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  1. I think the cut off was something like 490. It was a very nice lunch.
  2. We were there too. Which officer was at your table? We were with the Entertainment Director and his wife. We had a lively discussion.
  3. Thanks and darn. My last several cruises have been with on demand tv. I got spoiled. Oh well small price to pay to see Antarctica. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your vacation to post all of this. We get on when you get off so I am reading every word. You mentioned the TV. Is it the on demand type or is it the older type where you an just go up and down on the different channels? Thanks in advance.
  5. No parade in anytime on deck 5 last week or tonight. Baked Alaska was on the menu.
  6. DH had diet sprite. I don't know if that is the same thing.
  7. Much easier to watch the lecture on the tv after the fact.
  8. You guys were missed on this one. I enjoyed meeting Frank.
  9. You are right - I never thought about the baked Alaska until I just read your post. I guess I didn't miss it. And the dinner menus are different than what I am used to. I think for the better.
  10. We were in Norway just last month. We saw quite a bit of snow while in Geiranger.
  11. Thanks, I just received an email yesterday. We have a b2b cruise coming up soon. The first cruise will not be affected but the second one will.
  12. I am curious as to where you got your information. I have a b2b cruise starting on May 18, the second on May 25th. I don't see the increase in gratuities anywhere in my cruise personalizer nor in the FAQ's. So I just Princess and the woman I talked to has not been given any information either about an increase.
  13. I just got off the Crown a week ago. The internet was horrible. It may be fine for bringing in emails and surfing but I do an email every night after a port. I include pictures and a narrative. I send it to over a 100 people. I had to split up the people in smaller groups so that the email would go out and even then it took maybe 5 or 10 minutes to just get one out. I send out five duplicates all to different people. I also upload my pictures to Facebook. That took a bit of time too but all things considered I thought that the internet did fairly well uploading the pictures to Facebook. I was on a 10 day cruise and I burned through 250 minutes. I was on the Caribbean Princess last month. It has Medallion Net. Very fast. I have to say I got spoiled because my last 4 cruises before the one on the Crown all had Medallion Net. It is very hard going from Medallion Net to the Old internet. I can't wait until all the ships have Medallion Net.
  14. Yes this is true if you mean the Travel Summary (the document you can print out). It does not show up under payments and credits in your personalizer. Mine showed up on my Travel Summary about 7 days before the cruise. However, it does not show up in the On Board Credit part of the document. It is in a category called Special Services. It is labeled onboard credit there but in my account on the ship it is labeled "Loyalty Commends (non-refundable)".
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