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  1. At hotel. On balcony. Having a beer. Good view of T2. Sun going down. Quiet night
  2. maybe Princess 'does' know what's going on ... but the dud(ette) is making Princess so much money with his salesmanship, they just ignore it
  3. where is that picture taken.. and is SKY decorated for Christmas ?
  4. totally , to the max, possible ... just fill out online paperwork as usual ,, have boarding pass, passport in hand, go thru the line they tell you to go to and instead of getting a cruise card, you will get a medallion then once on board, go to customer service to see if you can get the cruise card instead
  5. that's what we've done before ... just wondering is SKY was any different for a quick cup before going out
  6. how is/was the 'room service' coffee - brewed or syrup based ?
  7. smoke smell ? no thanks ... would request to stand outside during drill .. now if it was not a drill ...
  8. if you don't need to 'rush' on board ( sanctuary, chef's table, etc ) then it's no problem, I guess but wonder how many cruisers with OM in hand will board ahead of you during that 5 minutes ?
  9. breakfast in the mdr takes way too long for breakfast
  10. thanks - gives us something to think about if that is the 'upsell' type room for $ 30
  11. We currently have a king bed high floor water view balcony ... we stayed in 926 last may and had a view of the water taxi landing, draw-bridge and and cruise ships ... which we liked very much and spent a lot of time on the balcony going back Dec 3 and have the same type room reservation got an upsell email (following) and wondered what kind of view we may have, guess we may wait and see if any rooms are available at check-in and decide then if we can see the room first 1 King Bed Corner Suite Marina View Balcony , 440 sq. ft. Large studio style floor plan with separate living and sleeping area, King bedded only. Furnished wrap around balcony overlooking the inlet marina and the heart of Ft. Lauderdale. Large open bathroom with walk-in tiled shower and modern fixtures. Living area features comfortable L-shaped sofa and a flat panel TV for in-room entertainment.
  12. stop at bar have a drink ( make sure you allow time as they close before the drill ) get a drink to go ... then LIFO the muster drill
  13. and you will have the OBC to cover those on board ...did they also pick up the 2 extra days of grats ... they did when we had prepaid them for 5 and moved over to a 7
  14. cancel a 'perk' ? it might also depend on how the 'perk' was obtained if an exchange is available ...
  15. northport surface lot (CLOSED) Northport Surface Lot is currently closed due to the construction of a new, multi-level parking garage, which will serve Cruise Terminals 2 and 4. Cruise Guests should park in the Northport Garage.
  16. how major ??? are all spaces open or floors closed?
  17. I'll buy the PBP for our little 3 day inaugural v2.0 since we won't be getting off the ship at Princess Cay ... even tho the package is good there also ... I'll easily drink the $70 per day in beverages ... my wife will do a pay as you go ... as soon as Princess forces both , in our case, in the same cabin to purchase the package, that will prolly end the PBP for us ... except under SNS
  18. we had a 5 day, they offered 7 days, no per diem extra ,, got the OBC .. Princess picked up the extra 2 days grats .. same class cabin ... no airfare involved ... jumped on it and left the next Sunday on the Regal, Eastern Carib.
  19. have you tried to book a specific cruise and was not able to do so ??
  20. if you wait until you board ... trade in your minutes for a discount on the unlimited ...
  21. immigration / customs decides the procedure, not Princess, correct ?
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