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  1. dog, just a few dates ... when did you book your cruise ( deposit date ) when was final payment due ( amex charge ) when was cruise date when did you actually cancel, or did Princess cancel your cruise this may help other posters in your same situation make an informed decision to dispute a charge
  2. about a minute in ... https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Fandango+movie&docid=607992305846649216&mid=E7D26F8082BE3845A726E7D26F8082BE3845A726&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  3. so Fred's gonna take a UBER from Miami to Lander, WY - or a private charter cropdust ala Fandango ?
  4. home "cities" ? really ??? - charter to Lander Wyoming leaving in one hour, Fred - have you knapsack packed and ready
  5. did you cancel your cruise, or did Princess cancel your cruise ? you're not expecting "ANY" FCC at this point after you did that, correct ?
  6. sorry if you thought that was sarcasm … I thought it was an excellent posting with 2 excellent links showing that at least a month lag from Princess knowing what was going on, and stopping ( somewhat ) cruises at that point
  7. wow, a full month - excellent posting of FACTS !
  8. wine night is morphing into wine afternoon - which is proceeded by beer buzz mornings …
  9. just remember - everyone in that cabin may be using that shower/tub combo … so if anyone has any mobility/balance issues ...
  11. agreed - I would have a very hard time sending Princess, or any other cruise line, a new deposit while waiting for a previous cancelled deposit to be refunded … NOPE, I can't go for that , no can do
  12. so what is your exact status on Sunday at 10:20 am ?
  13. next scheduled cruise(s) in May - RT Seattle to Alaska inside passage
  14. Carnival Corp - all brands - needs to pull all Australia bookings thru 2021 - then maybe rethink the situation be proactive before Australia bans them ...
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