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  1. Yes, this was what I didn't quite understand. I thought skimming pretty much happened anywhere and just so long as you take as much care as possible, thats all you can do.
  2. Thanks, I hadn't seen that article. Having been before I'll mainly being hanging around the waterfront which has a security presence anyway. I just use the tap and go as I think its safer than putting your card in a machine and manage my settings not allowing certain transactions and keep the amount transacted low. If I suddenly see something expensive I can increase those limits if I want to purchase it but first I have a dialogue with myself about buying more stuff when I have way too much stuff already! 😆
  3. Prices have certainly gone up a lot in the last year. I would normally pay around $300 solo per day for interior or ov obs. Around $480, forget it. Japan is flavour of the month in travel destinations so no doubt the ship will be full even at those prices. I'll look for Drop and Go fares (not always cheap) or go see some more grain silos.
  4. Whats the problem with using a CC in Cape Town? I hadn't heard of anything. I usually tap and go and never let the card out of my sight. I got a great eyecatching fridge magnet last time I was in Cape town. It says 466/64, Nelson Mandela's prison number.
  5. I've often wondered how they work out who goes where when there are number of ships in port. I doubt it would be to save money on port fees as the alternative to docking at the cruise port seems to be more trouble than its worth. I'm surprised the Captain didn't relay the reason for the last minute change at Darwin. I assume it was last minute as the transport into the City was poorly organised and sounds like it was half the way to Katherine. Thanks for the heads up, if it happened somewhere like Darwin where I've been a number of times I would stay on the ship, if not I'd book a shore excursion to actually see something and minimise wait times.
  6. Thanks again @OzKiwiJJ. Blue skies can be deceptive. I'm following you all on the bridge cam and map 🙂
  7. Thanks. I do have the paperwork but they just give a final price not an itemised list of excursions. The ones I've paid for are listed in my travel summary so I've printed that off too. If Princess are aware of it hopefully it will be sorted out by the time I board. Its more the principle of it. You shouldn't be asked for more money once you've paid in full.
  8. These are plus fares. Standard fares are a lot cheaper and a still showing 7K for a solo balcony, I assume "E" grade which is what I paid 3 weeks ago. All up with cruise, airfare, transfers, a night at the Pullman pre cruise it comes in under 10K solo so I'm more than happy with that and I got $250 OBC. I've just added these details as there maybe people reading the thread and considering it. I certainly won't be mentioning it once on board, 🤐 Having said that, its a great itinerary. Some sea days at the beginning to get over any jet lag then lots of ports. I wouldn't book a cruise because its cheap, eg. I couldn't cope with all those sea days going across to CPT on the first leg, even though it was also a bargain. I've also paid more than I thought was reasonable for a cruise because I really wanted to go to those places.
  9. I was looking to do a European cruise when I saw this so I booked and bought a ticket about 3 weeks ago, so I'll be joining you on a short sojourn from CPT to London. The airfare was the price of a ticket to Europe (in economy of course) but I have to go the long way through Dubai as I want to go on Emirates to maximise my time on an A380 and also they've always given me good service. I appreciate your info @OzKiwiJJ and last night I was printing off my receipts for excursions as I notice they've all gone up about $30 since I paid for them (only 5) and they might want more money. My CC has been debited for my medallion and I'll pack next week. Max 17-18 kg that I can manage and 5 kg in carryon. I'll see you all in about 2 weeks although I don't surface much on sea days. I look forward to sailing across the TOCapricorn, Equator, TOCancer while reading a book or playing games and sitting in the sun on my balcony, then we hit the ports and away we go. I'll be following your blog each day until then.
  10. I'm surprised it hasn't sold out by now but I guess airfares/routes would become limited close to sailing.
  11. Can hardly wait to try the 20 Knots Merlot 😆
  12. Most of the time I have been able to choose my own cabin as I book up to a year in advance but when its closer to sailing like 3 or 4 months I've booked a reserve guarantee cabin a few times. That way I don't end up in an "F" class cabin. They are in the worst places. "E" and above a fine. I've been right at the front, down the back and anywhere in between, upstairs, downstairs, all good. When I choose my own I tend to go for aft, mid aft. I like to feel the boat move a bit.
  13. Thanks so much for all this @yes!yes!yes!. I'll be going on my first P & O cruise in Jan so all this info is really helpful.
  14. I like the last one 😎 I don't know where it is, maybe Sydney?
  15. I'm getting the pop-ups on my laptop. NCL has taken pop-ups to a whole new level. I've never had them coming to me on every single page before. At least I can see the X and can close it. It doesn't seem to happening on my phone where I am logged out atm.
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