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  1. I noticed your Boom Trip Travel Drying was in a case. I saw the green part on Amazon, it didn’t look like a case was included. Did yours come in a case, or was the case bought separate? Your tips were very helpful. We will be on a different cruise line.
  2. Thanks for all the information. I have not recently looked at the baby food section at the store, here in Canada a lot of baby food are in pouches. I am sure the baby will mostly be on adult food, it will be good to have some baby food on hand in the cabin that we don’t have to carry on the plane.
  3. Thanks for the information. Is it delivered daily or all on the first day?
  4. We plan on bring plastic bags for dirty diapers and will ask cabin attendant what he wants us to do with them.
  5. I have asked this question on the Family Section. My daughter is expecting a baby Oct 2020. We are all cruising Dec 2021. The baby will be 13 months, might still be on baby food plus adult food. On the Personalizer under Check In, at the bottom Medical/Dietary Requests, it shows baby food. Do they send you information what is offered for baby food - type - amount ? Is it delivered to your cabin? Any information would be helpful.
  6. My daughter is expecting a baby in Oct 2020. We are all cruising Dec 2021. The baby will be 13 months so might be still on baby food plus some adult food. With Princess under Check In at the bottom, there is a section for Medical/Dietary requests it says baby food. Do they send you information on what you need - amount - type? Is it delivered to the cabin? Any information would be helpful?
  7. Thanks for all the advise. Originally, I had booked for January 2021 for my 70 birthday with my family then my daughter announced she was expecting a baby in October 2020 so I decided to transfer our cruise to Dec 2021 to celebrate birthdays/Christmas. I have asked my agent to book 2 connecting mini suites (329 sq ft) so the 2 grandmothers can babysit at night and the rest in balconies (250 sq ft) in a row.
  8. I know senior and children are $1 cash for the Ft Lauderdale bus. What is the price for adult?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. I had problems getting the price with out signing in, once I signed in now I am getting the price.
  11. My daughter/son in law have no problems. It is more that they have the extra room and the tub for the baby. I am thinking on taking the connecting mini suite beside them. As long as the tub is not tall like the tubs in Britain, I will be ok. I am find with my tub at home.
  12. I have not cruised with a young child before also. I normally choose my cabin for 2 with no problem. I have read also about putting pack and play in the closet. Won’t the clothes be hanging over it and the child (13 months) pull them down? I guess they can push all their clothes to one side of the closet? i have been leaning towards a mini suite for the extra room and tub.
  13. I have the new Enchanted booked for March 2021 and new Discovery booked for Dec 2021. Hope they will be finished and be released.
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