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  1. A few years ago, Princess released a cabin, I took it, then they called to say it should not have been released and wanted that cabin back they gave me a $15 OBC as a goodwill. I later switched cruises, the OBC disappeared. I questioned Princess, I was told the OBC was attached that one cruise and would not be transferred over.
  2. My March 2021 cruise was cancelled. FCC said book by May 1, 2022 sail by Dec 31,2022.
  3. I have a good agent. She contacted Princess about my FCC amounts posted for my cancelled March 13, 2021. Princess made a mistake and has corrected their error. Always check your figures, this is the second cruise Princess has had to correct their refund amount. (Cruise fare) $1,857.65 + (25%) $464.41 = $2,322.06/pp The FCD is converted to FCC because of the bonus 25%.
  4. I figured the March 2021 cruises might be cancelled. I wanted the FCC that included an extra 25%. I did not fill in the online form to receive the cash refund. I used FCD of $100 for the deposit. I later paid $1,757 the cruise fare. The balance of the tax/port would be paid at final payment if the cruise was not cancelled. ( cruise fare) $1,857.70 + (tax/port) $195 = (total) $2,052.70/pp I think I should be paid more than $385.33 + $1,541.33 = $1,926.66.
  5. My March 13, 2021 was cancelled in Nov 2020. I had paid the cruise fare only. I took 125%.FCC. Cruise fare only was $1,857.70 /pp - $100 FCD (told would be put back) = $1,757.70 Bonus - received Jan 12 - $385.33/pp Cash FCC received Jan 13 - $1,541.33/pp total- $1,926.66/pp Should it have been - $1,757.70 + 486.33 (25%)= $2,197.12? I have asked my agent to question the amount.
  6. The Enchanted is build and is waiting to sail like the other ships.
  7. Is Princess offering 125% FCC for the cancellation?
  8. Thanks for asking this question as my FCC bonus showed up today and I was wondering when my cruise fare would show up as a FCC. 1) I had a FCD applied to the cancelled cruise. Will it go back as a FCD to be used again? It expiries August 2021. 2) where can I saw FCC & bonus for a minor? I can not register her as you have be 18 yr old.
  9. phabric

    Island tour

    A few years ago, I took a island tour, no swimming. I can not remember their name, run by a couple. They had a tent dock side. Any recommendation for an island tour?
  10. Thanks for all the helpful information. My agent is booking 2 cabins for Feb 2023.
  11. I have been on Reflection and Silhouette and will going on the Apex in 2022. I know Equinox was revolution in 2019. What are your thoughts on the Equinox?
  12. I received an email that 2022-2023 Caribbean cruises were open. Cruises for Jan to April 2023 only show Equinox out of Ft Lauderdale. Does Celebrity only add one ship at a time when they open up new cruises? or Is the Equinox the only ship sailing at that time?
  13. You could take a Hop On Hop Off bus. There are 2 Hop On Hop Off bus companies. They each have 2-3 different routes. When I had 1/2 day after our cruise, I took one route all the way around then switched to a different route and took that all the way round. You then can decide which place to visit. International Friends www.international friends.co.uk (cheaper on www.londontoolkit.com). They go on embarkment/disembarkment days from LHR, LHR hotels and certain London hotels to/from Southampton. Going to Southampton, they stop at Stonehenge then dropped off at your cruise dock. F
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