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  1. We have just got back from the Hamburg leg, the decks were closed on Monday because of the high winds, there was some sea swell but the ship barely moved, I would not worry about it.
  2. JD, thanks for that link, a good read and nice memories of a memorable trip. Like you I hope that everyone is well and January 2021 should be another trip full of laughter, memories and a few drinks
  3. None on Fantasia last week, our preference is the dining type chairs and a table, with an umbrella if one is free.
  4. You sound like us, home for the spring, summer and early autumn, travel to warmer climates outside those times, we got a very good deal with Viking on upgraded air and the Shanghai extension, just needed to a very small top up to our voucher credit. Enjoy your future travels, will you be on board in January 2021?
  5. We are doing the Imperial Jewels of China, next March with ours!
  6. We did the trip in 2017, leaving from Athens 23rd November and returning to Rome on 7th December, if we had to list our top 3 cruises this would be in the list, we had great weather, a little rain in Cyprus other than that warm and sunny all the way certainly able to eat lunch outside most days. Any questions please feel free to ask, we would do the same trip again in a few years very happily.
  7. Thank you excellent review that mimics our recent experiences on both Seaview and last week on Fantasia, the value in the YC is still very high, as you say, especially when compared with pricing in the luxury, 6 star cruise line market.
  8. We were also on one of the March 2019 cruises, ours also missed Bodo, yes it was that one. I fully endorse the private small group tour suggestion for maximizing your chance to see the lights, we did an excellent tour in Alta and were very glad we did, in fact Glod (not a typo) as we were taken to a very different location and saw this
  9. I wore a jacket and open neck shirt, no tie, around the ship in general people were very well dressed, within both the Top Sail Lounge and YC much less so, no shorts or tee shirts but pretty much everything up from there. i personally feel the jacket and shirt, no tie combination is upper middle ground if that makes sense, enjoy your trip, we like Preziosa.
  10. I rarely eat red meat, very much a fish eater and generally it’s good to excellent on MSC, we all enjoy different things and food is very subjective, enjoy the rest of your trip.
  11. Thanks for the ongoing updates, last night on Fantasia was Elegant/gala and then had a special roast Iberico pork dish with plum sauce in the restaurant, my wife loved the pork but found the sauce a little over sweet. Food generally has been excellent, good fresh fish in the Top Sail Pool buffet at lunchtime when we got back and a good breakfast selection in the lounge earlier, will update with any changes
  12. Fantasia update, arrived at the port at 11.20, butler waiting at the YC tent, on board by 11.50 and in our cabin with key cards by 12.00, drink outside on deck 18 and eating lunch in the YC restaurant at 12.40, excellent Sea bass in a Thai curry for me and prawn Caesar salad for my wife.
  13. We will not be repeating our one, 7 night YC inside experience for the reasons given in other posts, especially the ergonomics of the bathroom
  14. Great review thanks, we have spent the last 3 days in Marseilles and will be joining Fantasia in the morning, I am anticipating a proper lunch not snacks in the Top Sail Lounge so fingers crossed. I do find the what time do you like to eat and the first night escort to dinner slightly irksome as like you we know the lay out and can manage the “complex” walk, along the deck to the restaurant on our own. We tend to get the concierge to check that they have space for us and wander down or if not have a drink and go when ready.
  15. We did this as the final part of a 7 week retirement tour round parts of S America, as a consequence we flew from Lima to Manaus via Panama, that option worked well for us, it is worth staying a few days in Manaus so that you can visit the opera house, the market designed by Gustave Eiffel (tower fame) and to do a river cruise to see the pink dolphins. We were slightly disappointed by some of the trip as we expected to see more wild life and some of the excursions were poorly organised and in one case dangerous due to a couple of passengers whose mobility difficulties during a rain forest walk caused the group to splinter with one local guide with the larger group and the other with the said 2 passengers. Devils Island and the other islands were very enjoyable. As a last thought check out the exact requirements for inoculations, especially yellow fever and malaria treatment
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