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  1. never been to vancouver so just asking if its normally cool for first few days ? thanks
  2. just a bump in case of any final comments................appreciated
  3. thanks Jim hope you and that Ayrshire lad are well................
  4. thanks folks the time of year for the vancouver to hawaii sailing is September....the idea would be to stay in hawaii for a few nights before flying to california I read somewhere that the seas can be pretty rough and the weather cool for a couple of days but if anyone can confirm much appreciated
  5. so we are finally getting round to possibly booking a cruise this week and we have discussed either 10 night vancouver to hawaii or 7 night pacific coastal and throw in a flight to hawaii for a few nights having done some transatlantics rome to miami we don't mind the sea days and we have been really lucky with the sailings and not experienced wild seas...... id appreciate any thoughts or opinions...the hawaii cruise [eclipse] does not have any stopovers which is a shame although that would not put us off thanks
  6. yes living on the edge.....................as dcbiker97 has routinely made the flight we are hoping we can too
  7. thanks folks think we will try for the 11.05 flight....last year we just hired a car and went to Orlando but from what I can remember we were out of the cruise port pretty sharp
  8. no staying there............. tx
  9. in your experiences do you think we could depart the ship in Fort Lauderdale and catch a 11.05 flight from Miami? Ship arrival time is 7am Thanks
  10. thinking of booking with choice air for our flights but wondering if there are any advantages? thanks
  11. @upwarduk...........re Booking Celebrity Air in the UK, ensures you have a Day Hotel and transfers. Much better IMO than the hassle of getting off and back on the ship. What do you mean? I was thinking of booking my flight via choice air.
  12. im in uk easier for email but on their web site no email listed
  13. anyone got an email address for choice air and flights by celebrity? Thanks
  14. we were on Equinox in September and although we enjoyed MDR we are getting a bit fed up of the same menu every time we are on so this year we had a few nights at the buffet which was excellent.
  15. is the 2 wine take on applicable to boarding or if the cruise is port intensive can you take on extra wine?
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