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  1. Woke up this morning to a payment on my Mastercard! I am not sure if it is a coincidence or not, I did file a dispute, but the payment came from Carnival (dated March 18) for the full amount of my cruise. I am inclined to think filing might have given them a nudge!
  2. Anyone who has filed through their credit card Canadian? Interested to hear if Canadian credit cards accepted the dispute! Thanks
  3. I cancelled the same time and received our on board purchases. Did you receive confirmation that you cancelled. I thought I hadn't and it came back so quick I missed it on my credit card.
  4. Well said! We are all in different positions and different experiences. Sorry that your wedding was affected...We all have had different losses and experiences during this. I just lost a vacation! I have just filed with a credit card dispute and not sure how this will turn out but am skeptical on 90 days as it's been 30 and there seems to be very few saying they got their money. Good luck everyone,no judgement, here we are in different storms.
  5. Are you saying your letter from carnival said you had a 25% penalty for cancelling. The cancellation letter we got does not say how much of a refund just that there is 0 penalty and the date we cancelled, as well as 10-14 business days.
  6. When in March? Wondering if we may be close. 1st attempt to cancel march 13,when they actually cancelled march 18.
  7. I am feeling the same. I am in the first round of cancellations, Actually March 13 is the date I was forced to cancel. Carnival did not shut down until after that. The most frustrating thing is the 10-14 day letter that I have been told is automatically generated. Surely someone can turn off the automatically generated letter! As stated I am in the first round of cancelatons and still nothing. (did get back the extras paid for-automatic, just not the cruise fare and flights and prepaid gratuties) Feel bad for those who carnival kept booking for our cruise (and denying cruise was cancelled regardless as to what the president was saying on tv!) and the ones cancelled after as they will have a lengthy wait! As far as caring about cruising with Carnival, I think I am done with them...if I ever cruise again! (I was an avid cruiser!)
  8. I will likely be attacked for a response to this. I would have never considered going through a credit card dispute until now! There is no answers as to when to get a refund and when out thousands of dollars....its a thought. Carnival does not give any straight answers as to when. I know the telephone attendants do not know, but Carnival knows and could communicate what the hold up is.
  9. I would be sure to call and confirm cancellation. We did the online cancellation and then got our online check in for flights and instructions to go to the cruiseport! They had no record of cancelling! This was March 15 sailing .
  10. Not sure if I will ever sail with carnival again but will they actually refuse you if you file a dispute? (For not getting the refund that was stated to be in 10-14 days)
  11. Not sure about over 70 but we were forced to cancel as my husband has a medical condition and left with no option. (March 15 cruise and then cruise cancelled) Carnival called for us to rebook vs taking refund and when pushed they said we would still need a note stating healthy to cruise and when he checked with higher up admitted that the cruiseport could deny boarding! Worth a call to carnival. It likely is temporary but even carnival conceded that it was futile for us to not take refund.
  12. Did you receive any letter for them? They even seem to have a transaction number. Not sure if I will ever see the money!
  13. Not sure if mentioned above. We cancelled on line and then my flights were not cancelled (fly2fun) .Ended up calling but they had no record of the cancellation I did on line. Maybe would not hurt to call and confirm. I recieved a letter 10-14 days for refund but we are over that and nothing.
  14. Tried to find specific answer to this and can't find it. We were on a March 15 sailing and of course it got cancelled. After a few attempts we did get confirmation that my cancellation went through and got a letter say 10-14 day I would get my refund. Nothing yet. I have gotten several answers from Carnival and not sure if it is the credit card company (which they told me it was!) or if it just not issued yet. Thanks
  15. Can someone clarify. We do have to take FCC or refund. If flights are booked through carnival are they also refunded?
  16. Does Carnival reimburse your cruise fare if you are denied boarding?
  17. I wondered if anyone had luck getting carnival to extend their future cruise credit beyond the date. We have plans of a cruise in August 2021 but the FCC being offered should we cancel our current cruise is March 2021. Called and they said they review case by case but absolutely no indication that it would likely be approved. thanks
  18. We were LNR first class from London to Edinburgh. it was nice as it was a day we left Bath and went back to London to go to Edinburgh. Seats were nice and there was food service and drinks included. As I said, I had booked early and in the end others were paying more for coach than we did. Not sure how much traveling you are doing (or how you are getting from airport to cruise) but if it pays, the train ticket 2 together may be beneficial. I believe it is 30% off the ticket. (you pay for the 2 together.) We landed at Gatwick and very easy to get there. I think we had to take pictures of us but only took a minute to get the card. I believe 2 together works in all the Uk so if you are doing a little traveling at ports it saves a little. It paid for itself when we went from London to Edinburgh. the rest was just an added bonus. Our train trip was even more enjoyable as it was free. LNR had a policy if you were more than an hour late, they reimbursed your fare! Never so happy to be an hour and 5 minutes late! Train travel is easy especially with an app like google maps.
  19. Trains are wonderful in the UK. Price it early, we were able to get first class for the price many paid for regular seating as we booked early. No worries if you want to wait just was nice to get the first class seating!
  20. Did she elaborate port times or any other details. I am on the same cruise in 2 weeks and interested in what may be in store for us. thanks
  21. We have sailed twice from NOLA,both times left at least 1 hour late
  22. Incredible! Our last cruise we witnessed people using their hands at the condiment station for guys burgers! How anyone thinks you can stay healthy on a cruise doing that is beyond me. Needless to say,we did not need ANYTHING for our burgers. Scary part for both this and the backwards ladies is this was seen, what is scary is what we don't know about.
  23. By the way appreciate all those who are keeping us informed on developments!
  24. There is a thread regarding corona virus in general. It is giving updates on ports denying entry. I wonder if those on Carnival cruises could quickly report how many ports they are making or being denied. I am getting concerned about our 6 day HORIZON cruise next month.
  25. We made the mistake twice. Both times I was awake several times in the night by pots dropping and they seemed to power wash the galley. Grateful for cleanliness,not good for sleep!
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