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  1. Thank you Jeff and patti for the awesome review. I noticed in one of your post, you said you contact maitre d for private table. Do you get reply from the splendor maitre d? I can't wait until August, we are counting the day.
  2. Would you mind letting me know the uber fee from cabo cruise terminal to billygans please. I'm also want to check out tacos Guss. Thank you very much for your review.
  3. My cruise online check in available May 19. Is it mean at midnight I can login and choose my check in time ? I live in west coast , midnight EST should be 9pm may 18? Please let me know, and thank you very much.
  4. Thank you very much. This is the new one I just booked last night. I will try it again this weekend.
  5. Last year carnival changed It to 90 days to choose boarding time, I booked before that so I'm already finished my check in and pick my boarding time. But I saw other people post that they are able to enter other information, is it still the same now? I login, but the only thing I saw is our booking with itinerary. Am I missing anything?
  6. My first one didn't have that much knowledge, missed leading my booking, I didn't want to give her a hard time, so I didn't ask to talk to her supervisor. Since it's only within 1/2 hrs, they should be able to listen to the phone call, and i won't have to pay extra $300, but I feel sorry for her. I never book with her again. My second one, he will only talk to me if i do the booking, but no reply any other question that I asked. I emailed him at beginning of March to see if he can find me any better room than the one I saw on website, he never reply. I got a recommendation from someone, for my 3rd one, I called him last night , 7pm my time, but his time is 10pm, he wasn't infront of his computer, but he told me to wait for him 1/2 hrs, he will be there, and helped me with my booking, I emailed him the guest list, everything went smoothly, and I'm very impressed, he told me call him anytime if I need anything. Very professional. He been with carnival 27 years. I can feel I'm in a good hand. (My second one got the names list too, but he manage to enter it wrong)
  7. How is the port in mid August? I saw the flood flash last year sept 3, I was alittle concern to go from there
  8. If I book with this kind , nothing say price protection, am I allow to to price match if it goes lower? Exclusive rates for VIFP Club Members Sale ends April 30, 2019 Great Vacation Guarantee
  9. Did you book this kind ? Exclusive rates for VIFP Club Members Sale ends April 30, 2019 Great Vacation Guarantee
  10. Are you allow to board with him too? Or you have to go to the regular line?
  11. Thank you everyone for all your suggestion. I will talk to my mom to buy one, and we can keep it for future use.
  12. Front is YTD, aft is early/late , ask maître d ahead of time for table near window, it may be private seating as the big table is in the middle, very nice view.
  13. Any limit on the amount of gc that I want to buy?
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