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  1. With recommendation taken from Cruise Critic, I organized 2 Liverpool tours with others from my Roll Call with - www.pooloflifetours.com One van did a city tour and I went on a Beatle tour with 2 other couples from my Roll Call. We stopped at all the Beatle houses with many other stops along the way, he played Beatle music in the van and had a binder with a lot of pictures, answered many questions as we had a couple of real big Beatle fans in the van. I meet someone onboard who had taken the ship’s Beatle, who did not see as much as us and because they were on a big Coach that only drove by the Beatle’s homes. After the tour, we visited the Beatle exhibit $ at the port area, we were so glad we had taken the tour as the exhibit was mainly pictures. We all would highly recommend this tour company.
  2. Is it small plastic tubes of shampoo/conditioner/body wash? or Each has a bottle with a pump?
  3. On disembarkment day, do self disembarkment where you carry off your luggage (do not put your luggage outside your cabin door the night before).
  4. Passengers 1 & 2 have separate accounts with granddaughter with passenger 2. Tips for granddaughter have been applied to our invoice for final payment. I will check with guest services once we are onboard.
  5. I have taken www.justairports.com from/to LHR/London hotel, cost is per car. Check out www.internationalfriends.co.uk. They go on embankment/disembarkment days from LHR, LHR hotels and certain London Hotels, Southampton. Their tours stops at Stonehenge or Salisbury, Stonehenge, Windsor or Bath, Windsor. I have stayed 4x at Premier Inn Waterloo. I have walked from Waterloo train station to this hotel. This hotel has a bar, restaurant, walking distance to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, London Eye, Thamas river, HOHO, regular bus, tubes, restaurants/pubs, Waterloo train station.
  6. I booked onboard - 1) passenger 1 and 2 perks - tips, 500 OBC cabin 2) later added granddaughter no perks 3) new promo Perks - $100 per person Plus - tips, $500 from booking onboard Will Celebrity divide $500 between passenger 1 & 2 plus $100 each? Will Celebrity divide $500 + $300 between all 3 passengers? Will granddaughter receive just the $100?
  7. My daughter had a class that you had to have a doll for 48 hours to show you what it would be to have a baby as a teenager. The doll cried but did not move, stiff arms/legs. I kept telling her a real baby does not stay still like the doll while you are getting the baby dressed/diaper change. The GD would be moving in the GF arms, maybe he lost his hold of her. He should have left on the ground to bang on the window.
  8. British (proper) bacon is like our Canadian Back bacon except our Canadian Back bacon has corn meal on the outside of the piece. It can be bought as a whole piece or sliced in a package to be fried. At fairs/outdoor events, Canadian Back bacon is bar-b-qued and put in a bun. I prefer Canadian Back bacon/British (proper) as it is all meat.
  9. There was a You Tube video posted a few years ago on CC I think a Princess ship of 2 boys (looked like a teenage and a older boy) in the cabin by themselves and the pool. On this ship had an indoor pool with a deck above the pool with loungers. You see the boys jumping from the railing from the above deck into the pool that had a few people, late at night. Someone posted the video on CC and since the boys had their cabin number in the video, the poster was going to inform it to the cruiseline. If the boys had landed on the cement around the pool, who do you think the parents were going to blame for the accident??
  10. Thanks for your helpful information.
  11. I take the breakfast for convenience and eat dinner out where ever we are. There are many restaurants around the hotels or when you are out. FYI- at a pub, you order your drinks and food at the bar and tell them your table which has a number. Breakfast is buffet style - cereal, yogurt, fruit, bread, scrambled eggs, British bacon, beans, mushrooms, sausage, juice, coffee/tea/milk, a normal British breakfast. There was a small grocery store (like a very small corner store) Tesco Express at the end of Westminster bridge, opposite side of Parliament building for people picking things on/off their way to work - sandwich, chips, candy, cookies, drinks.
  12. I have stayed 3x at the Premier Inn Waterloo. This hotel is at street level with A/C, helpful staff, bar/restaurant in the lower level. I took the breakfast deal and ate dinner out. The Premier Inn County Hall is only a short walk away (maybe one street, a small plaza) from the Premier Inn Waterloo. This hotel has a few steps up from street level, I was told no A/C. Both very close to London Eye, Thamas river, HOHO, regular bus, 2 tube stations, Waterloo train station, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, restaurants/pubs, small grocery store. First time in London, after disembarking the ship and taking National Express on the same day, we took 1 route of HOHO the full route without getting off, transferred to 2 route full route without getting off, next day took 3 route to Tower of London, visited Tower then completed 3 route. We also had the London Pass and only used it for a couple sites. I did not feel we got our money worth, it did save time, no line up at the Tower of London. I found that you can only see so much and enjoy. The next few visits to London, I figured out what I wanted to see and purchased tickets in advance sometimes saving £.
  13. Last time I was on a ship, I went to see if you could tell if the window was open or closed. I could tell that one window In front of me was open and the one beside the open window was closed. I could tell the difference between an open and closed door. I don’t understand how the GF could not see the difference, his attention was on picking up his GD.
  14. Might be easier to take National Express from Heathrow to Southampton with all the luggage. Rent a vehicle for a day trip out of Southampton to Salisbury/Stonehenge. Will one of the above cars mentioned fit 6 adults with one person is 6ft 8in? We are going in 2021. I am looking at the prices for 2020 to get an idea of the costs. MPV car for the day. £100 Stonehenge for 6. £103 gas or train for 6. £72 Stonehenge/bus/cathedral £248
  15. I am in the planning stage. No sure if we will be renting a car from Heathrow to Southampton or just for the day from Southampton. If from Heathrow, there will be 6 adults and 6 large and 6 carry on. If from Southampton, 6 adults for a day trip out of Southampton. Enterprise offers Full Size MPV or similar Europcar offers VW Sharan or similar Both holds 7 passengers with 3 or 4 luggage I think both would hold us all if we rent for the day. I don’t know if either would hold us plus the luggage if we rent from Heathrow?? Enterprise Southampton Central Docks Western Esplanade Southampton S015 1QJ Is Enterprise across the Southampton train station? Europcar unit J Southampton S015 2GZ Is Europcar across from West Quay Shopping Mall?
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