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  1. of course ... unless the email goes to the TA first ?
  2. I would think move overs would be the plan of last resort as it 'costs' Princess the most ..
  3. maybe ... which ship, what date ?
  4. announce at the start that if anyone plans on cheating to just come on down , pick out a "prize" ... then leave ...
  5. only in theory, so far ... still 15 on a 3 day cruise coming up in Dec ...
  6. best " perk " of all ... specialty dining breakfast is also nice
  7. put the coffee package on your card/medallion ... you get all the free fresh brewed you want ... you can share the 15 ... if, i'm reading your post correctly
  8. I was expecting to read you ate the last mango in Paris ... but yeah ... what a trip and lifetime experiences ..
  9. can be cheaper that staying at a single land based resort but obliviously ... pluses and minuses to both
  10. check on Allegiant flights out of CVG to SFB ( Sanford, FL ) limited flights and times ( maybe one a day ) - but about an hour to Canaveral Port by car ... not sure about shuttles, etc
  11. pretty sure c-boy was just your tag-a-long to meet the Capt., correct ?.. but what a nice experience for y'all
  12. also ... suite has Sabatini's ( or other specialty restaurant ) for breakfast ... no charge Club Class dining Full mdr menu available for room service ...
  13. any drink purchased from Princess, including beer, can be taken most anywhere on the ship ... no open container 'laws' to worry about. your 'free from corkage fee' wines/champagnes are to be consumed in your cabin ( some have posted about pouring it in a glass and carrying it wherever ... )
  14. and if not used, they 'expired' at the end of that cruise ?
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