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  1. How much time is at the vatican, if you choose not to buy skip the line tickets for the Vatican is there something for you to do?
  2. Which station did you get off at and take local bus to the colosseum? Would it make any sense for the less adventuresome to take a taxi. (Recently did a do it yourself day that did not go as planned!)
  3. I am hoping that they will do the paris to Barcelona and return flight. I used fly2fun when it first was introduced and choose the flight with delta for 100.00 cheaper than any other source!
  4. Anyone used fly2fun and flown from a Paris Airport to a European Port. In 2020 Legend is sailing from Barcelona and hoping to use Fly2fun from Paris to Barcelona. If the price right I would also use it to fly to Paris and home from Venice. ( I am not sure they will allow the flight to Paris as we are going to Paris for 3 days before the cruise and then flying to Barcelona to get on the cruise. I know that there are limited cruisers that have done Europe with Carnival and hoped someone may have some insight. Thanks
  5. Looking at Aix but also wondered if Avignon is easier and/or more interesting?
  6. Had planned to get off the ship and stay in Marseille however I am seeing more people saying to leave the old port area. Aix seems easy to get to, any other easy do it your self towns,small cities that are a better option. We will be visiting Paris prior to the cruise so we may not want a large city port day. First and likely only visit to France.
  7. We are looking to take the water taxi from the cruiseport to our arbnb in Venice.
  8. Thanks for the info.read the link provided, am I correct that it says near the bottom tickets are only available at the station. (Not available on line?). I find this interesting but would hate to find seats sold out.
  9. On researching taxis I noticed that a water taxi may take extra passengers on. Does that then mean we share the cost or are we charged the full amount as if we travelled alone. I realize I can possibly find others going to the same place to share cost,but wondered if the taxi operator found others if the same applies.
  10. I am trying to weigh if the cost for a water taxi is worth it? Do they dock right at the cruise ship in port or do you have to walk near the people mover or p.roma? We will have luggage and considering not struggling with the vaporetti. We are staying in venice following the cruise. Any thoughts?
  11. What time would be safe to leave Rome if your ship leaves at 8:00? Any suggestions the best way to travel around Rome while we are there should we take the train. Looking at tours and love the cost savings with the train but not sure if we will spend more time and money getting around. We are also assuming it will be very hot so some walking by likely not all day. Interested in more the colosseum,fountain,Parthenon and would like to see the Vatican but not at the expense of not seeing other sites.
  12. Looking for a tour of Rome (preferably from port to Rome) that does the colosseum and and not focused on the Vatican. Really would like to see the Colosseum and the other areas of Rome with maybe some free time. I may have to organize a small group tour with Roll call! Looking to keep it around 100.00 and would like smaller group and not huge tour bus! It will be in the summer so a little concerned of the train and then trying to find our way around from the station. Thanks
  13. One other quick question, when I carefully read the Rome tour, Are the tickets to the Vatican not included. if we do a small group tour and choose not to get tickets to the Vatican, More interested in the Colosseum is there something for us to do while others do the Vatican? Open to being convinced to do the Vatican as opposed to the Colosseum
  14. Very interested in Italy Tours.eu. Naples: which would you choose the Classic Amalfi or Naples Sorrento and Positano. We are looking to see as much of the Amalfi area and hope to have some time to wander towns. Livorno- Florence with them. Is it worth it or am I better to take a train or do a Florence on your own transfer as most of the area is pedestrian? Thanks for your help
  15. Luv2cruz1000


    Hoping to get some feedback. We are going to this port on our cruise. Never been to Italy and may never get back on a July Cruise. We have rome, Marseilles, Livorno, Corfu, Kotor, Naples and disembarking in Venice (staying for a few days). We were planning on going to florence when in Livorno but would it be wise to see some countryside and take a tour of Tuscany? I listed our ports as we are planning on Visiting Rome, Corfu, Kotor, and staying in Venice. Any thoughts. We are willing to pay for group excursions or do it ourself except we want the airconditioning vehicle to fall back on. Would Tuscany be "cooler" then Florence? Thanks
  16. One more question, any one used them from airport to cruise. What time did they pick you up. Our ship departs at 5. I think all aboard is 3.
  17. What is the cost for the half day Barcelona tour. We would want from the airport to cruiseport. We are fine with a group because we want to keep costs to a minimum
  18. Sorry forgot to mention that we disembark in Venice. Thanks for the info, (this is the 9 day Carnival Legend sailing in July 2020)
  19. I wondered if you sail close enough to shore on a Italy and Greece cruise to see scenery or is it just water when you sail? We have been to Alaska and enjoyed seeing the landscape! ( cruise leaves from Barcelona,Marsaille,Rome,Florence,Naples,corfu,And Kotor)
  20. Any thoughts on travel to Mexico on a cruise? Do you think if there is a shutdown it will affect Mexican Ports as it seems to be the target of the whole reason of shutdown? we too are cruising later in December.
  21. Added up excursions and hoped to save some money! Would you do Rome or Florence with only port transfer and spend the day on your own? Given the choice which one would you Do? We are going in July so it will be hot!
  22. Looking at Italytours.eu. would I want Naples,Sorrento and positano or the classic Amalfi coast. Has any one used them for either tour?
  23. Need opinions. We are wanting to visit a costal area on our cruise. We are looking for the most economical "bang for our buck". Do we want to visit Cinque Terre from Livorno or Amalfi coast from Naples. We also have stops in Rome and dock in Venice. This will likely be our only Trip to Italy and want to see the most we can. We are sailing on Legend in July 2020. Struggling with missing Florence or possibly Capri. Look forward to opinions from others more knowledgeable about Italy than we are! We will likely not book from the ship but from other excursion groups.
  24. I have not found a cruise to grand cayman that is working for me but have on my bucket list to swim with stingray. Is Gibbs Cay in Turks going to come close to Stingray city? Thanks
  25. Interest in Canadians who sailed with Carnival (maybe has not docked there yet) to Cuba. Am I allowed to walk around on my own, or book a private tour. I noticed the visa fee of 75.00. Do Canadians need the visa and will carnival still charge me? Cuba experiences appreciated, even if you sailed another cruise line.
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