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  1. They are about 2.5 miles apart and it is walkable but you should take a cab so you get there on time. Many excursions want you there 15 minutes before the start time so you can sign paperwork, etc. Some excursion providers encourage people on the same ship to share transport so they arrive together. Have you asked your tour host about transport from Crown Bay? They may have a driver they work with.
  2. That's not really much time on St John because if you go to a beach, round trip travel time will take approximately 30 minutes if the taxis leave immediately. If you have to wait for snorkel rental that takes up precious beach time, too. Cinnamon is not in Cruz Bay, and the beach in Cruz Bay harbor too many boats for it to be considered clean all the time. That's a very short beach "day".
  3. Princess ships dock at Havensight.
  4. Very easy to get a taxi to Lindqvist, but there's no taxi stand at the beach so driver needs to come back for you, or you can flag one from the main road.
  5. If you're going on your own, ask taxi to take you to Lindqvist or Smith Bay Park. I don't think they would understand Secret Sands and you'd probably end up at Secret Harbor!
  6. It is still Lindqvist Beach. A cruise line calls it that to make it seem as though it's a beach you can only get to through their excursion. Plenty of shade from trees and covered structures.
  7. No showers or changing rooms. Restaurant bathroom available for public. There is a restaurant with bar. Sometimes taxis are waiting but any employee can get you a cab.
  8. Many businesses Caribbean wide now have generators, so you barely notice a power outage. Quite a few are off the grid. The traffic cops direct traffic during peak hours if lights aren't working. Power outage in some parts of Caribbean are dealt with on a regular basis.
  9. If you were hoping to have a learning experience, you're not going to find that on many other cruises unless you go on the more expensive lines. If you really like cruising then take the offer for discounts. If you want an enriching vacation, find a way to do that.
  10. It's CTC Charters that offers jet skis in the Lindbergh Bay a short walk from Emerald Beach. Phone number is 340.514.6443. ID required. Ctccharters@gmail.com
  11. There should be jet ski rental at Emerald Beach which is just a few minutes away from your dock. You can also rent jet skis at Sapphire Beach Marina. If you tell the taxi driver you want to do jet skiing, they'll probably take you to Sapphire.
  12. Jimf, when did you go to the new steakhouse? It's only open for dinner. You were on a cruise when you went? The tram is only open at night on Wed.
  13. Unfortunately Blackbeard's Castle is closed. Rumor has it that it has a new owner and will reopen hopefully in Oct/Nov 2019. Lots of people loved that rum!
  14. There are a few stores but not nearly as many as Havensight.
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