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  1. That's awesome, thanks! We booked, but it is good to verify there isn't a charter.
  2. Thank you for the link! Looks like their last Festival cruise is the February 18 sailing. Then they pick up again in August. Excellent information!
  3. Not necessarily true. Large groups can charters a part of the ship. We were on a cruise where the Oakridge Boys had chartered a large block and some lounges got closed for their get togethers and concerts.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a way to check if your cruise will have a charter? We are looking at booking the Pearl and I saw a YouTube video that mentioned it is one of the more popular ships for charters.
  5. We have already decided against the mini-suites. It looks like Aft balcony's on 9&10 are still available.
  6. Thanks for the info! We were looking at the mini-suite because it is larger. Didn't care about the perks. We usually get the balcony with cabins above and below. We will probably stay with that.
  7. There is a really good deal going on right now for mini-suites on the Pearl. All of them are on deck 10, which is below the pool deck. Does it get noisy in the morning in these cabins?
  8. Breakaway was the absolute worst so this is good news.
  9. I don't get this Cappocuno, frappucino, latte, whatever. There is plenty of good coffee in the buffet and it is free.
  10. Thank you Dougout! We will be sailing her Feb 23. I have really enjoyed your precruise posts.
  11. We just booked today, Deck 7, port side aft. We had to go a bit further forward than we wanted becuase all the ones aft of us were already booked port side. That could also be the situation with deck 5. We are booking the port side to be sure we get to see the volcanoes. Others might also have the same idea. In the videos I have watched, it does not look like the aft balcony are very well covered from upper deck balconys.
  12. I checked our account and we are 25 points from 3 Stars. This is an 18 day cruise, so we won't have a problem getting 7 more points. I have been looking at 3 Stars. Don't need to worry about that for awhile. We just became Diamond after or last cruise on RCI. Our Feb cruise on NCL will be our first as Platinum. We were able to get Deck 7 port side and got an awesome deal! Sale ends October 31 so take a look if you want to go to Hawaii.
  13. Thanks, that helps! Looks like I meant Stars. We will have 3 Stars after this cruise.
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