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  1. I refared to get beverage, wifi, tips on my 2 cruises for Aug 2021.. On my Personalizer, I noticed under Onboard Services my WIFI and Berverage package is listed as paid but under Payments, tips are still listed to be paid. I wonder when it will be changed?
  2. I am following along on your cruise. Your photo of the menus and Patterns are so clear that I am able to read them without enlarging them. How are you able to that?
  3. Yes, there is a red banner with the sale information
  4. I have 2 cruises for Aug 2021 with no perks. Present price cruise only $2,520.70 CDN/pp - no perks Under this sale Best Value - $2,754.70 CD with beverage, wifi, tips Best Price - $2,520.70 CDN - no perks If I add the add on of $364 ($52/dd/pp) $2,884.70 Cheaper to refare. I will wait for my agent to get back to me? I have a March 2021 booked with 1 & 2 with beverage and tips and 3rd with coffee & soda. Will wait to see if agent can add tips and wifi to the 3rd?
  5. Hot chocolate can be purchased at the coffee bar near the International Cafe. I have had hot chocolate for free in the dining room for breakfast. PBP coves coffee and tea so hot chocolate is covered.
  6. I had L103 on Sky’s first two cruises Oct 20 and 27. This cabin had an angled balcony, bigger than a regular balcony. A great location only steps away from the elevator, or hamburger, drinks, pizza, pool, buffet. At the beginning we closed the hallway door leading to the cabins thinking it would be quieter but found that people would let the door go and it would slam so we later left the door open. We found the area quiet.
  7. I found it was not a pleasant smell to walk by.
  8. Just giving more hotels in the area. I have stayed at Premier Inn Westminster (4x) and Park Plaza Westminster (1x) and prefer Premier Inn Westminster as I just use the hotel to sleep. The hotels are a short block apart.
  9. I think Princess should have put the Bristo and Sushi restaurants on deck 7 in a glassed off area like the other paid restaurants. People were walking by the tables to get to the theater and the smell from the fish.
  10. I have 4x at Premier Inn Westminster. It’s has a/c, bar, restaurant, close to Big Ben .Westminster Abbey, Parliament, London Eye, Thamas river, tube, regular bus, HOHO, restaurants/pubs, Waterloo train station. Premier Inn County Hall, is a block away from Premier Inn Westminster, with no a/c and a few steps up to the front door. Park Plaza Westminster and Park Plaza County Hall are in the same area.
  11. Thanks for the heads up for this sale. My 3 cruises are listed. My March 2021 already has beverage and tips for 1 & 2 and coffee and soda for 3. I would normally purchase WiFi for the granddaughter so would save a few $. My 2 August 2021cruises have no perks attached to them so would benefits from this sale. I wonder if you did not want the beverage package, if you can get OBC instead?
  12. I have used www.justairports.com, a car service from LHR to/from our London hotel many times. Use your hotel’s postal code to get a quote per car. After an overnight flight it is nice to be met at the exit area and be driven direct to the hotel.
  13. On other ships, the photos are all lined up and you find your photo and take it to the photo desk. On the Sky, there are many computers in the Photo area, You log in with your Medallion. The computer would do face recognition from your boarding picture. All your pictures will show up. Our pictures did not show up so a Photo crew member helped and he placed our order. We were told to return the next day after 6pm. We were on Sky’s first cruise, there was a few glitches with the computers and the second last day everyone was trying to get their pictures and there were long lines.
  14. Check out www.internationalfriends.co.uk under Shore Excursions. They only go on embankment/disembarkment days. I have used them from Dover and Southampton. They pick you up at dock, tour then they drive you to your London hotel or LHR or LHR hotel.
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