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  1. Last time we were in Jamaica, we were in Ocho Rios. This was 2017. We used an independent tour, and had the best time. Saw local sights, they took us to the Blue Hole (back then it was not popular) and we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Our group of 10 had the best time, and then they took us to Scotchies for lunch, and then to a local beach in Ocho. It was a fun filled day.
  2. Has anyone gone on one of their tours?
  3. Having a heck of a time too, doing web check in. Won't take our photo or credit card number. So from what I am reading, just call MSC and they will email the docs and luggage tags?
  4. DKNE

    Port change?

    We are on the same sailing 😄
  5. DKNE

    Port change?

    Oh shoot, I totally forgot that the Magic crashed into the dock in Ocho! Thank you everyone! We sail one on of the changes to Montego Bay!! This helps with shore excursions now, and makes sense why on the app there are no tours for Montego Bay yet. 🙂
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    New to MSC

    Thank you both 🙂
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    Port change?

    Our documents say Montego Bay, but the MSC website and cruise mapper both say Ocho Rios. Seems these ports get switched alot, how do we know for certain, when booking excursions. It's not like they are 10 minutes apart. Tks.
  8. DKNE

    New to MSC

    Booked our first MSC cruise for next month. > On our documents that we just booked, it says embarkation time 1:30pm, can we change that time when we do the online check in? > Can you buy a bottled water package only? > Are there formal nights on the cruise? 7 nights Seashore. > What is the dress code in the dining room at dinner. (dress shorts and sandles for men?) > Are you able to bring a case of pop or wine onboard (like other cruise lines) > We booked Fantastica, I read somewhere that you can select your dining time? Our agent has us for 5:30pm (early dining) Appreciate your answers 🙂
  9. We used this company this past August, and had one of our best tours ever. Our guide was amazing. We snorkelered and saw turtles, stingrays, sea urchins, starfish, so much marine life. We had a ton of fun and they do offer to take photos of you during the snorkeling. We opted to do that and it was $40 and we got over 60 photos!! We were a family of 4 and a other couple. BTW are you on Norwegian coming up?
  10. Thanks, I think Berns is a little fancy, as we're going to the hockey game, so we will definitely be in very casual wear, hockey jersey kind of thing.
  11. Thank you, yes we sail on the 14th. So we will be in Tampa on the Saturday for the hockey game 🙂
  12. Going to the Tampa Bay Lightening game pre cruise. Any suggestions on dining near the Arena? Prefer patio or water view? Thanks! 🙂
  13. We always use Avis. Rent from MCO and then drop off at their address 6650 N Atlantic Ave, Cape Canaveral. They are only for cruise ship passengers. They also shuttle you to and from the port, really quickly. Never an issue. And cheaper to rent a car and go at your own pace, then a shuttle.
  14. Isn't Great Stirrup Cay, only Norwegian goes there ??
  15. Haven't tendered in 5 years. Do you grab a number to get onto the tender? Suggestions if so, on when you get it and anything else you can provide. Thanks
  16. Our ship arrives at 6 am at Havensight port. What is there really to do that early in the morning? And we leave at 2 pm.
  17. Anyone have suggestions for 4x4 in Amber Cove? The ones I have seen all go through the mud and water, which I would prefer not to. Thanks 🙂
  18. I am kind of thinking the same thing. Stay in Fort Lauderdale, and go to port next day. This way we would be able to have a late dinner. Our budget for a hotel would be no more than $300. Trying to navigate hotels that are near restaurants and Walgreens is hard, we've always stayed in Miami. But never flew in this late before.
  19. We fly into FLL, the evening, day before our cruise. Looking for suggestions for a hotel that is close to Walgreens or something similar, and restaurants within walking distance. Is it better to stay near FLL and then uber it to POM next day. Or uber to hotel in MIA night of flight, near Walmart/Target etc. Thanks!
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    Which is the best place to hang out with the Sloths? I would like more than a 5-10 minute interaction with them 🙂 Thanks.
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