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  1. I have 2 neighbors that had cancelled cruises & both had issues with getting the money from their bank/credit card. One of the refunds was 50K. Maybe Princess did refund & bank is holding up the money.
  2. So far. I want to book but I'm afraid it will be cancelled in the next month or so.
  3. Yes, thank you. I did it in two separate transactions.
  4. Looks like the one next door e409 balcony is slightly larger - is that true?
  5. I'm going to gamble with $1500 since the bonus cards don't expire till Dec 2021
  6. I got an email from a travel agency that said Mexico had not plans yet for cruise ships but some resorts in Cozumel were opening in July - wonder which one is correct.
  7. Is the balcony as big as e425 or e409? They look bigger on some diagrams but not on others.
  8. I've done this itinerary several times & sometimes they change times, sometimes not. I think Princess changes to local time & Carnival did not.
  9. I read in am email from a travel agency all the start up dated for cruise lines and ports. It ha no date for Mexico opening up at this point, only that a few resorts in Cozumel were to be open in September but no dates for ships.
  10. Will do. I don't trust Princess anymore for giving 100% right answer, but it did come from someone who I trust.
  11. That's interesting you were told that. This is how my PVP told me to book when I had 2 Future Cruise Certificates & wanted to use them to my advantage to hold 2 different cruises my husband & I were booking for the least amount of outlay. I also just did this yesterday on a cruise for next year since I'm still waiting for my port charges to show up in my account & didn't want to put a double deposit down. Who told you the price could go up?
  12. You can always book a room with only one passenger and one deposit then add second when you have to pay in full. This way you only have to put half as much of deposit.
  13. Yes, I booked 2 cruises with my FCC but was told my port charges were not in my account yet to be able to use them but they did see they were somewhere.
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