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  1. I thought the cruise planners group was a lot worse
  2. it looks like on an upcoming cruise of ours, a formal night will be held on Thanksgiving day … good or bad ?
  3. yep, we were on a Halloween cruise when about 400 of that group took the 2nd part of a b2b for them aft ADULT pool took on a whole new meaning for that few days … and yes that area and Outriggers are one of our go to places... but not for that cruise unfortunately
  4. I went thru an online TA for a little 3-4 day cruise out of Tampa - not on Princess - turned out to be a … wait for it … Legends of the Steelers themed cruise - about 1000 out of 2000 cruisers lots of private events , some venues booked, etc … but some of the nicest , most polite people we've ever met on a cruise anyway, called the TA after and she explained, right or wrong, that they were not allowed to reveal if a cruise had 'groups' on it... something about right to privacy or something … seemed logical at the time
  5. UPDATE 3.0 - revised to correct prior fare amounts … total time about 67 minutes
  6. what kind of groups ? and colo - what would the OP google … also interested for future cruises
  7. check the airport emergency location … that was my problem for about a week, but finally corrected online without having to call Princess .. so now all complete in the Personalizer
  8. current wait time was about 30 minutes … now back on hold while 'they' try to fix a fare error from yesterday ... called about upgrading to a balcony … too much … so kept same inside, but the pricing had changed when I looked at my booking this morning to current pricing ( higher ) than what I had booked at on 12/14 currently at 39 minutes ... UPDATE - rep has to get in touch with supervisor to manually change back … now at 43 minutes UPDATE 2.0 - supervisor contacted … working on it … back on hold - now at 59 minutes total
  9. we've re-fared many times after final payment … j/s … always when booking direct with Princess ...
  10. the eliteist puts their name on the tag … and then includes all laundry for the other room occupants ?
  11. suites, I understand as all passengers have paid the price 'regular cabins' - is it a cabin benefit or only for the eliteist in the cabin … or is it a wink..wink abuse of a perk
  12. besides the additional mimi-bar … what benefit(s) are there to booking it that way ?? are eliteist benefits passenger specific or cabin specific ?
  13. 1 beer hold time just now … j/s 🍺 … aka 25 minutes
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