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  1. This is a necessity, its time that people take a step back and realize the severity of the situation. We have already seen how quickly sickness can spread on ships. Your vacation is not that important.
  2. Nope not a chance. I know lots of people love cruising, but right now its too risky and new cases are popping up daily. I could definitely see someone selfish ignoring some symptoms just to take advantage of a cheap/free cruise. Worst case scenario a week long cruise could turn into a 2 week floating quarantine.
  3. If you follow VV on Facebook you can see on their story today people lounging and hangout out by the pool. Not sure if its just crew relaxing or some preview cruise, mood seems kinda dead.
  4. Some of the prices don't seem too bad, while others are pretty outrageous. I see many beer options at $10+, even if they are craft brands it does not justify being double of a normal beer. With these prices and no option for a drink package people are gonna be upset.
  5. Texas and New York departures cannot have Cheers start until the second day due to state alcohol laws.
  6. My wife and I aren't what you would call cruise people, but we are interested in going on a few more. We fit the millennial profile, early 30s and live in a big city. When we first heard about VV we thought it may be the perfect fit for use. I have been following the progress and wanted to see how the ship turned out before actually booking. At this point it looks like VV is not going to be for us due to a lot of the issues Emma pointed out in her recent VV video. Its hard to justify the price for what you get, we would rather find a good price on a Haven cabin on NCL or even return to a Havana cabin on a Carnival ship. It just seems like VV has tried way too hard to not be like everyone else and has made some big mistakes.
  7. The lack of a nice pool is a big bummer for us. I love a nice pool where you can wade and enjoy a drink. On our last cruise on the Carnival Vista we spent tons of time in the pool on the Havana Deck and loved it, great way to stay cool on hot days.
  8. Correct, the only older person VV was designed for is Sir Richard Branson. Some cruise lines want families, other want older people, but VV is targeting a completely different crowd.
  9. I'm really looking forward to cruising with VV in the future. As a couple in our early 30s the main cruise lines do not really excite us. From looking at some of the people in the Facebook groups I'm in for VV there are definitely going to be some very disappointed people. Only thing keeping us from booking now is the lack of longer cruises.
  10. Anyone heard about when November bookings open up?
  11. Virgin looks like a very attractive brand for us. We are big fans of them not allowing children. On the few cruises we have been on we know what we want and what we don't want. I would never sail on a Carnival ship again unless it had a Havana area. We also would like to try the Haven on NCL. For right now we will not try VV until they add longer cruises, we prefer more sea days over ports.
  12. Many beds these days do not require a box spring. An example is Casper, they just need a platform to rest on, just because it lacks a mattress does not make it a real bed. I do find the configuration on normal cabins a bit strange that you must move the couch to make the bed.
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