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  1. Nice ... so much fluff getting to the real part about naming the actual people that gave you the exceptional service ... like the servers in Crooners how was your 7 day cruise on the CB after the 4 day ??
  2. Last year on the Regal - the performers in Crooners would stop as soon as the entertainment in the Piazza/Atrium cranked up ...
  3. hope that happens on our little 3 day Sky in December ... any chance you are also doing that one ??
  4. does your ship just have medallion net, or is it a full blown Ocean Medallion cruise ? If you just post the name of the ship and sailing date, the forum can be more helpful and welcome to Princess and Cruise Critic
  5. so, you booked it as 2 GTY's ?
  6. thought the same thing ... when making the reservation, I mentioned we had previously stayed 2 nights in 926 on 5/12 & 5/13 and wanted floor 9 or higher ... the reservationist stated , yes, the were currently booking floors 9 an 10 guess we'll see when we show up - - what floors are the 'lounge' floors ? top 2 - is that like 12,14 ?
  7. correct ... and since the DBB was a booking 'sweetener' we were not allowed to exchange it for either OBC or as a payment towards the full price of the UBD - it was use it or lose it - at least for us we used it on the port day and I admit it was very nice ... still
  8. it was excellent including the 2 days pre-cruise club class is really convenient and Sabatini's breakfast was really nice also and we also sent out laundry for the first 2 day clothes of the pre-cruise ... very nice and relaxing 6 days in all ...
  9. 6 ... but Princess screwed up on our 4 day ... the dine line called us to remind us of our free perk and asked if we would like to go ahead and book - well, sure ... showed up at Crown Grill and were told no comps on a 4 day -told him about the call and he comped it anyway ...
  10. if you make a designated payment for insurance, do you get that money back if you cancel prior to final payment?
  11. oops. we did it again ... Just booked floor 9 or 10 same water view - tower - king bed for a 1 night stay for a pre-cruise night on 12/3 for our cruise on 12/4 ...
  12. the 2nd formal night is kinda like the make-up day for pictures ... like the make-up day in high school if you missed the first day of annual pictures ...
  13. and just to add .. use your cruise card/OM to get tokens for machines ... no cash
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