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  1. Thanks for the replies. I just wondered how you knew. I use to get specials from Princess but that was more than a year ago. I don't get them anymore. Personally, I couldn't cope with 17 sea days and only 2 ports days but it would be great for those who cruise for the shipboard life and Coral is a lovely ship.
  2. Where do you get this info?Do you get an alert or are you always checking for sales?
  3. I didn't use the link but by quickly right clicking the image I could see it was the Kings Highway, Jordan in no time. I've been on the Kings Hwy down to Petra and the Dead Sea and I didn't recognise it. I thought it was probably in the Middle East. I'd never 'cheat' like that as it defeats the purpose of having a fun game. Its fun to look at clues and of course looking at maps etc. when the clue is 'to go north' is sensible and to be expected. This is the second time in about a month we've had the conversation of some arriving at the answer within seconds aided by whatever method they use before others have even had a look. So its probably the case. What's the alternative? Don't play or post a pic that so generic no one can figure it out??? Anyway @cruiser3775, I also enjoy your posts and the helpful information you provide on various cruises, I hope you continue to post in other threads ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Correct, your turn. Its one street back, parallel with the main street. So quite built up but you wouldn't think so from the pic.
  5. Not Braunston. I hadn't heard of it before. You come up with some interesting places ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Not the Cotswolds, but is in the UK.
  7. Are you using google? as I could not make the image larger despite my best efforts although the tab came up with s***creek.
  8. Well, I think this is somewhere on Earth, It could be up the road or the other side of the world. Image is too small for me to make out vegetation. My guess is Australia
  9. I like that all the passengers were kept in the loop as to what was happening on the Explorer. Those on NCL, well it is there own fault and also their tour guide but they donโ€™t want to take any responsibility.
  10. I saw it on the Channel 7 news which was surprisingly balanced. It was a short segment basically saying the passengers were late and the ship sailed without them and went onto say that tides, weather, schedule all affect the ships ability to wait. A report I'd expect on the ABC, I just thought that maybe they are not cruise ship bashing so much because they don't want all the ships to sail away and never to return to Australia.
  11. Well, down under, this has barely rated a mention on the nightly news and I'm sure it only got a 2 minute mention as there were a couple of Aussies left behind. Basically the passengers were late so the ship sailed without them. I also can't see it having much effect on NCL bookings. Cruisers know the rules about getting back on time and booking independent tours at your own risk. Most of the cruise lines have the same rule and people being left behind is nothing new. NCL and the port person were assisting them and they are group of 8, not exactly on their own. I simply can't see it being NCL's fault. I hope ships and other forms of transport never start waiting for latecomers. Yeh, all circumstances are extenuating to the individual.
  12. I think it might be the Spring after that. The Diamond is meant to be coming, at least I hope so as I'm on it!
  13. Yes it is the Prudential Centre. The skywalk has great views. @qbay46 you just pipped @cruiser3775 with the correct answer so its your turn.
  14. Not Tammany Hall, hadn't heard of that. Hint: This is what we are looking at from another angle.
  15. Yes, I was in Boston but its a big city. Where am I in Boston?
  16. Not New York but it is on the coast and is a cruise port although I've never cruised there.
  17. Don't forget to look up! Where am I?
  18. Great sunsets and in the morning the hot air balloons were floating around. I stayed at the Nile Palace which is just next door to your hotel although I wouldn't have known unless I looked it up! Great little supa close by ๐Ÿ˜„ I'll find another pic.
  19. At a hotel on the east bank of the Nile.
  20. A butterfly garden somewhere, maybe Singapore? but they wouldn't let that ivy run rampant!
  21. Thats it, your turn. They have some interesting objects in this house.
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