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  1. it's been reported here, including myself, that you are able to add the specialty 'dining' to an existing booking without 'losing' any perks already applied well worth a phone call to most, but not all as it is not worth their time for such a meager amount ...🤑
  2. Non-Event ... No real effect on Princess cruises for September - everyone knew those would be cancelled at some point
  3. at least we can all agree that actually having a choice is a beautiful thing 🍷
  4. I just sent an email to my crack PVP whom I sure will state that my cruise 12/2021 is not eligible ... then I will call Princess and take my chances cruise fare has gone up, and we booked under the old BEST2DG promotion ...
  5. Baby steps ... https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/17-countries-opening-their-borders-to-americans-this-summer/ss-BB16OqoF
  6. not really a lot of progress this last 100 days or so ... maybe add another 100 days to get to end of October ? asked before, but how long does it take to re-crew a ship, sail from say Manilla to FTL , go thru all required inspections, training, etc ?
  7. actually, you may end up being right ... just not now 🥃🏁
  8. except for that little "summer" part that maybe you missed ...😉🍷
  9. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ?????????????????????????????????
  10. we live in Central Florida ... 'nuff said so we didn't notice a lot of humidity ... comparably just a nice ocean breeze most of the time
  11. we stayed in a VRBO in Oak Island NC ... about 40 miles North of Myrtle Beach SC beach was very pet friendly ... the house we stayed in was NO pets, but there were dogs in the house a couple of doors down
  12. there is no "specialty dining package" on Princess, sorry
  13. thanks - it was very nice - 4 bedroom, 2 bath house right on the beach in NC - walk down the stairs and you have toes in the sand unpack once, just like a cruise ... easy to social distance ... each house on the beach just set up their "stuff" ... not really many other people, even tho it was a public beach just wish more places had been open for eat-in, but it was all good now glass is still half-full 🥃 for our late Nov 2020 cruise, but ... backup plan is a mid April 2021 cruise ... if the 11/2020 cruise doesn't go, hoping for a double 🍻 the amount paid down ( not paid in full ) as a FCC
  14. LA and San Diego just announced no in person schools for the fall start ... all online
  15. yep , Caribbean to PC and maybe the 7 day west coastal out of LA with the Ensenada stop
  16. We just got back from a 7 day beach house vacation with one of our sons, his wife, and our 4 grandchildren - this vacation was all about them - just the way we wanted it when just me and my wife cruise, it is all about "US" - just the way we want it both have distinct advantages, of course NOTE: we ate out in a real seafood restaurant one night !! all other nights were takeout or cooking in the house ...
  17. we will match our mask to our medallion holders ...
  18. it 'may' depend on your cruise itinerary if you wish to provide that information
  19. #us-too ... and we were perfectly content with inside cabins before, as we don't spend a lot on time in the cabin anyway but now ... OB at the least for us
  20. yep, can double our cruising $$ with a few clicks of mouse ... well worth it to us really a shame that some people don't have our flexability to take these 'long weekend' getaways, without scheduling flights from flyover country in the US
  21. agreed, but it is a 'game' i am currently playing with Princess ... for small $$$ , of course paying a little as I go, but not paying in full until final deposit is due 60 days before cruise ... hoping if/when Princess does cancel, it is before final - which in our case is the end of September 2020, for a late November 2020 cruise
  22. first quote was by mo jito ... there are still some Cali cruises showing up on the Princess website for October looks like finally all August cruises have been deleted for sale , and some Sept cruises also ... still showing some Aust/NZ cruises which everyone realizes will be cancelled when cash flow allows
  23. wonder if that is going to be the 'new' way Princess does promotions - adding something to Princess Plus such as that or OBC replacing 3FF, Sip N Sail, etc does the dining perk also get added to the basic fare ?
  24. Any mention of when the next round of cancellations will be ( last time I checked there were still August & September cruises for sale )
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