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  1. I have never heard of a VIP status with NCL. Perhaps your TA arranged to have some champagne and treats waiting for you when you arrive at your room. I know on our last cruise our TA ordered us a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries with a lovely card wishing us a wonderful cruise. This was a little surprise waiting for us in our room on the first day. I know that's not the same as a designation but it was a little something to make us feel special.
  2. From the pictures BirdTravels posted it looks like more loungers on the sundeck on the starboard side than the Getaway. There were a bunch of chairs and round sun beds along with a few loungers. The chairs and sun beds were barely used on our cruise.
  3. We were on the Getaway in November. We spent a lot of time on the upper deck and really enjoyed it up there. It wasn't very windy but did get very hot in the afternoon so we would have to move to the shady side after some time. It was nice to have the fresh air though.
  4. I hope not. Although we don't sail till December. Just concerned it will get too hot and stuffy closed all the time.
  5. We booked a cruise on the Breakaway for later this year and will be in the Haven. We have never been on a ship with a retractable roof. Just wondering how often they open it when you sail the Caribbean. Also....what's it like when it's closed. Do you still get the same strength sun and need sunblock? Thanks in advance!!!
  6. My favorites are: Peach Pina Colada Mango Meltdown Jalapeno Cucumber Mojito Banana Daiquiri Mudslide I'm so bummed I didn't order the Rebellious Fish on our cruise in November. That was one I wanted to try and totally forgot about. Hopefully I remember on our Breakaway cruise next year
  7. So my husband and I are FINALLY taking a cruise alone....This will be the first time in YEARS without kids and others in our family. As excited as I am to get away and spend some alone time with just the hubby, I also feel kind of bummed that no one else is coming. It hit me the other day when I was looking on MyNCL and only saw our two names that this vacation was going to be different. My husband is all for it saying we will be able to do so much more and enjoy the ship in a different way. I suppose, but I always enjoy our family photos and spending time on vacation together, even though it can be hectic and crazy! How does everyone else deal with leaving the kids at home......
  8. I don't mind waiting for dinner since we are on vacation and in no hurry. We always make our dining and show reservations ahead of time and give enough time in the schedule. It is nice to change the "rush, rush, rush" pace of everyday life and take time to relax and enjoy eating at a restaurant. We are going on the Breakaway next cruise and I'm looking forward to Margaritaville. I know it gets a bad rap, but we actually like the food there. We figure we are on vacation and can splurge here and there when we find something we like.
  9. We were in 16108. We loved the location as it was so close to the pool and easy to access once you entered the Haven. We loved the suite other than the issue. Maybe it will be fixed sooner than we were told...hopefully for others!
  10. Actually enough to cover the deposit on my next Haven cruise and then some! Since we weren't expecting much we are very grateful!
  11. My family and I cruised on the Getaway on the November 25th sailing. We had a 2 BR suite and booked this room for the space and the fact it has the most amazing master bathroom. We were very disheartened to see that the huge picture window in the master bathroom was damaged. It had a seal broken and the whole window was filled with condensation and foggy. We were told it was replaced a few weeks prior but must have been installed wrong. A new window takes 6 months to order so no quick fix. We also had a leak coming from the shower that would periodically get the floor wet even after maintenance came to fix it. We were able to receive a small compensation in the form of OBC while on board. The Haven staff directed us to fill out an online complaint once home. We aren't the type to normally complain and do this sort of thing but with the price of the 2 BR suite we felt the room was not up to par and it was justified. Plus we looked forward to that ocean view since we had the same room on the Epic earlier in the year. We finally heard back from NCL today and were shocked with the compensation they gave us! After reading so many negative reviews it is great to see NCL come around and do the right thing. Looking forward to our next NCL Haven cruise in 2019!!!
  12. Any reason or idea why this project is taking so long? It seems like no one from NCL has a clue about completion. It seems odd that there's no update or status announcement on something that is almost 2 years behind schedule....I'm sure money isn't an issue 😉
  13. I have brought my flat iron for my hair on 2 NCL cruises this year and had no issues. Mine is actually a larger size and not one of the real small ones too. I always unplugged it and put it away when I left the room so it wasn't really noticeable. I also packed it in my carry on with my make up and hair brushes etc. The important stuff! LOL
  14. Haven Breakfast: Tahitian French toast with berries and mascarpone. Also their almond and chocolate flavored croissants Ocean Blue calamari and their grilled lobster dinner La Cucina shrimp ravioli with lobster sauce and Tiramisu The salad bar at Moderno and their grilled pineapple because it is a nice change from all the meat Nachos and fish tacos at Margaritavile And the room service pizza because sometimes that just fits what you are looking for late at night when you don't want to leave the room : ) Of course there are soooo many more things that are yummy!!!
  15. Ship - Getaway Nov. 25, 2018 sailing Deck - 16 Stateroom # - 16108 Stateroom Category – 2 BR suite Starboard or Port Side - didn't matter since the ship docked forward and backwards - depending on the port would determine what side you were on. Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Overall was quiet. Every now and then you could hear a chair move on the sundeck above but that was minimal. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - NO Balcony View - Perfect balcony view - no obstructions Balcony Size? - not very "deep" ....smaller than other NCL ships with the same cabin. May be hard for someone who is tall to sit in front of the railing directly and not on an angle. Was wind a problem? - Depending on the day you could feel the wind If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - Window in master bath above the soaking tub had a seal broken so it was very foggy and full of condensation. We were told it would take 6 months to order a new window as it had just been replaced a few weeks prior. Obstructs the lovely view you are supposed to get. This was a total bummer. Probably won't get fixed until dry dock spring 2019. Any other comments? - Good location - close to the pool and lounge. Lots of storage for a family or multiple adults.
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