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  1. Was on Emerald in August and Green Book, Bohemian Rhapsody, Dumbo and Instant Family were the ones I remember
  2. Hi you should easily be able to take a train from Southampton rail station to London Victoria station which is centrally located and allows you to do your own tour around London using the underground and/or use a HOHO bus. Return tickets are around £20pp and the journey is about 80 mins which is probably going to be much quicker than any tour relying on a coach from Southampton. Trains are frequent. Use https://www.thetrainline.com to check the details
  3. Have only ever cruised on RC Independence ot Seas and Sapphire Princess and have to say MDR breakfast was better on RC, however for a different reason to others. On RC even in the MDR there was a small buffet area with fruit, cereals, danish etc so while the main breakfast order was cooking it was good to be able to use the buffet area. On RC we used the MDR most days but on Princess once was enough.
  4. Also for UK cruisers on Princess, you can refare the same cruise for the £100 charge. Last month my Med cruise this Summer dropped several hundred £s so I called Princess (I booked direct) and they refared to the new price and I kept my future cruise credit and shareholder credit. As above they said it can only be done the once.
  5. Had a port side balcony on the Sapphire thru the Fijords last Summer which was great. What we missed on the way in we saw on the way out. We were on Aloha deck one cabin from the aft end so I did pop out occasionally to watch the view from the aft deck pool area which was superb
  6. So you saying you never end up getting the cashback from them? - I am still wating for cashback from a Princess cruise in the Summer that I would have expected to have been paid by now.
  7. OP here - Have just called Princess and for the benefit of any other UK residents in this situation who find this post this is what happened: Apparently you can do one 'Move over' per booking (his terminology not mine) at a cost of £100 (not sure if that is £25 per passenger or £50 per lead passenger or just a flat £100). The £100 is payable immediately and the fare was then reduced to the latest amount minus our £150 FCD and the £100 just paid. My wife's and my FCC is also transferred and my shareholder credit will also be sorted out. You end up receiving a new booking reference which may also have a negative effect as I booked via Topcashback so may now miss out on any cashback as that may now fail to track correctly. If the price drops again then I would need to cancel and rebook. So I've effectively got the latest price plus £100. All in all I'm happy enough with that, though it seems like our US and Aussie cousins get a better deal than us Brits. Thanks to everyone who replied and hopefully this post may be of use to others.
  8. Hi All, Hoping someone with UK booking experience will be able to answer as I know US is totaly different. Just checked price of our Summer 2019 cruise which is now £444 cheaper. I booked using a FCC for myself and wife (also have 2 children in same cabin) so we have effectively paid a £150 deposit and have a total of $50 on board credit. Have just called Princess, as I booked direct online, but they are on holiday so I'm just wondering what are my options ? I could go online and cancel and then book another cabin - similar cabins are available online where we want. According to the invoice, cancellation at this point is 15% - I presume that is 15% of the deposit - i.e. £22.50 ? If I cancel online would I lose the FCC and hence the credit or will they let me keep this to apply to the new booking ? Alternatively is this something that needs to be done on the phone - and if so will Princess (UK) simply drop the £444 from the bill or make me go thru cancellation and rebook and if so same questions as above - i.e. is the FCC and onboard credit lost ? Thanks all and Happy New Year.
  9. hi - thanks for the replies so far. Regards the 'comings and goings' I was just wondering if having a portion of passengers disembarking complicates the process - e.g. do they contain the leavers in a seperate area to those staying? Also is breakfast in Horizon Court available as per usual times to all passengers - I think on a normal full disembarkation HC is closed earlier ? And one more question regards the above mention of having no customs, is that correct ? We will be visiting several Greek islands so would we already be considered to be cleared for customs and passport control in Athens and just simply walk of the ship with no passport/customs checks? (as UK passport holders we are not in the Schengen area and also Brexit might have occurred before then (or maybe not!) to complicate matters further.
  10. Hi, We'll be taking a cruise (Emerald Princess) from Rome to Athens in Jul/Aug. Once at Athens some folks will be staying aboard for the next leg, others will be leaving while others will be arriving. I need to get a hire car from the port to continue our land based holiday in Greece. I'd like to delay getting the car as long as possible, given all the comings and goings, how long would we be able to delay disembarkation ?
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