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  1. I really hope it was just kids goofing and maybe putting on another cabin on another floor ... if it was adults … well ... and we decorate our door, but it's maybe $5 worth or less from the dollar bin attached with some glue on magnets ...
  2. completely new to Princess … and as such, TA's, PVP's and customer reps … cruise critic followers of Princess have a much better understanding than they do … as sad as that is ...
  4. $ 30.00 - 14.50 grats = 15.50 pp pd for a PBP - book it , but alas … our little cruise is not included … 😢
  5. could the add on's be capacity controlled ?
  6. Looks like my little 5 day is not covered...7 or more in Caribbean... bummer
  7. If a cruise is covered. Does it show now on the website.?
  8. unless they limit the packages per cruise, what's the big rush to do this tomorrow, unless you are booking a new cruise , or see a price drop on an existing cruise ?
  9. it's just like doing a regular booking online … but instead of putting down a deposit , you put a 'hold' on a cabin for a couple of days with no payment required … you get a booking number just like any other cruise … 'mock' bookings may not have been a good choice of words , sorry ...
  10. and yet I just did a mock booking and put a cruise on hold until 12/12 … for the 12/11 'sale' desktop, windows 10, edge, … new computer , if that matters
  11. just off the SKY in the Caribbean … couldn't even log on many times … went to the internet café about adding my wife's minutes, and another cruiser was getting a credit back for an internet package purchase because of the poor service connection ...
  12. first drink free with the medallion app … j/s
  13. correct - I've got a mock booking holding the cabin until 12/12 … so we'll see what happens
  14. on a 5 day cruise we are looking at … my 5 day PBP would be $ 350 just for me under the promotion, if i'm reading it correctly, we could BOTH get the PBP and GRATS for $ 30 pp per day , or $ 300 total win, win?
  15. I just went back in and did a mock booking for a cruise we will book on 12/11 and put a hold until 12/12 on a cabin ...
  16. 2 x 3 inches - rubber duck … supposed to take a pic of it and post on Face Book Duck Pirates … I guess you find these ducks at different places , take the pic, and then either take the duck home with you or place it somewhere else for someone to 'find' it again ...
  17. is there a 'live from SKY 12/7 that I am missing ? is the ship decorated for Christmas ?
  18. yes … it was in my 'saved' cruises, but yes the pricing was there as well
  19. I just go on … no problems … desktop, windows 10, edge only thing I couldn't get was beverage package cost on a cruise 751 days from now … 🥃
  20. absolutely … ended up adding the 1 day pre-cruise at the Hilton … very relaxing we did get a "move-over" offer 2 days before … I called back, left message … they called back when I was out of office ( I know, I know ) ... I called back, left message - never heard back I was gonna ask for everything … so prolly wouldn't have got it anyway .. but, yeah … I'm not sure I'd do another "inaugural" like that with all the obnoxious 'cruise planners' on board
  21. thanks - but there seems to be another thread about deposit amounts changing on 12/9 … today maybe that doesn't apply to certain promotions like the above 50 would be nice, 100 acceptable IF both are refundable
  22. refundable deposits ? sorry, didn't read 9 pages … yet
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