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  1. I'm not even close to a "newbie" and I still add additional tips for some of the staff. If others don't like that, too bad, but not my problem. OP, tip what you feel OK with and don't worry about others opinion of it.
  2. Cortrans. very good service $20 per person one way.
  3. I'm a bit confused by some of the responses, especially to Kim. What difference does it make to any of you whether a person does not want to visit any country or area? That's their right, their choice and opinion. If you don't like it or don't agree with it, just ignore it. Nobody asked for, or needs, you to judge them. The OP asked a question and they answered, period. Some people can't seem to allow a poster to answer without picking their choice apart. Kim, I don't care if you don't ever want to go back to Italy, it's not high on my list either and I've not been there. I would like to visit Sweden someday.
  4. The ships tap water is well treated and is just fine for a CPAP. I've used tap water many times both on board and at home. Unless they are using polluted water it's not going to kill anyone with short term use.
  5. We've been to both multiple times and yes, we do leave the shopping area and have never felt we were in any kind of danger. The people in Belize City were very friendly as were the folks we met on Roatan.
  6. Exactly, PTZtv making much ado about nothing.
  7. Jamaica, Nassau and Isla de Margarita, (although very few ships go there).
  8. I've had many a Bloody on board and have never received celery that looked like that. This was a staged photo by the photographer and has already been said, someone needs to be replaced.
  9. Yes, the camera takes better photos and has many more adjustment options.
  10. For what it's worth, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge is not on I-75, it is on 275. If you're driving I-75 there is no need to cross that bridge. You would actually be going out of your way if you did.
  11. I don't know the distance in your case but we met a couple from CC on a cruise and have become good friends. They live in NY and we in NC but since that cruise we've done another cruise together as well as a couple of camping trips. They've been to our house and we to theirs.
  12. Canaveral for ease of getting there (from central FL), variety of itineraries and ships. Tampa for easy access and parking is our second choice. but it seems to be mostly western itineraries (not always).
  13. I know where it was, my reply was tongue in cheek, obviously you didn't get that. And, you are wrong about what ship as well. Of course chengkp knew.
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