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  1. My sister, her friend, and I are going on a girls' cruise out of Galveston the first week of March. I thought this fabric would make some vacay-appropriate loungewear! I made the Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Patterns with fabric from FabricMart-dot-com.
  2. I remember seeing something like this - what a great idea!
  3. Ha ha! Nice 🙂 Oh, I forgot about Panama Canal on Radiance - yes, definitely. I still haven't been to Key West, which is another bucket list. I figure I'll hit as many non-flight itineraries as I can and then start branching out. I have your credit card points strategy linked in my cruising spreadsheet (proudly nerdish). I'd forgotten about that option ... I'm still trying to atone for my original credit card sins for my first two cruises. Playing interest fee roulette. Third cruise is already paid for, though, and the fourth is on a monthly debit. I figure I'll pay down my current balance and let any random points accumulate, then in about two years go at it more strategically. Do you use the Citibank (I think that's the one) that has an annual fee but good air mileage points?
  4. Oh yeah, that sounds like a smart decision all around. That's a great price for the switch! Those California routes are always so reasonable and the airfare out of DFW, too. One of these days ... And now my kids and my sister are talking about Alaska cruises, which also sound good. I could absolutely retire to the cruising life. I could live out of a suitcase and home port storage unit. Can't talk my husband into it yet. I'm looking forward to trying Breeze and Radiance. I really appreciate all the research you share on all aspects of your travels. If Saint Greg says it's good, it's definitely legit! 😄 Oh, and congratulations on your very nearly Platinum status!!
  5. Sure 'nuff - I'm jealous of that Mexican Riviera itinerary. Taking another girls' cruise to the Western Caribbean March 2-6. I'm impatient for all the ships and itineraries I want to try!
  6. How did I not know about this cruise / review?? Holidays, I guess. Welp, I'm playing catch up on the blog now and glad to have your upcoming schedule. 7 weeks until my next cruise, but I'll be on another line. Thanks for all the great content!
  7. Glad I found this review. Going on Dream in September, and I didn't even know about the Magic blog review - double win!
  8. You know, I think I mainly resent them for giving me the most watered down drink I've ever had. I had the potted pork. Shoulda gone for that duck.
  9. That is one short tub. Good thing it looks pretty deep, but wowza!
  10. What did you decide about this? I loved the steakhouse on Vista, but was underwhelmed by JiJi. Wish I'd opted for Cucina instead ...
  11. Sadly, no. We had planned that for the last sea day. Rise of Skywalker would be fantastic in Imax!
  12. Wow. Thank you for the confirmation and I will gladly heed that advice!
  13. Looks like it loaded, so here are Sunday 10/20-Thursday 10/24. I don't have that last sea day, probably never even opened the door. Vista FunTimes 10.20.pdf Vista FunTimes 10.21.pdf Vista FunTimes 10.22.pdf Vista FunTimes 10.23.pdf Vista FunTimes 10.24.pdf
  14. Hi, yes - I'm terrible. OK, here is day one, scanned as a PDF, lets see if it takes ... Vista FunTimes 10.19.pdf
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