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  1. I wonder if it's the platinum gift? I just filled out the price match on my cruise in December. Only $10 difference with gift but why not! It's the price of a drink.
  2. I have had in depth talks with many crew members. They are actually considered wealthy in their countries. Many have businesses that their families run. Most are highly educated. One was a science teacher from Peru who made much more money working as a waiter than he could ever make as a teacher.
  3. Has anyone used Amex to buy HAL gift cards & gotten the $100 back? I do this with Princess but I believe HAL cards are different. I am going to book a cruise soon but offer ends on March 31 & would love to try to use offer.
  4. Does anyone know how the OBC works? Will I get what I had? What about the $200 they gave me for not cancelling the cruise initially? I'm thinking that isn't transferred?
  5. Has anyone had experience with cancelling for any reason? Rep says it goes back to your credit card. Just want to make sure that is the case.
  6. We should all be booking cruises now or the virus wins!
  7. According to a crew member they are being sent home.
  8. I am scheduled for the Star April 7. My husband wants to cancel but I don't want to let the panic take over. At least we have until the 31st to decide. Wil loose airfare though. Had it booked with Princess & fare went down but for some reason Princess or I couldn't change it so I went directly though the airline
  9. Thanks for both responses. Can either of you recommend a private transfer company? Do they have cars there at the port waiting for passengers?
  10. This is Citavecchia to FCO thread, correct? Ship arrives at 6am
  11. Cruise I am on in 3 weeks from LA has gone up. I found a NCL 12 day in Europe for $301/pp inside in May though.
  12. Who is the maitre'd on the Star right now? Did anyone recently have anytime dining? Just wondering if the lines were long as on other Princess ships.
  13. Sometimes thy have problems applying the if the system is down or slow - this has happened to me & I go back the next day & it's applied. Also, I did read somewhere here if it is applied & full amount is not used, you lose the unused portion. So double check just in case!
  14. I did mine last Thursday & it showed up within an hour.
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