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  1. A couple of years ago someone posted a back way into the offers & I was able to add it to my Macy's Amex. Have not been able to do it since.
  2. Usually it's not on the branded cards such as Macy's or airline/hotel cards.
  3. I also put no interest in most categories. In the comments I stated I reluctantly booked cruise because I don't like Princess collecting info on me
  4. I believe an approved travel agent would be any that take Amex. They have a lot of fine print but in the end it works with almost any payment made to the cruise line.
  5. Actually on mine I have to click benefits which takes you to offers, which is then pretty obvious
  6. I got one addressed to my husband at my email today. I put a cruise on hold yesterday and it was a survey regarding the medallion and if we knew about the program before booking and what we thought of it.
  7. I have seen three on one cruise, and at least one of them were absolutely not a service animal. Interesting enough there was a blind man on the cruise with no animal, just his cane.
  8. For all of you who have Amex cards - check your benefits - Celebrity is offering $150 back when you spend $500 till the end of the year. You have to add offer to take advantage of it.
  9. The interesting thing is that a real service dog will not be noticeable - they do not bark, have accidents or go through buffet lines with their owners. Another point is that a "comfort" dog that someone brings on for "anxiety" causes me anxiety because I am deathly afraid of dogs & have been bitten by one. My husband is also allergic to pet dander. So here's a situation where Princess is making one customer happy & upsetting two more. Apparently reasoned people have no rights.
  10. I'm so glad you were able to use it! I was getting so much static from other posters I was thinking I won't bother to try to help next time - or ever consider Regent if that's the standard attitude!
  11. I have two comments; if emotional support dogs are so crucial, why weren't they around 20, 30,40, years ago? Also, I've noticed that most of these dogs are owned by older women who seem to feed on the attention people give them and their animals. I call them "attention dogs". They allow strangers to pet them which one would never do with a true service animal.
  12. Absolutely true! I have conversations with many of them & they are highly educated. I have met teachers, hotel owners, farm owners, etc
  13. Click benefits and this will pop up, then click on. It will show up for all but a few. If it's not there try adding offers you're not particularly interested in, then go back and see if it'sappeared. This is a trick I learned on another board
  14. You can split payments so you can take the most advantage. All the other cruise lines say you must book directly with them but I found that isn't the case.
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