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  1. why eat in CC when you could to a specialty restaurant for breakfast when staying in a suite ???
  2. one per day (7 day cruise) for each person in a couple is prolific ??? but, yeah ...
  3. our postings crossed paths I'm getting ready to contact my "crack PCP" and get a quote on all 4 options for an upcoming cruise covered by Landmark ...
  4. oceanrewards.com - not available to access if running IE
  5. Club class was a nice convenience when we had our one and only (so far) suite ... taken with an upsell ... we try to stay away from shower/tub combo's so the CC mini's are a no go for us, anyway might pay a little extra - no more than about $ 10 pp per day if it became available in the future for a premium deluxe balcony or other category ... maybe the somewhat no wait for a 2 top was the best part of CC dining ... service was very attentive ... courses seemed to come quicker, but basically the same food as the mdr with a "special" side, salad, or dessert
  6. yep, TA's with savvy Princess cruisers will have to become much more than just order takers ... wonder how many TA's will offer the different combination of rates on the promotions without their clients specifically asking about them ... or just offer the fare listed on the website of course everyone that posts on CC has the best TA and they will always offer all the combinations and of course 8% - 12% discount directly off the cruise price without fooling the clients with OBC
  7. check out Vines wine menu if there is one on your ship go in, have a nice pre-dinner glass ... then take a sippy cup to dinner with you ... Vines is very protective of their stemware for wines ...
  8. just got the Princess email for Landmark Sale ...
  9. not seeing it in Florida for a Southern Caribbean cruise in 11/2020
  10. exactly - It would be too hard for Princess to simply state that you coffee package is good from the moment you step on the ship until you get off ... no matter how it is booked . and then Princess can set different ... and then Princess ... and ...
  11. someone above posted the 'deposits' are the same ... that's not the cruise fare(s) themselves
  12. just checked ... ... up $ 130 pp 'pre-landmark sale' sometime today
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