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  1. Dining and billing are already linked so this is really just for texting and spying 😃 on the kids.
  2. I did look on the Medallion and Ocean Ready threads but did not find an answer. We have 6 family members on Regal in April with 2 cabins and 2 separate bookings. Everyone will have a phone. Can we link the2 bookings on every phone in Ocean Ready?
  3. We are booked on Regal in April, 2020. Six of us - 2 cabins, 2 bookings. I've started setting up Ocean Ready for our booking. Can the second booking also be set up on the same device or can they be linked in some way? The objective is for the adults on each booking to be able to access everyone.
  4. We don't sail until April12, 2020, on Regal. I've been in IT since 1979 and viewed the Medallion concept with a jaundiced eye. One very disturbing thing I've read is that the cabin door will open several yards away. Most other complaints seem to be nuisances but that one is a major security issue for me.
  5. My primary debit card and credit card are one and the same. I've been reimbursed for disputes no matter how it was used. We don't use it for cruises, though.
  6. What I posted was how the pecking order for bankrupty works in the US. No misinformation - if an individual needs relief directly from Thomas Cook they are probably out of luck. UK laws may be different but since US laws were based on them probably not. I did find in reading about this tonight that the UK has some sort of government travel insurance that may help those affected.
  7. With both my cars and my cruises I like to have as much control as possible. Though my experience with TAs is limited, losing control is enough to put me off.
  8. A new reason to book direct - Thomas Cook. Travel insurance may help a few but most of the folks left stranded will be at the end of the bankruptcy line.
  9. I've always been content booking direct. The only time I haven't been was the one time I used a TA. Maybe I just got a bad one, but it's enough to put me off.
  10. It was open when we got back from Gibraltar around 1:00. But I seem to recall them cooking your order on the spot - this time the burger patties were in a tin and a bit dry.
  11. I just used the finder and it worked fine. Must have been a temporary issue.
  12. His own agency name but under a large outfit that you would recognize. One problem I have is it seems everything he did had to have their approval.
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