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  1. take care of Holli and yourself first ... I've always enjoyed your live from and your posting style is clearly the best on this forum ... easy to read ... no manifestos ... and great pictures ... much appreciated
  2. voljeep


    we just bought 8 fitbit clips for $25 on amazon ... for the 2 of us - color coordinated and all - based on a rec from another thread
  3. voljeep

    Caribbean Princess

    agree - we're 68 and 80 - in the 'winter' we may turn it up to 70 to knock off the 'chill' ... room ceiling fans are much cheaper to run than the a/c for the whole house
  4. 2014 Maybach Family Vineyards Materium Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville, USA (750 ml) Availability: In Stock Pay $394.99
  5. voljeep


    what are the $3 inserts ?
  6. well this is the one where they are cutting into the hull to fix the propulsion issues - certainly hope that is not continuing during the cruise ... ... but yeah, this little 4 day may/will possibly be the 'shakedown / breakdown' cruise to see what is still busted ...
  7. but is there anything we should really be looking out for ? delayed boarding due to Coast Guard inspection - does that happen the day of departure ? same with 'new' crew drills ? other ...
  8. voljeep

    Embassy Suites - Hours for manager's reception.

    anything 'hot' on that spread - hard to tell what's in a couple of those ? - we're staying 2 nights in May pre-cruise
  9. voljeep

    self walk off in San Francisco

    Elevators available also in FLL/PE ... we don't do escalators anymore
  10. voljeep

    Where to buy Ocean Medallion clip

    just placed an order of the clips - 8 different colors - gotta coordinate with what we are wearing and all that and a bag of chips THANKS
  11. voljeep

    Apps necessary for Ocean Medallion

    which may have been the reason we could go ahead and be ocean ready for our cruise on the CB - at final payment date - 60 days out - because CB is fully OM functional ... when it's working?
  12. voljeep

    Apps necessary for Ocean Medallion

    ocean concierge app is tied to medallion net ? - medallion net is the inTERnet, right ? or does that also include the ship inTRAnet - which is free... does ocean concierge replace Princess@Sea ?
  13. voljeep

    Apps necessary for Ocean Medallion

    Once you are 'ocean ready' do you have/need/want to do anything other than download the other apps to use on the ship - guess I'm asking if you have to re-enter any info or just log on with your same user ID and password ?
  14. voljeep

    Wait to get in room

    Since boarding day is officially day 1 - which we paid a full day price for, as well as having the PBP to start on - we like to get on board as early as we can, knowing that the cabins may or may not be ready - we'll just go with the flow - carry our carry on backpacks , and see the rest of our luggage whenever it is delivered - no big deal to us - but it may be to others who wheel their complete cruise luggage on board ... that's just not for us
  15. voljeep

    Wait to get in room

    We get on, get a beer and a pina colada at the plaza bar - then head up to HC, bypass that on our way to the Outrigger Bar - get 2nd beer - then head down the pool stairs to the back door leading to our aft cabin on the Riviera Deck to drop our carryons ... maybe