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  1. There's evidence that even vaccinated people can be Covid carriers -- vaccination provides immunity to most but not all vaccine recipients. That, coupled with the evidence that some vaccines are more effective than others, would make the Canadian government still want to do Covid tests on Canadians returning to Canada from abroad, and on non-Canadians entering Canada.
  2. A few years ago, we did a Canadian Maritimes cruise to Saint John and Halifax that departed from the NY cruise port on the west side of Manhattan. We paid a little more for an aft cabin, thinking that we'd get a better view of things on the New York departure. It was more than a 'better view' - it was astounding. People without aft cabins of course benefited from the amazing views as well. I'd really recommend a NY departure for that reason -- as long is it's from Manhattan and not NJ or RedHook/Brooklyn. The ship disembarked at Red Hook/Brooklyn, which was fine -- we got to s
  3. Thanks! And cruise companies should be compelled to report any fraudulent documentation they come across to the CBSA, US Homeland Security, and Interpol. Forging vaccination status ought to be a crime everywhere.
  4. Hi all. Really glad that you have a Canadian corner now. Woo hoo! When world travel resumes full steam ahead, it would be better if governments relied way less, or not at all on paper proof (which is easy for scoundrels to counterfeit). Reliance should be on government digital records or registries that are linked to passports, drivers licenses, Trusted Traveler Programs, and, in the case of Canada, Nexus cards. Cruise ship companies will be under the gun to maintain disease-free, safe environments for passengers and crew on their ships. They will need to work ve
  5. Thanks for the idea and the contact info, Sauer-kraut! I'll give NCL a week to reply to my communication to them, and only then will contact Steiner. Interestingly, the SteinerLeisure.com corporate website is non-functioning, and they don't have email contact info for consumers (no big surprise!). If I have to contact Steiner, it'll be by fax (so 'old-school') so I have an electronic record. And of course I will update my progress (or lack thereof) on CruiseCritic, so that others in a similar situation can benefit from what I experience.
  6. Yes, it can. I used Shareholder OBC to buy a CruiseNext certificate... no issues raised, no questions asked.
  7. Also, I welcome any advice from folks on this board on how they've dealt with similar concerns.
  8. I bought a Thermal Pass for the duration of a 16-day long cruise (Norwegian Epic -- Nov 22/19). On the last 2 days of the cruise, a number of the features of the Thermal Suite were broken/turned off/ filthy: the thermal pools and the wet sauna. I and maybe a dozen other disgruntled Thermal Pass holders went to the NCL Guest Relations desk to ask for pro-rated refunds, only to be sent upstairs to the Spa to reiterate the request. Guest Relations told us that the Spa was run by a company called Steiner, and they were responsible for any refunds. The dozen of us assembled at the
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