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  1. We did Havanajourneys twice. Price for half walking & half driving 6 hour tour (10 to 3 with lunch break) was 100 CUC for 2 or 3 people. Great tour & they pick you up across from the terminal. You can also customize.
  2. Do you recall how much you paid to go to the Nacional? That's going to be one of our must see places next week.
  3. I have used Havanajourneys twice & they have a standard tour you can customize to what you want to see. Price was about100CUCs for 2 or 3 people. We were happy with the standard tour 3 hours of walking & about 3 hours of driving. Saw a lot.
  4. Yes, they have cars around everywhere. The best place to pick them up is on the main street - turn left out of the terminal & walk maybe a block or so & there's a whole bank of cars waiting, just pick the one you want. I think it's 10 - 20 CUCs per hour.
  5. You have to get off the ship & through customs before exchanging. There are many windows open & theyget you through really fast. There is usually someone directing you to an open window.
  6. No, CUCs are not allowed out of the country. There is a huge currency exchange right where you get off the ship & through customs - you can't miss it.
  7. I have sailed on Easter & I don't recall any sort of service.
  8. As I remember on the Ruby it was something you could order at any time.
  9. Yeah, the first thing we did when we got into the room was put the table in the closet . My husband did like the chair though.
  10. Absolutely NO difference.
  11. thanks, good point. Hope we can grab a coco taxi
  12. I know if someone misses the ship they can embark at the first port so I'm sure it can be easily done.
  13. How far is Hotel Nacional from the cruise terminal? Within walking distance? We like walking, so 45 minute or so walk wouldn't be out of the question,
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