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  1. I've received 5 of these Princess offers, including the one that came yesterday. I got Interior with $250 though. I booked 3 of the 4 previously offered. I'm running out of $, friends and time off of work to keep doing these. I'm also not sure if it's worth the offer. The perks offered with each cruise is pretty good (Princess plus, cabin upgrade), but with comp cruise, we get 0 perks.
  2. We went last October on the Grand. The early morning arrival into SF was gorgeous! Same as the view leaving under the Golden Gate Bridge. Loved the weather once we got to Mexico, the 3 days down to Mexico went from cold to progressively warmer. Each port was nice. Nice relaxing time. Also, the amount of locals on the ship was nice, we usually cruise out of other ports.
  3. Update on this. Booking reinstated. Computer glitch, something about transfers not paid. I wouldn't use transfers, it's my home port. Their error. No 'sorry to have inconvenienced you' perks. Happy to just have it reinstated! Relieved, now I can go back to hoping we actually go!
  4. Oh yes, that might be the case. Had I not logged into the website, I would have never known. Hopefully this is an easy fix.
  5. Yes, definitely. I'm just hoping for my booking to be reinstated. Thanks for your post, it made me re-look at the details.
  6. Ok, I didn't pay attention to the confirmation that was sent to me, and I really shouldn't need to, BUT looking at my cruise vs what I paid for taxes/fees, they didn't charge me enough! The taxes/fees are $294 each, which I would have gladly paid. It might be an error on their part, I hope this is the case and they'll clean it up. Instead they just cancelled my booking. Why not call me? I hope this is what happened and they fix it. My friend is quite sad right now, she was looking forward to this trip and so was I.
  7. $987.00, $200 each person for deposit and $487 for taxes/fees. And they're closed for the holiday, so I can't call until tomorrow.
  8. When I called to ask about the email, I hadn't booked yet. I booked a week later.
  9. Lol, if Princess is monitoring these boards and getting back at people they offered and rescinded part of the offer, then I"m doing business with the wrong people. I received 4 offers total, booked 3. They offered them, why wouldn't they honor the offers? I booked the offer they gave me, paid the deposit, taxes and fees. They gave me a confirmation booking number and email. It's legit. They took my money. Now it says cancelled. Never received an email of the cancellation or reason why. Weird.
  10. I just tried to login to Princess website and only 2 out of my 3 bookings were in my account. When I put in the booking number, it said it's been cancelled and to contact Princess. They are closed on Sunday, so I can't find out what happened yet. This is a free casino booking for September 2021. My credit card company states that the deposit was charged and not refunded. So, has anyone had this happen?
  11. I received the OP offer as well. It's just not as good as it says. Can't believe Princess would bait and switch but they did. This was my 3rd casino offer in the last few months. I booked the first 2. Everything in the first 2 email offers was honored. But the 3rd email said: Inside cabin, $50 and then Princess Plus included, was added in the next section's wording. I called multiple times. The only thing they said they would give me is the Inside Cabin (comp). My husband was shocked and said I should push for what is in the email offer. So I did. Princess customer service (or whatever it's called) held tight, answer was no. I didn't push further because I know they're hurting and I feel bad for them. Outside of the pandemic I would have pushed further. The casino marketing dept sent out a sloppy email, offering things, but didn't honor it. And to let one of the above posters know, I last sailed in October, 10 day Grand Princess. I gamble some but never enough to get a free cruise from Princess, just reduced. But the Princess cruises I've been on have all been comped through casinos from Vegas.
  12. I called yesterday on this too. The person said they sometimes don't get the information from the marketing dept until after we get the emails. I thought the email wasn't done well anyway. It was cut and pasted from the previous offer. In fact, the offer code is the same for both offers, but the offer is different. They said it was just the cruises that weren't filled up from the last offer, and I said, no I see a few that weren't there the last time, like a France and Spain sampler. They said call back in a few days when they get their information straight. I can wait...
  13. I booked a second casino offer yesterday, and I asked this question. It's up to the discretion of the casino department whether or not to push the perks to another cruise. Otherwise, they disappear and you get a refund of ALL the money you paid, including the deposits. My fingers are crossed to be able to go on both of our booked cruises in 2021.
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