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  1. I am always intrigued by these type of threads ... and who is the Captain ... as to the background of the post and wanting to know the reasons why for asking ??? I guess one of the reasons could be if the maître d runs a loose or tight dining room ???
  2. not the way I understand it from posters here ...but ... we've never purchased a plan at all ... never ... not since free minutes , which is more than enough for us now ... and seriously, I don't even remember even purchasing one before that ... but we may have, dunno
  3. voljeep


    umbrella's should be banned from cruise ships and excursions ... bring disposable rain jackets/ponchos ... cost about a buck each at a $ store ...
  4. CanadianBurger constantly posts the best 'Live From' s in my opinion ...quick hitting posts with pics, and just enough descriptions to keep posters coming back to CC for more ... it's all right here
  5. time to breathe in ... breathe out ... smell the roses ... blow out the candles ... let it go, let it go ... 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 ..................................
  6. sorry, that happens sometimes when you quote someone else's quote within the quote you are quoting ... anyway ... nothing personal to anyone ... just not for us at breakfast ...
  7. seems reasonable for a new ship two years out ... Thanks
  8. my eyes ... can someone post the interior price for the little 4 day from FLL beginning 12/9 ? - thanks
  9. I certainly don't need/want "fun" for breakfast .... sorry, but no ... good food, good service ... no need for breakfast to be an event / production ..
  10. I am the eternal optimist !! my glass is always half full or more i'm sure prices will start dropping any day now - that might be my upgrade !
  11. wonder what the 'exact' reasons were for wanting to change and also wondering what the reasons were that Princess didn't want to grant the "downgrade" ???
  12. Might be time to update my desktop calculator ... Sharp EL-2630G ... 12 Digit ... GT Function .... 2 color ribbon print admit ... having trouble with the 0 and 8 on the display ... oops once again, my fact checkers are here to verify my postings ...
  13. how did Princess respond to the "several reasons" when you escalated it to a supervisor ?
  14. or go to customer service ...
  15. all claims are submitted first to AON ...
  16. wonder if the SKY will have any 2nd chairs available ??
  17. that's the 12/4 "2nd inaugural" - 3 day - FLL - PC - FLL ... which is also really empty ...but Princess is playing inventory games showing the mid-aft and mid-forward as "SOLD OUT"
  18. 1776 + 52 + 2 = 1838 just looking at the 12/1 - 1st U.S. Inaugural - 2 1/2 days - FLL - PC - FLL Riviera deck - 220 cabins - 52 marked as sold Caribe deck - 278 cabins - 51 marked as sold ... you get the idea ... 21% occupancy watching very closely ...
  19. Perfect , Masterly ... a really nice summary
  20. would this translate to 1,830 cabins at double occupancy ? is there a place , without counting the number on the deck plans , that show the number of cabins per floor , and even by type ?
  21. NICE ! - is there anything in the Patter about the different 'specials' or themes in the buffet - or do you just have to go by and see what they have ? we'll go to the buffet for breakfast ... but maybe not anytime else during the day, so we may be missing out ...
  22. pretty soon look for Princess to put in much stronger disclaimer about internet service and connections ... then strictly limit any adjustments based on connectivity or lack thereof ... maybe even going to a tiered level again - even with the 'unlimited' j/s
  23. how many inaugural cruises are listed ?
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