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  1. We did have a balcony and you are right, it's great to see the sights. Our trip was 10 days which only added a day at Denali. I'll check Norwegian for longer trips
  2. This may not be the right place for this post but here goes. We took an Alaska cruise on Holland America about 5 years ago. We'd like to do another in 2022. Looking for opinions on best cruise line Thanks
  3. They are usually very good when leaving the ship. If we have an early flight they schedule us to leave early. Otherwise we have breakfast and relax until the mad rush is over. Lunch at the dive in can be a good choice if you don't like the buffet lines at noon. Just order and take the pager with you, relax until it's ready. It's easy to avoid crowds if that's your desire
  4. My wife and I have never felt trapped on an HAL either. There are many quiet spots if that's what you seek. We've also always stayed in a cabin with a balcony which can be a great and quiet place to watch the world go by
  5. I agree. Our first two were veranda cabins, then we went a little higher class
  6. Food on HAL has been okay. Not great, not bad, just okay. Food on the Edge was good. Every meal was good or very good. No just okay meals, all were good. What we liked about dining options on celebrity was the choice of 4 venues for dinner. We would look at the menus and eat at a different one each night. We had done some premium dining on HAL but never found the need to do so on celebrity
  7. We were on the Edge in March, just prior to the end of cruises to anywhere and enjoyed it very much. With the perks it was actually quite a bit less than HAL
  8. We went from HAL to Celebrity this year also. Like you we got the 4 perks which adds up to a lot of $$$$. We also found dining on Celebrity to be better than HAL and liked the infinity balcony in concierge cabin
  9. True, but HAL does have the BB King lounge which we always visit
  10. I agree with these opinions, but I will add my wife and I did enjoy some time most evenings in the BB King Lounge
  11. It's not so much as good vs bad seating, but what you prefer. I like a table at a window so there is a nice view during dinner
  12. I did check out the roll call and you are correct. Still have plenty of time to get some tips from you Celebrity Edge veterans
  13. And I have so much to learn. We've been on HAL before and were ready to book on HAL again but after talking to our TA and doing a little comparison shopping, we're booked on the Edge for March 1 but are not at all familiar with the do's and don'ts there
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