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  1. I have to say that until a couple of months ago I was exclusively on the Princess boards. Because of many factors(coffee card being one) I have booked & sailed HAL & Oceana, thus reading mostly their boards now. I rarely see the vicious & snarky remarks that I see here. Maybe I made the right choice by choosing different cruise lines.
  2. Can you make reservations in the main dining room every night? Do you even need them?
  3. I understand the second night menu in the regular dining room is very good. Should I not book a specialty on that night? Also, as far as very early/late being open; what time is early?
  4. I was mistaken - my deals were 45 & 48 days before sailing.
  5. I agree. I have gotten 2 great deals that were 90 - 93 days before the cruise.
  6. I always bring bottle of sanitizer & spray down most surfaces when we arrive. We also keep our cabin tidy (make bed, hang up towels, put towels we want replaced in a pile on the counter, wipe down sink) every time we leave the room. The cabin stewards have enough to do.
  7. So you're saying this will go against your non refundable cr edit if you pay the 3%?
  8. Has anyone had actual experience with using any OBC in the casino to see how it was credited to your account? IE Princess says you cannot use OB in the casino but I do it every cruise. Also, NCL will let you use non refundable OBC with a 3% fee - I believe they also say it cannot be used for casino.
  9. What is considered non refundable OBC? I have $100 shareholder & $300 which was given to me when I booked - I assume it's from Oceana.
  10. I second this. I have never heard anything from behind the cabin & I am extremely sensitive to noise.
  11. I did 12 days on the Veendam last month & am looking forward to sailing her again. Older ship but I LOVED it.
  12. It actually works out better if you use their air & flight is delayed getting to ship - they guarantee getting you to the next port if you miss departure. You do get airline miles although a reduced amount - it appeared on my American flight it was about half & I'm not sure with United, but I went r/t to Europe & only ended up with about 10K miles.
  13. I bring candy, nuts, gum, etc on every cruise for my cabin steward. You'd be amazed at how much it is appreciated.
  14. I have free gratuities - that's why this is new to me, usually they take up any OBC I have.
  15. Thanks. My TA is giving me $50 so I assume I can use that, but I am getting $100 shareholder credit so I cannot use that?
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