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  1. 👌😃Definitely wanted to hit the “Like” button on this one. Somebody gets it
  2. Valid point but isn’t that the same of every Caribbean island ? And do you really believe that every Cuban citizen are the same and that none are decent people ? (which is what your post is implying)
  3. Well said. I’m convinced this isn’t anything more than Republican vs Democratic views on Cuba being displayed and nothing really to do about harboring fugitives (ridiculous). If you’re politically against it, have the guts and just say that. Personally I’m independent and have an open mind (like to think for myself) and visited Cuba on a cruise last month. What I found were very welcoming, nice, honest and decent people that appreciate American tourists.
  4. The art is generally of no value but when you can get drunk passengers with an illusion it’s priceless pieces of art, you’re bound to make money even if only a few make a purchase Its basically the same philosophy as a time share scheme
  5. Bingo. Unfortunately everyone including MSC and Spain washed their hands of this as fast as they could. My action is to boycott both MSC cruises and traveling to Spain. I may throw Italy in there if they decide to turn a blind eye. If you can’t go somewhere and trust that the law will protect your rights, then it’s a place I don’t need to waste my time to go anymore.
  6. I was just quoting what I read on another thread. That thread also said FerTours was also closed down and I know that to be a fact
  7. Sounds like Blexie now out of business
  8. You may want to check if your tour company is still in business. Popular companies like FerTours and Blexie now out of business (see separate thread) Good luck and Enjoy
  9. That’s crazy. We just used them in early March and we had an excellent experience. It’s a shame
  10. Sounds like their version of a scare tactic. I would call them out on this. If this is their stance , I would never consider booking a cruise with them
  11. We exchanged $600 even though our tour guide accepted US $. This was plenty to cover tips, lunch, cigars and souvenirs .
  12. Every cruise line will try to scare their passengers to force them to take the ship excursions (shameful but true). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE A SHIP EXCURSION. Many passengers take private excursions without any repercussions. Ignore their plea and do what you want and enjoy
  13. We recently did the “Shipwrecked in Havana” tour with FerTours in early March and we really enjoyed our day in Havana (thanks Pepe and Jose). We did a morning walking tour of old Havana, lunch at an authentic Cuban restaurant, and a city tour in a 1951 Chevrolet convertible . Fernando was great replying to our inquiries before we arrived. The only issue we had was going to Havana on a Monday . The government buildings and museums are closed so you can’t go in and see this kind of things. But other than that, a wonderful day.
  14. We just got back from Havana. We also had a private tour company (FerTours) that said they were compliant with Support of the Cuban people but we checked People to People on our affidavit . Believe me when I say it all doesn’t really matter and you will have no issues. Just check People to People and be done with it. Not worth the argument . PS - Havana is a very safe place day or night
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