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  1. It’s a more secluded area with deck chairs that’s away from the pool (much more quiet and serene). but it’s open to anyone first come first serve Thats the difference in that Carnival has frequent cruises benefits that doesn’t connect to where guests can and cannot go on the ship. Kinda snooty in my opinion to have a Retreat area for only Suite guests
  2. We’re booked on our 1st Celebrity cruise next March. Are you serious that there is a private area just for Suite guests ? if so, I will need to rethink whether we’ll cancel the cruise. When we go on a Carnival.cruise, they have a private area called Serenity that’s open to all guests
  3. I only observe one 7 o’clock a day and 7am isn’t one of them
  4. Dont you think you’re taking this a little too far?
  5. Great tour. The only problem is that it’s not so well organized between the pier and the taxi area and plenty of locals ready to scam you into taking their taxi to Seavis. We eventually found our taxi but it took about 15 minutes
  6. If you feel like you got a good deal, that should be all that matters. Once I book, I never look at prices after the fact. That would drive me crazy
  7. Not sure I agree with you. I thought Grand Turk was one of the ports that Carnival put money into as kind of a private island stop and hence, we never used to pay for chairs. Something must have happened along the way that allowed Carnival to turn it over to the locals. Ultimately this costs the Carnival customer
  8. We had the same experience recently and it’s funny that as simple as the answer sounds, you stop and think about it assuming you’re probably missing something in the deal . In our case, they bundled internet with it but we have no interest in staying connected on a cruise so the answer was a no brainer
  9. I couldn’t imagine a dinner time of 5:30pm. i usually have lunch #2 mid afternoon (usually pizza or guys burger) so I wouldn’t be hungry at 5:30pm dinner
  10. Like. we had the same issue and it was resolved quickly
  11. Glad she’s Ok but why is this being posted on Cruise Critic? This happened on a hike in Illinois (didn’t know cruise ships stopped in illinois)
  12. I actually was recently looking into the same thing. I received some quotes from TripInsuranceStore.com and eventually received the actual policy details for one policy that states “You, Your Traveling Companion or a Family Member traveling with You is required to work during the Trip. A written statement by an unrelated company official and/or the human resources department demonstrating revocation of previously approved time off will be required. This provision is not applicable to temporary employment, independent contractors or self-employed persons”
  13. Such a shame as this used to be such a nice, and inexpensive stop at a very nice beach. Now when we stop at GT, we don’t even bother getting off of the ship
  14. What’s the best site to get last minute cruise deals ?
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