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  1. You can count us as another party that has tried to get the fee waived without success.
  2. So asking the op a question so perhaps we can avoid the hotel is "snark"? Looked in a mirror lately?
  3. Wear it proudly!!!! Thank you for his service!
  4. So, the answer is, they might take it, they might not.
  5. Easter week is the busiest week of the year for the Magic Kingdom and Disney World in general. Not to put a damper on your plan but it's not something we would do on Easter Sunday.
  6. That will work just fine. We've done exactly that as have many others.
  7. 2wheelin, you added the plural to "hotel" not the OP, They clearly stated "the hotel" not hotels, so the question remains, what hotel?
  8. You still haven't answered the question, which hotel are you talking about? You only indicate the conditions in one hotel. "Many said the hotel smelled moldy and musty."
  9. Beermans list nails it for us. Lido is our favorite.
  10. Another Cortrans fan here, Very good service.
  11. We've done a couple of trips out of San Juan on Carnival and both originated on pier 4 in Old San Juan. Yes, they do have the facilities for handling luggage and waiting areas.
  12. I know you say you're not looking for a rental car but from one who lived in between the two citiesfor many years, get the rental as others have suggested.
  13. Never been thru this or even heard of it but my thoughts are with you and I sincerely hope you can get it resolved. Certainly she is not the first adoptee that the state department has ever had in this situation. Find people from 60 years ago? Ridiculous on their part.
  14. I'm not even close to a "newbie" and I still add additional tips for some of the staff. If others don't like that, too bad, but not my problem. OP, tip what you feel OK with and don't worry about others opinion of it.
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