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  1. We’ve done both several times. For a relaxing adult vacation we would choose Celebrity every time. It’s more relaxed, seems a bit “classier.” Definitely better food and service on Celebrity. Also RCL is very mass market appeal. If you’re traveling with a large family group with kids there’s more to do on RCL for that demographic. DH and I think RCI feels like a trip to a large mall, not much emphasis on the ocean and water, while Celebrity is really moving to keeping that ocean connection,.
  2. Thanks everyone for all the valuable information. Because of some of the recommendations in this post - inside passage, longer port times, hopeful refurbish- I just booked on the Eclipse, Vancouver cruise the end of May. Hoping we’ll be cruising.
  3. Agreed. No risk in booking. If they cancel we get a full credit. We are not putting any money out as the cost of the cruise is currently less than our credit and airfare from Florida is incredible right now. Just have to Pick a ship.
  4. Help, trying to decide what to book for May/June 2021. We were booked on Solstice last June so we have a credit. DH is now eyeing the Eclipse instead. We’ve cruised the Solstice in the past but he’s concerned she’s getting old and missed her dry dock. I don’t know anything about the Eclipse, cruising out of Vancouver or that itinerary. Anything you can say about it would be welcome.
  5. We love Aqua and choose to book it for Blu when we can. That being said, carefully select your cabin. We were under treadmills one time and while it didn’t bother either of us you could occasionally hear them early in the am. Also, under the pool deck sometimes you can hear chairs being moved in am. Try to find a room under the spa, it’s a much quieter area.
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