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  1. Try these https://ripskirthawaii.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwt5zsBRD8ARIsAJfI4BgO0MIjqgP1yC4bqryZNWRgQBGvL4Jdn1FBQu8JijwoS-WRclnikWsaAuTPEALw_wcB
  2. I thought you meant actual production shows which I really miss. I already knew about the lounge(s)
  3. I only found times on NA and I think it was 9 am each day
  4. No need to explain. Those of us who understand are terribly sorry for your loss. We had a great TA who was also a friend, but once she retired never heard from her again.
  5. What a well thought out answer.
  6. Ok...Was curious about that. Enjoy your next cruise!
  7. Hopefully you won't have flight issues. Is it nonstop? Uber would be cheaper than private transportation
  8. The only reason we can stay close to downtown is through a yearly free certificate with my credit card. I just wonder if after factoing the cost of the hotel near the airport, then transportation to the port is a person really saving that much money?
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