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  1. whether it’s required or not, I won’t get on a cruise unless I am vaccinated
  2. The Love Boat had 3 TV movies (one in 1976) before the TV series was picked up
  3. It may appear that cruise pricing is higher in future but consider that due to all the cancellations and FCC, as well as due to cruise anxiety, that it’s unlikely the cruise companies are NOT expecting new passengers In 2021 and more likely trying to use up the FCC as quickly as possible, and that the only real way to do that is to increase future cruise prices (so FCC doesn’t drag on endlessly).
  4. Thanks for posting but no one is making any money now and into the near future, that’s for sure
  5. Agree Meaning of Muster “gather or bring together”
  6. Is 60 days some new rule due to current conditions ? We booked through a TA
  7. My deposit for 2 of us was $300 and about 2/3rd’s of that was for insurance which we really didn’t want and would likely have cancelled later. Not a big amount and was expecting to kiss it goodbye as worst case but likely we’ll wait as long as possible to see if Princess cancels first. The shame is also that we used a lot of Chase points to book our flight to FLL which I have no idea if there is a way to get those back
  8. We’re on a 2020 New Years cruise on the Sky and wanting to bail. Princess has already cancelled sailings through mid December. Wondering if we should cancel soon or await the possibility that Princess will cancel it. Final payment due in Sept Any suggestions ?
  9. We were on a cruise and sailing excursion with several Buffalo Bills players but can’t remember which ones. It was many years ago. People that sailed with me can say they sailed with a famous athlete. I was on the B line of a state championship Jr High school volleyball team, as well as a 2nd place hurdler at my regionals. I’m sure everyone has heard of me .
  10. Ditto as well. I try to physical distance now and avoid crowds for safety sake so why would I purposely go into a situstion where crowds are unavoidable for an entire week. Of course I could hide out in my cabin but what’s the point. I could do that at home
  11. I think we may have been the last cruise passengers in St Maarten. We were on the Edge on a March 9th sailing . On the day we were supposed to arrive in St Maarten , we learned that there were 4 ships that were arriving that day and St Maarten changed their requirements from 14 to 21 days in which passengers were not to have visited one of the high Covid countries at the time (China, Italy, etc). No idea how Celebrity pulled it off but they were able to prove our case and the Edge was the ONLY ship allowed to dock that day. And I’m pretty sure right after that, everything shut down at ports as well as the cruise industry. We had a fabulous time relaxing on the beach and lunching at Lazy Lizards. We love St Maarten and hope things open up soon there as many people make their living based on the tourist industry
  12. So do new ships get designed with inside muster stations? Wondering if the outside muster stations are an “older ship” issue ?
  13. Yikes. I guess there are people crazy enough to volunteer to try this stuff out
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