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  1. totally ... it was really 'private' 😉 we both fell a few years ( 5 ) ago and used it extensively for therapy , esp. my wife got to having a lot of problems with leaking and motors, plus it was getting harder to get in and out of, so , it's gone now frees up some deck space ...
  2. our cancelled cruise ( 7/22 pause 4 ) is now off our Personalizer and a $ 50 each Passenger Relations credit is now in our cruise credit account, that credit expires 5/27/21 ( 1 year from when we went from a NRD to a new promotion with a refundable deposit I guess we've already maxed out FCC up to cruise fare and it will remain in our account in some fashion, but at least we want it applied first , and increase our FCC that expires 5/2022
  3. yeah, we're prolly looking forward to that $ 15 OBC when our Discovery cruise is cancelled - the little 4 day before yours
  4. Over 2 weeks now from our 'super-spreader' birthday party - survived so far, and no word from the hosts indicating that any that attended tested positive since then we had 4.5 inches of rain yesterday alone - clear today so far - got the grass cut by the lawn dude had an electrician out to disconnect the power from our hot tub / spa on the pool deck - hope to get it removed today now (17 years old, been down for the last year or so) - then decide if we will replace , prolly not at this time ... need to replace the pool screen, but not until after hurricane season now the year that will never end ...
  5. Enchanted is already doing Caribbean cruise ( some 10 day southern ) in December 2021...
  6. is there a a thread like this for Discovery Princess ? we're booked 12/2021 ...
  7. I book our short little 3-7 day cruises directly with Princess ... We've re-fared multiple times even on the same cruise after final payment has been made ... it happens, Princess allows it, but ... there's that 'but' again ...
  8. let me be the first to congratulate you on your 5,000th post !! 🍷 how do 'some TA's' do with refaring a price drop after final payment ?
  9. I just cancelled our UBD ( ultimate balcony dinner ) for our Thanksgiving cruise that was cancelled on 7/22 ( Pause 4 ) 🍻 when will that cruise come off our cruise personalizer ?? 🍷 🥃 🍸 🏁
  10. how did that go after 'final payment' ?
  11. Enjoy that $ 15 OBC that you will be receiving for the Sun cancellation ! 🍻 🍷 🥃 🍸 🏁
  12. pretty sure that had to be approved by CR, and not the PVP, at least that is the case with our PVP
  13. Our FCC has now been "automagically" applied to our future cruise booked for 4/2021 up to the amount of cruise fare, not deposit needed. we just owe port fees, tax, and Princess travel insurance ... a little over $ 400 due mid-February let's hope it goes
  14. is the pricing discounted from the Princess Plus pricing - or does the OBC offset that ?
  15. what's the point now with Princess Plus ?
  16. #ustoo ... now just have to get a $ 50 apiece "passenger relations" ( from NRD when first booked ) back into our account and not applied to our cancelled Thanksgiving cruise I'll email our PVP later today to update status good news, and the double deposit not paid in full worked out well for us, at least so far
  17. many thanks for the most excellent update - hope it goes as planning above ... hopefully, the next month will be promising for the resumption of cruising from the US ports in at least some fashion will be following to see when PE/FLL makes any kind of announcements
  18. yes, if you look at it like that ... but ( isn't there always a but ? ) 40-15 day grats = $25 x 51 days = $1,275 $25 pf pd for drinks , but wait, that's not all ! 🍷 we'll even through in unlimited wifi valued at $10 per day !! so, the beverage package , net of grats and wifi = $ 15 pp pd ( we call that breakfast 😉 ) $15 x 51days = $ 765 we are not big internet users ( at least on cruises ) and can live with the $25 pp pd cost of beverages
  19. sorry, not meant to be 'confrontational', but do any of us posting here have any inside connections to what Princess and other cruise lines are doing in the background other than the releases they want us to receive stay safe stay hydrated peace out
  20. so you have inside knowledge of the negotiations going on ?? we hear what Princess releases ... when 'they' want to release it
  21. the new locks free up the Island to do cruises other than the Panama canal ... really only need one ship (Coral) to do the old locks while the bigger ships do the new locks
  22. isolated reports due to government restrictions, not the cruise line(s) fault at all
  23. seems like it's a Mauritius gubmint restriction problem for their own "citizens" Mauritians have been among the last crew to leave cruise vessels, due to government policy set by the Mauritius government.
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