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  1. If the driver stays at the beach he will watch your things while you're in the water so they'll be secure. Magens had lockers for rent before the storms. Check to see if they're available if your driver isn't staying.
  2. I googled the St Martin kayak tours and I don't see that they include snorkeling. The tours on St Thomas offer snorkeling. One company takes you to see sea turtles and the other is in a lagoon. O think the company that kayaks in the lagoon sells their tours on the ship. There isn't a lounging beach near the lagoon. Not sure about the other tour.
  3. Magens is more family friendly than Coki because there isn't usually loud music and no weed smoking. Coki is more of a party beach.
  4. There's a great interactive pirate museum near the tram. And a new pedal boat harbor excursion.
  5. Yes, Woody's is open! You won't see much damage in Cruz Bay and Trunk resumed selling drinks and some food. The damage that still remains is at Caneel, Cinnamon, and residential areas.
  6. You can see them making them through the window in the gift shop, and you can buy the fresh tortillas if you want to cook at home. Fun place for lunch!
  7. Many families are going to Sapphire for snorkeling. The water is not always as calm as Coki but it's usually not rough. Lots of mentions and reviews in this thread.
  8. Most of the taxis on St Thomas are converted pick up trucks with benches across the back and a canopy for cover. They are open air and can hold up to 20+ passengers. There are no car seats - you'll be holding the 3 year old. You can ask the taxi dispatcher if any taxi has a car seat, but it's very unlikely. You can Google St Thomas taxi and images to see what they look like. The taxi fares are also online. Taxis charge by destination per person. The posted rates don't have children's rates so the drivers have discretion on whether or not to give a discount for children.
  9. Most families go to a beach. The beaches in the VI are family friendly (Coki might be an exception to some people because there's a good chance you'll smell weed). Coral World is great for kiddies because they get to touch many animals. It's next door to Coki Beach so if you get a spot on the beach closest to Coral World it's a better atmosphere though it gets crowded. Best to go as early as you can.
  10. I would go with Lindqvist because it's less crowded and has a more varied terrain. I would go with earlier the better so you'll have time to celebrate after either on the beach or at a nearby restaurant. The restaurants at Point Pleasant have gorgeous views!
  11. The safari "bus" looks like many of the regular taxis because the safari "bus" is a taxi driver who prefers to cater mostly to locals. The public safari is called just that - a safari. If you ask a local about "the safari bus" they might not understand what you want. I saw it happen twice in less than half hour when I was near KMart.
  12. You can rent snorkel vests at Coki. You may have to ask more than one vendor because they might not be available from all of them.
  13. Jellyfish are not common at Coki. They had swarmed Magens a few years ago and they had to close the beach until they passed but I've never read about them ever being a problem at Coki. Thousands of visitors and locals frequent Coki every year and I've never seen a post on jellyfish at Coki since I started posting.
  14. Yes, you can walk back to the Carnival ship. Paradise Point is directly across the street from the dock but you have to walk through a parking lot and it depends on what position your ship is at the dock. The maximum distance may be the equivalent of maybe 10 blocks.
  15. Have you contacted Papa Bear and asked him? That farm may not have opened after the storms. When I toured with Papa Bear we didn't stop at a farm and that was before the storms.
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