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  1. That’s a great point! Those taxes usually come out to around $1.50 a drink. Not a whole lot but something to be aware of.
  2. Epic NYE - Internet was unusable the entire cruise. Couldn’t get websites to load, regardless of the time of day/night. The NCL app worked great though for reviewing cabin charges and seeing what was going on around the ship.
  3. Yup, lunch is free on embarkation day for guests staying in The Haven. Everyone else is subject to the $15 per person cover charge. The specialty drinks (margaraitas, etc) are covered under your drink package.
  4. I cruise both Carnival and NCL a few times a year and have noticed that in general Carnival doesn’t maintain their ships as well as NCL or other lines. We routinely see rust on our balconies and on the outside of Carnival’s ships but NCL seems to be constantly painting theirs at every port. I find the same to be true with the public spaces (worn carpets mainly). Partly because of that we stick to sailing on Vista class or newer.
  5. Do you mean the Getaway? Maybe I’m missing it but I don’t see any cruises to the Med on Breakaway. Anyway I also cruise both Carnival and NCL and would personally pick the newer NCL ship over the Legend.
  6. Ya it was an Uber X for just my girlfriend and I but up to 4 people can ride for the same price. The cars tend to be compact though so if you have more than two and a lot of luggage it might not be the best option.
  7. Not when you’ve already paid for your food as part of your cruise fare. The old a la carte pricing was more reasonable as one could split the volcano nachos for $5 a person, and not sure what kind of hole in the wall you’re paying $15 for a sandwich at when you can get a foot long for $5. Maybe at an upscale deli here in San Francisco though!
  8. There are slightly bigger tables in The Haven if you're willing to pay for it 😆
  9. Uber is probably the most convenient option. We took one from our hotel next to HOU Airport to the port in Galveston and the cost was $38. I imagine it would be a bit more from IAH though. Perhaps check flights on Southwest into HOU as it’s 30 minutes closer to the port?
  10. My refunds with NCL have always posted within a week. There’s no good reason an electronic refund should take that long, so keep calling and escalating the issue until you get your money back.
  11. There are several on the first couple pages of the Carnival Board but this one seems to be the most popular:
  12. That’s a good suggestion. Could also try sailing Celebrity as their casino is completely smoke free.
  13. I called my big box TA twice yesterday and while they answered right away, they sat on hold with NCL for over 30 minutes on both calls. In total I spent over 2 hours between both calls! For whatever reason NCL seems to be really swamped right now. I've also been waiting for them to process my Shareholder Credit for my NYE cruise for the past 2 weeks. Wish they would hire more help and improve their customer service. In the meantime try calling in the afternoon on a weekday and you should have better luck getting through.
  14. Well technically you don’t have to be in a cabin in the Havana area on Deck 5 (Vista Class Ships) to have access. There are several aft cabins in the Havana class on upper decks that come with all the Havana perks.
  15. Took this pic while onboard the Breakaway last month. Cagney’s seems to get a little pricier each cruise.
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