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  1. Thank you so much for your quick answer!
  2. Did you find it noisy to sleep? I would love the location, hubby is concerned about it not being quiet enough to sleep. We live in the country....so spoiled with no noise. Thanks
  3. Is it quite noisy when the door is closed? My husband is concerned about it being too loud to sleep. Thanks
  4. Glad you enjoyed your tour. I have mixed feelings. Driver was foreign, so English was not 1st language.....very hard to understand, and I don't think he understood everything we said. He was very polite and did the tour we asked for...but it was VERY foggy that day and we had wanted scenic tour. He took us where we had asked but we could not see anything. He finally got out his phone and showed up a picture of what it looked like! I felt like he could have adapted the tour to fit the weather and suggested other opportunities. As far as paying Simon did call a week before tour and took CC over the phone. Hope that answers your questions.
  5. I had the same problem. I am in U.S. so didn't want to call. I kept private messaging on Facebook and Simon finally called me. We are scheduled Sept. 6th. Will let you know when we get back how things went.
  6. Thanks for the quick response Dobby36. Looking forward to our time in Quebec city! and all the cruise!
  7. Sorry, it posted before I was ready! lol C2C posted a link to port schedule I looked at. It also says there is transportaion for passengers and crew, but no other info. Are you planning on just taking a taxi from our hotel?
  8. It looks like we will be berthed at Pier 30 according to the Port schedule I accessed in
  9. We are planning to use Sydney Cape Breton taxi tours also. We are needing 2 more for Sept. 6th if anyone is going to be there that day. We are on Holland Zuiderdam.
  10. I am hoping to do their taxi tour also, Trying to find 2 other people to join us.
  11. Thank you so much for this information. Looking at the bus schedule though..... I don't speak or read french. lol. How hard would it be to navigate this speaking only english?
  12. Great ideas here....my question is what do you do with your luggage? Our cruise ends in Boston and we will have all of our luggage, headed to the airport that afternoon.
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