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  1. what cruise line does have their 2024 World Cruise itinerary up already? And offers early booking-discount?
  2. Giving up. After Cunard cancelled their World Cruise and Aida cancelled their October 2021 World Cruise I am throwing in the towel for my booking for January 2022. Not cancelling since I don't have any refundable deposit but just wait and see and not pursuing any further planning. Actually now already concerned about my booked 2023 World Cruise. Hating to be stuck home and my home is where other people come and vacation but just need to find another hobby LOL. Never expected previously to have to cancel my 2021 summer plans, but such is life.
  3. just checked it again, nothing changed yet. Wonder when they will take people fully vaccinated in consideration. As I previously said, the list is so wrong to begin with, the BVI has had little infections and has been very safe but we are on the list of people not allowed to board.
  4. I think you need to be a resident there, at least that is what it says on the US and Caribbean site.
  5. it probably also depends on for what date you are booking. Their US-site is allowing bookings for US-Citizens and Citizens of the Caribbean. The restrictions of the country you are boarding at will probably be the deciding factor when it comes to your cruise. Seems like the countries permitted change on a daily/weekly basis.
  6. I went through that process also, first 7000 L wasn't enough coverage for a world cruise anyhow and my residence also did not qualify. My residence is giving me problems right now also with Visa's. I had been accustomed to Costa getting all Visa's for me. I had been with Costa in China and Russia without any problems, both trips directly booked off their website. Now Costa recommends a Visa-service and they do not handle Visa's for me (German and UK-Citizen) and my friend (US-Citizen) because we are both residing in the British Virgin Islands. Had to cancel an Oceania cruise previously because
  7. If you are not booked into a Samsara cabin is the gym-use limited? Is there a fee for using the gym if you are in a regular cabin?
  8. did you check whether that includes the taxes or port-fees. because on top of the base price you always have these additional charges they will add immediately but don't include in the advertised base-rate.
  9. I am also booking inside. One reason is that traveling solo my cruise is already costing me 75 % of what the cruise is costing for 2 persons. I have been in an ocean-view cabin, but when are you actually going to look out, only when you get into any port or leaving a port and for that I can go on deck. I have done 31 days around South America and had no problem being in an inside cabin. I rather spend that money on excursions to really see the world. I do live right on the ocean with a beautiful view of surrounding islands, so am used to a good view and can manage without it even for 4 month.
  10. Heidi having been a (small) boat owner for a relatively short time I learned fast how much cheaper it is just to charter or in this case book a cruise. But I am limited financially so not in the same bracket. I used to have a very wealthy friend who kept a yacht in the Med. He was a golfer and not a sailor so didn't really use it a lot. So one time he decides to use it in Marbella and brings along a few friends and it breaks down, he was not very happy even money wasn't really an object, it was the change of plans forced onto him he did not appreciate. I was pregnant during the time we owned
  11. oops, I mean 1.5 of per person quoted price instead of double (2 x per person).
  12. Costa is 150 % of double for single-occupancy, good for me. They are also using double-cabins for single-use so I will have space for a 128days trip. I also like Costa's food and atmosphere. I have been on Princess, HAL, P&O and many smaller not mass-market ships so can compare.
  13. Check out Costa also, they do leave from Europe so you will need to consider airfare. Their single rates are reasonable not the double rate and the cabins are double used for single occupancy, so not as small as designated single-cabins, something you will want to consider for 120 days or longer. I am booked on a world cruise with them 2022 and 2023 and if 2022 should not happen will definitely book 2024. Costa's world cruise includes a drink-plan and 15 excursions. I booked 2023 as soon as it came on the market hearing that world cruises are selling out fast now, Oceania 2023 was sold out in
  14. Accessories, fancy costume-jeweler, nice blouses you wear like a jacket over your dress, the blouses you can again wear as a blouse during the day. I live in a hot climate and am usually cold all the time, so I get plenty of light and heavier jackets 🙂 Felt bad for planning to have 2 suit-cases and the carry-on, you all make me feel so much better!
  15. I had checked on Oceania since it includes so many extra's but then noticed how small the ship is and how many passengers. Had been one time in the Med on a smaller ship and promised myself to never do that again. There was an area by the pool with only a few tables in the shade where you could have lunch and these tables were occupied by a group all day. They made sure to have one person sitting there at all times to hold the tables. Good thing it was only 1 week drove me crazy already, 120 days would have just sent my Blood pressure off the chart.
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