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  1. The big question, other than money to build, is, where? There really doesn't seem to be a viable location for a cruise facility outside the bay. Also, it would no longer be in Tampa so I doubt the city would be interested in contributing much toward funding a terminal elsewhere.
  2. Yeah, cruising is not for us, we've only done 19 of them. Does that make us newbies? You obviously don't get my point so we'll have to disagree on how we feel this should be handled.
  3. That would be fine IF we were getting what we booked and opted not to go. With the restrictions we are not getting the cruise experience that we booked and look forward to. As I said earlier, change of itinerary for weather or other reasons is one thing and always a possibility but saying we cannot leave the ship unless we use cruise line excursions, etc., is a totally different thing and not a risk anyone could reasonably anticipate in advance. How far out should we go? Do you know when the restrictions will, if ever, be removed? Perhaps you know more then the rest of us.
  4. We had no idea, or even had heard, of Covid when we booked. Move to when? We still don't know yet exactly what the Carnival protocols will be for sure, or how long they will be in effect. No thanks, give me my money back. I'll book if/when they are removed.
  5. Agree, if you book now you know restrictions are coming and should plan for them. I'm referring to those of us that booked before the restrictions. A future cruise credit is useless if you don't plan on cruising until the restrictions are lifted, if they ever are.
  6. I'll probably get flamed but I agree with the OP. With these changes that were not part of your original booking then you are not getting what you thought you were buying and should be entitled to a full refund. I wouldn't care if it was just changing the itinerary but changing the rules for excursions or being able to leave the ship on your own, masks, etc, is quite different. Many folks would have never booked with the restrictions that appear to be coming, us included, and therefore would not have paid those deposits to start with. That being said, I canceled a November cruise a few days before final payment was due because I expect the restrictions and don't feel that is the kind of cruise we would want to take nor would we have booked. Carnival told me no refund unless they canceled the cruise so apparently we're SOL. If restrictions are still in place for our April cruise we will be canceling that one as well.
  7. Our next booked cruise is to Bermuda in April. If there are restrictions on excursions, leaving the ship, etc, we won't be going.
  8. But the cruise industry doesn't contribute much to the economy, at least according to some.
  9. We are also a couple that has never been sick while on a cruise or shortly after. I guess both of us would be considered susceptible as I am diabetic and wife has COPD. And yes, we will continue to cruise even in todays environment.
  10. I also know of someone that has flown into and out of NY twice from NC since this quarantine has been instigated and supposedly enforced. No questions were asked of him at all. Seems the NY authorities would obviously be aware the flight came in from Charlotte NC (a state on the list) but no one seemed to care.
  11. I agree with you on this, especially the high lighted line. What I don't agree with is FCC, you should get a full refund of any monies paid. An FCC is of no use to me if I do not intend to cruise again under the new rules.
  12. Well, you state that you knew what you were buying, so if you don't agree with the contract then do as you suggest, don't sign it. I don't need the government to make that choice for me.
  13. My opinion and mine alone. If people want to book far ahead to get prime upgrades on airlines, cruises, etc, then that's the chance they take and it is on them. No one is forced to book so far out by the company. If someone has multiple trips cancelled and continues to keep booking, that too is on them. Consumers have some responsibility for their own actions. It's not all on the seller.
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