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  1. Oh no! We just got the message from Cunard too. guess they had no choice. Thanks everyone.
  2. Thankyou for the very comprehensive reply. Really helps… not least with the decision as to whether to move our trip to 2022 or 3! The balance date is looming and a lot of money to be sitting in Cunard’s coffers (although they probably do need it!) More importantly, by then hopefully, Third World countries may be vaccinated and we won’t be spreading the variants.
  3. Little Fish Thanks for the info. Good to hear from an Australian with an ear tuned in to cruising. We do hear these reports in the UK, but so much uncertainty. That news does not bode well for the QV World Cruise either.... so Cunard have big decisions to make. Roll on the vaccine !
  4. What do people think the chances are of QE sailing mid October to Australia, given the strict restrictions there?
  5. Sea changes! All interesting points. Following the theme of this thread I should say that I think most people here in England are looking forward to easing of restrictions tomorrow. (Scotland and Wales are slightly different) We oldies are gradually getting our second jabs, but most of us are still very cautious. We may have a booster in the autumn. Just a worry about another spike in Europe.
  6. Thank you Little Fish. That’s an extremely helpful view and does reflect what we suspected. All very sensible! It’s strange that Cunard are not requiring vaccination for passengers and crew, other than for the UK focused cruises. Guessing this will have to change anyway and we can still dream, but maybe not book the Melbourne hotel!
  7. Sounds delightful. I know you can’t say for sure, but with all the latest changes what chance do you think there is of Australia allowing Queen Elizabeth to dock in late November? Would it make a difference if all passengers and crew were vaccinated?
  8. Majortom Yes... hadn’t thought about a ‘fly home’ option. That would make sense. I’ll look out for it ..as we have the time right now and would be good to sail from Southampton, rather than flying out to Barcelona, as planned right now. Thankyou.
  9. Apologies if I’m on the incorrect page here as I’m only just beginning to think about our October 18th 2021 QE Barcelona to Melbourne voyage. On again, off again in my mind! I dream. Has anyone seen if Cunard are selling a Southampton to Barcelona sector... now that they’ve cancelled all the Med cruises? Nothing on the Cunard website. Or will it go out with crew only? Thankyou
  10. Hi On QM and QV in the last couple of years, books were announced in the daily newspaper. They were interesting new paperbacks and limited in number, to borrow. However the discussion groups were cancelled. Hope this helps .. a bit! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Welcome home Queen Elizabeth and thank you Bluemarble. What an adventure she has had ....and the British crew members will be so relieved to see their families. Let’s hope it’s not too long before she can set sail. Roll on the vaccine.
  13. Insurance is usually dependent on Foreign Office advice ... essential for older vulnerable worriers like us! Another nail in the coffin with the news below this week. ‘UK holidaymakers are being urged by the government to avoid travelling on cruise ships. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issued a statement on Thursday advising people not to embark on sailings due to the coronavirus’ Thank you sfred ...we can dream! I’m in the Red Sea.
  14. Thanks for the entertainment Blue Marble. setiously... it’s been fascinating to follow your posts throughout the lockdown. Just sad for the cruise industry and especially the crew. We’ll be back. Just need a vaccine, good health and insurance!
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