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  1. The Carnival site is the only one I see so many posts and threads about tipping , especially for not auto tipping. Do is all a favor and leave your auto tips, especially if you’re doing ATD The less that some chip in for tips, the more it costs the rest of us
  2. This kind of stuff would drive me crazy. We decide based on our budget where we can go and book a fixed rate in a cabin we prefer and that’s the end of it. No worrying about price fluctuations
  3. As soon as we board the ship , my phone goes in the safe until it’s over . As for what the OP observed at the bar, I have never seen that in almost 20 cruises
  4. Wondering what drawer, self and closet space is available on the Edge in the Sunset Veranda cabins?
  5. Yes and they’re called Chair Bullies. They are the ones who sleep till noon and then come to the pool area and expect there be a chair there for them and if not, bully their way to making you move. Ive seen these more than chair hogs over the years
  6. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/carnival-cruise-line-bans-offensive-clothing-trnd/index.html So this is the thing Carnival decides to take a stand on? What would you have preferred they banned ?
  7. Many “thinks” as well as many “thanks”
  8. Also thanks from me on your reviews and pics. Very useful and appreciated
  9. Thanks. It says it’s out of terminal 21. I looked on a map and there doesn’t seem to be a terminal 21 showing
  10. Does anyone know which terminal the Majesty of the Seas is departing tomorrow from Ft Lauderdale port ? If not, is there an easy way to find out ?
  11. What was the condition of the beach at Orient? I had heard that there was a lot of plant life growing in the water as a result of the hurricanes 2 years ago
  12. We’ve heard about Princess “Cancel For Any Reason” Insurance and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the value of this insurance.
  13. is this walkable and easy to reach ?
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