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  1. drinks on balcony is appealing now - 1 each ordered at the same time on 2 separate devices / login with the Plus package ... PITA, maybe ... but would rather do that if necessary rather than having to remove a charge for the second drink maybe / hopefully that will change in the near future, but we will deal with it as is ...
  2. We ordered our Medallions back on 6/23, when we were "green lane" , for our Thanksgiving cruise. We are now 'in the yellow' with step 2 , personalize medallion now missing the green checkmark - and getting the dreaded 'white screen' what should be our next step - delete and re-install the app ? - then do we then have to 'reorder the medallions' ?
  3. Sailing on Regal over Thanksgiving - went ahead and paid final today (port fees, insurance) about 75 days or so ... will be watching for changes and re-evaluate in 30 days if still a go or not masks won't bother us, we should be able to handle the 2 day testing - maybe even driving down the day of cruise depending on receiving test results - the drive we can manage and be at port by 10:30 or so if day of testing is a needed fallback
  4. has anyone reported that they had an arrival time booked thru the "app", showed up early, and were denied boarding until that time ? or have not been able to book an arrival time at all, and denied boarding until their 'cabin deck' was called and then allowed to board ?
  5. How is the bacon supply holding up ? Any rationing yet ?
  6. deleted again - as to not sure about ordering room service off the full mdr menu's during regular dining room hours sorry
  7. deleted - as I am have not sailed recently and any thoughts of mine would only be speculation, and 'should be's ' - not what is actually happening on the cruises in process
  8. what happens if the TA doesn't pay Princess ... no cruise for you ??
  9. we had a perfect situation in 2019 - pre 'rona - on the CB 1) we took an upsell to our one and only ( so far ) suite 2) had OM in hand 3) got to terminal 2 in PE/FLL 'early' ( around 10 am as we had stayed in the Hilton Marina Inn the night before 4) the CB was coming off a wetdock/drydock so there were no passengers to disembark and no b2b passengers screwing around and not showing up at the assigned time and location 5) no wedding parties as I remember
  10. Can you order flowers for your cabin ? I tried to for a late November cruise - not available
  11. which ever one is closest to Vines ... I can take a 'to-go' from there so I will have a glass of wine while waiting for another to arrive from the mdr waiters for dinner
  12. REGAL TA begins 11/3 and ends in FTL on 11/17/21 - since that is after the current 10/31 expiration date - hopefully the '14 day' ship quarantine will be gone by then
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