rumrunners. Telescopic walking poles must be available.Hide them in your bags.
  8. I was watching some YouTube videos of ultra fit folk hiking long distances at great speed using these poles.. just wondered what the difference was between them and a walking stick. In an emergency Gandalf could stand at the top of the stairs with his staff.......you shall not pass.
  9. I don't have a stake in this...but. On our last cruise a few folk were striding around on shore using hiking poles. Are they allowed without declaration ?.If not, why not.
  10. Didn't know that. So you take on a bottle of Malt and P&O supply the coke free. Well done P&O
  11. It may if folk bring there own coke to tip in it.🀐
  12. It's about countries thanking their friends and trying to curry favours. Eukraine gave us nil points..
  13. Go on Brian's cruise. A single hold all will be fine.🀣
  14. In the lift on Arvia a chap said his wife had been unwell for a few days with covid...thanks a lot. Rapid covering off faces....unclean. DW has had a cold since Sunday. We did a test this morning..solid single red line. That's a relief, I thought I may need to go to the supermarket on my own.
  15. It's strange that you get Spanish adverts and Brian gets nude cruises. Makes you wonder.πŸ˜‚
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