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  1. Yesterday I checked my March 2021 Enchanted cruise, it was up $70/pp. I checked this morning before the new sale, it is now up $205/pp. I wonder what it will be when the sale is launched?
  2. After posting, I found their website. Thanks for posting it. We will be very tired after our early flight. I think we would probably take the trolley to see Miami since we like the Ft Lauderdale trolley and used it daily it while we were there. We would just take Miami trolley around without getting off then back to the hotel and find a place for dinner. I am planning on staying at Hampton Inn Brickell.. Miami trolley looks like they have trolley stops not like the Sun Trolley where you just wave them down. Is there any stop near the Hampton Inn? Not knowing Miami is there a route that you would recommend to see some of Miami sights?
  3. I have never stayed in Miami before. We might have 1/2 day for the trolley. I have used the trolley in Ft Lauderdale many times. Ft Lauderdale is the Sun Trolley. What is Miami trolley called? Is it like Ft Lauderdale trolley where you wave it down? Is there more than 1 route? Cost? Is there a senior rate?
  4. I always take pool view with a balcony with 2 chairs and a small table. They have few rooms pool level. You have to walk outside by the pool to get to the room and to go to the lobby/breakfast area. Sun deck rooms have one deck for all the sun deck rooms, over looking the pool. Exit the room there are lounge chairs, tables/chairs with umbrellas and go down one flight of stairs to the pool. Rooms have small refrigerator and microwave. Lobby area have a couple of sofas. Bar has a tv with small 4 person tables and a large table where I have seen people eat at and also play cards. It is nice to have place to socialize other than your room. Here is a picture looking down from my pool view room. It is sun deck room deck with lounge chairs and tables/chairs with umbrellas next level is pool with lounge chairs on 2 sides of the pool and to the right under a cover tables/chairs.
  5. I have stayed at Best Western Oceanside for the past 3 years for 1 night (2017), 3 nights (2018), 5 nights (2019) and again Feb 2020 for 4 nights pre cruise and 3 nights post cruise. They have no shuttle from/to airport/Port Everglades/Miami, taxi is about $25-30 from airport, about $14 from port, Uber is cheaper. They can arrange a shuttle. Great hot breakfast, different hot item each day (ham or sausage or bacon or hash), scrambled eggs, make your own waffles, fruit, cereal, bread, bagels, muffins, yogurt, few cold cuts, coffee,/tea/juice. A bar that sells food, washer/dryer $, rental bikes $, you can borrow beach chair, free computer/printer in the lobby, free WiFi within the hotel. The hotel is 100 yards from the beach, at this end of the beach there are picnic tables, kids area. The Sun Trolley will stop anywhere along the street just by waving them down, there is a cost each time each time you get back on or a daily rate or also senior rate, make sure to ask what time they stop for the night. The city bus #40 have stops in front of the hotel. We use the Sun Trolley/bus to go to the restaurant along the beach area (beach on one side, restaurants/bar on the other side on the street) and 17th St, can walk to the restaurants along the beach. The hotel beside has a restaurant. Water taxi is in walking distance. Staff is friendly. They will hold your luggage until your is ready in a locked room.
  6. I was on a day trip out of London - Windsor, Stonehedge, Bath. On our first stop, one couple was late when they returned to the Coach , the guide stated “we are on a tight schedule and anybody late will have to make their own way back to London”. No one was late.
  7. I was told for Edinburgh Castle when I went, to make my way to the top and work your way down to miss the crowds which we did.
  8. Try to get an airport hotel with parking included in your hotel price with a shuttle to the airport the next day. Super Bowl is Feb 3, 2020, in Miami
  9. People now use their phone as watches and the phone will change to the port time and they might not notice the different time. July 2017, In Skagway, at sail away time, dockside the crew was waiting for some late passengers finally 1 lady arrived 20 minutes late, you could see that she was telling the crew something from the way she was looking back at the town. Someone with a van must have volunteered to get the other person and a few minutes later a lady with a cane exited the van and the crew had a wheelchair to bring her on board. Then the captain announced the some passengers had an accident and he was waiting for a report. We were 1 1/2 hour late leaving.
  10. Thanks for all the information. We are staying 7 nights so trying to find different restaurants.
  11. I had taken your cruise in 2015. One of our table mates, had taken a Princess excursion, they had stopped for lunch at their owe expense, when it was time to pay, the small restaurant would not take US$ or credit card. The man had to go to the post office to get cash and go back and pay the bill. They had not brought any £ or Euro, only US$. They thought every place took US$ or credit card. Bring a small amount of cash with you.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  13. We are at the Best Western 4 nights pre cruise and 3 nights post cruise. We have tried Duffy’s, Kelly’s Landing, Coconuts, Bubba Grump,15th St Fisheries, Cheesecake Factory. We like to try different restaurants. I will add this restaurant to our list to try. Any other suggestions?
  14. I had not heard about Tom Jenkins before, someone had mentioned it in another site. What restaurants are at Bos Beach?
  15. I don’t think I would benefit from this sale. With the Landmark Sale, we would only receive $250/pp plus $50 for the 3 person. Presently I have drink package worth $644 CDN/(1&2 passengers), $214 coffee & soda CDN (3) and tips $132/pp CDN perks. We only drink soda and virgin drink so we don’t really benefit from the Drink package.
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