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  1. have you booked you P & O Australia cruises around NZ yet , as I believe that is all the cruises that should happen in 2021 based on restrictions imposed
  2. yo, dog so besides cruising, what else do you think will not be started up until 2021, albeit with changes and restrictions theme parks are opening fans are starting to be allowed back into sporting events schools will open with on campus learning airlines are increasing flights destinations are starting to allow openings to foreign visitors so, why single out cruising ? - because they are the only ones that have to keep score and report ?
  3. somewhat agreed - plus cruise in way to long to start with - need to be closer to a port and not 5 days at sea each way
  4. currently watching an old episode of Law and Order on Sundance TV - SUV got hijacked, driver shot, killed in the back of the SUV was a Hazmat Transport Box - contained Corona Virus - unauthorized vial of SARS "Patient Zero" - a carjacking involves SARS forces detectives to search for the initial patient infected to prevent an outbreak (10/08/03) - S14 / E3
  5. hoping , of course 🥃 ... also believe these may be the only Princess cruises in Oct / Nov
  6. West Coast is a go - leading to the East Coast Caribbean season starting in November 🍷🚢🍻
  7. 'you talkin' to me ? j/k - of course my glass is always at least half-full 🥃 a vaccine is obliviously a good start, but in my not so humble opinion … and I don't know if it's even possible … the 14 day cornteen is still the kicker … something needs to be developed so that if a person does 'get' the covid-19 positive results, they then take a shot / pill so at least they can't 'pass-it-on' 🦄🌈 EDIT to stay on topic … who knows about TFF ? BSE and PPlus work way better for us , but I can certainly somewhat understand people wanting the 'old promotions' to come back in some forn
  8. will the beers be covered by the Beverage Package and the food for sale ?? Losing VINES is a big negative for us ...
  9. and the cruise lines are still getting a bad rap for having that crew on board ...
  10. if available in Vines, yes … as to the apps
  11. ignore list updated - added one, took one off - much like Carnival shares and the stock market … it's a fluid situation
  12. agreed, but our was on Island - pre-changes and followed that up with the 'On the Bayou' show - prolly the only show on Princess I would spend extra time for to see again hope to do the ultimate balcony dinner on our next scheduled cruise ...
  13. yep, that worked well with the BEST.SALE, EVER. add-on's Princess Plus works well for us , but the wifi is just a throw-in as we don't use it that much
  14. Completely different situation … Ticketmaster still had monies coming in, albeit not as much Cruise line bookings and payments went kerplop … with increased expenses draining resourses
  15. unfortunately, this is nothing more that a cash-flow situation and preservation … are there going to be feelings hurt and pissed off customers - of course … will some people "never cruise again" - of course, until they do … and then there is the group that states , OK , it happens … when's my next cruise ?? I believe if Princess had just let the faucet flow on refunds, they would already be in some kind of bankruptcy / reorganization ... and they still may be at some point in time depending on the number of lawsuits filed against them for Covid-19 - but how long will those take to settle … years, of course now it is well known that I am not in the same situation as a lot of you with thousands of $$$ in limbo with no answers and Princess either not knowing themselves or unwilling to provide you with concrete answers … as this is a major fluid situation which can change daily Even before all this, it was kind of a running joke on Princess that if you called their customer service and didn't get the answer you were hoping / looking for, to just keep calling until you did … these Princess reps don't have answers … that's way up the line EDIT: and for all those that cancelled their cruise prior to Princess cancelling them … well, check the terms under which you booked … harsh, but in reality ...
  16. Disney theme parks opening in about 30 days … that speaks volumes, as well as the political rallys that will be taking place Cruises, in some manner, will happen sooner, rather than later, in my opinion … and by sooner, I mean no earlier than November 2020 … with shorter (4-7 days) and at a reduced capacity 25-50% max - which will be easy to do at first ... some line / some bodys … gotsta be firstest … and they damn sure better get it right … maybe the younger demographic Disney out of Port Canaveral ...
  17. the TA that took the payment, then the TA paid Princess … not a good situation
  18. Gaming the system per one poster here … me too on a smaller scale of course … and if we do sail, EXCELLENT !!
  19. it may be a LONG time … but the cause won't be the inability to get trained crew back on the ships … they will be lined up... define LONG ...
  20. good luck with that … at 60 days, your final payment is around Sept 28 … which there will be NO Princess cruises by then in my opinion … as I think the first Princess cruises "may" be the November Caribbean cruises ...
  21. "processing" = getting the amounts ready to be disbursed to the correct accounts = put in the pipeline for payment now, when the magic person punches the button to release the funds … well 🥃
  22. without reading - well, duh, since the cruise lines don't set the rules ... now, I'll read it ...mayble
  23. as should the cruisers who are booking them, and sending in money🤑
  24. totally agree with that in your case if you have to fly, of course
  25. Brilliant !! I say Brilliant !!! from a cruise critic email about re-starting cruises in the caribbean https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=5384&et_cid=3337386&et_rid=17145803&et_referrer=Boards
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