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  1. don't forget your masks ... 😷 Under the mandate, face masks will be required on all federal property and by all federal employees and contractors. This applies to all federal buildings and land across the country, including federal courthouses, state Capitols, national parks, and monuments. This means if you visit the Grand Canyon or the Statue of Liberty, you'll be required to mask up. Although Biden has no authority over state and local orders, he has urged them to enact their own mandates. While most states already have mask requirements in place, others (including Florida, Geor
  2. the announcement is now on the Princess website ... cancelled cruises
  3. there is now a 5 day on the Regal - beginning 12/4 that also goes to Grand Turk and also Amber Cove. we cancelled the 4 day you are on, but may look at the 5 day later after our FCC's have been processed from our recently cancelled cruise that was to sail on 4/18/21
  4. agreed - any and all excursions currently available for booking are purely that - "available for booking" not necessarily what will actually happen at any point in time ...
  5. I wish Princess would re-name mini suites to ___________and eliminate 'suites' to avoid confusion
  6. don't care for the shower/tub combo at all ... give us the deluxe, or premium deluxe balcony
  7. what year - 2022 or 2023 ? 🦄 🦄 stay safe 😷 stay hydrated 🧊
  8. I also got an ad yesterday in the mail from Princess ... Alaska and Europe ONLY included BSE Plus and "up to" $ 400 OBC - no mention of EZ-Air
  9. NO, the current BSE Plus does not offer any EZ-Air credits at this time - maybe you are thinking of a previous promotion
  10. Florida - wife is a frontline healthcare worker, I was able to tag-a-long as a spouse, but am in the 65+ group we will get our second dose on 2/5/21 - same place ( her worksite )
  11. My son has to test every time he works ... sometimes the day before ... sometimes the day of, goes in, swab, goes to his car for 15 minutes, gets the all clear, goes back in and can't leave the premise until the event is over. so rapid testing both pre and post cruise is available - at least for a price Side note added ... just got back home after taking the first dose of the vaccine - Pfizer - administered by Walgreens - very smooth operation
  12. Our cruise was just cancelled on 1/6/21, with a 'decision date of 2/15/21 for refund or let it ride I've got a wait of at least 60 days from today - no biggie until I need to decide about a Discovery cruise being changed to Regal for 12/21
  13. see the thread below about Discovery Status - lots of postings the last couple of days
  14. Believe me, I am well aware that many posters 'hate' short cruises and also sailing in the Caribbean. but for others, such as us, it's a good option to have for drivable 'home port' long weekend cruises especially during these times
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