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  1. Did the 'Photo Gallery' go to the 'face recognition' method for you to find your pics, or are they still printing them all out and you search the racks ? and it's been a while since we bought one, but may if there is a nice holiday background Thanks and thanks about the no more champagne splits ... bummer
  2. yes, just another thing that was abused by many and is now gone away, along with the coffee 'card'and unlimited beverage package, under the guise of saving the environment (straws)
  3. I'm working on a ORANGE sticker design to put over our mere platinum status ...
  4. Princess and "definitive response" does not compute ... please rephrase and try again later ...
  5. we did that before when we first started cruising and "we" felt like "we" needed to buy something for everyone at every port to take back ... used the "extra" bag to put the extra "stuff" in to carry off ship quote the raven ... Nevermore ..
  6. luggage off - no same room ... no problem different cabin - the steward will help move ... leave clothes on hangers lots of thread on this about how process works when in-transit
  7. not to be too greedy, but is it one for me and then one for my wife at a different time ?
  8. is the first drink free if using the app ? that would possibly be the only reason we would ever use it ...
  9. his posting style is great ... a few pictures, a few comments ... nothing overwhelming , an easy read, and plenty of time for people to ask questions ... and he responds ... thanks @Colo Cruiser
  10. Can you do this on the Princess website ? Call Princess to apply ? Just do it on board ? ( last option ) I have read to keep the card if a refund is issued ...
  11. log into their accounts ... then select pre-pay grats ... at that point you can use any card you want and maybe even paypal ... check it out ...
  12. or ignore both ... arrive at 10:30-11:00 and take your chances ...
  13. Special invitation only ... on CB ... in May (first cruise after drydock ) got email from Princess asking if I wanted to be a part of a discussion group , replied yes, then about a week or so later got another email stating I had been picked ... totally about the OM, and I was part of a group of 10-12 all platinum level cruisers ... some other groups were 1st time cruisers, family cruises, group cruising, etc how did we hear about medallion did we board with it used it plan on using it cruise based on if ship was OM ready when booked future cruise based on OM experience recommend OM experience to others things like that
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