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  1. I read the post about princess plans & efforts to be environmentally responsible. But I think I've missed something. What is the purpose of the cardboard box in the buffet area? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the review. We're doing this cruise in reverse in Oct. Thanks also for the reminder that a huge part of enjoying a cruise is the attitude & flexibility of the cruiser. 😊
  3. I check the cruise fare & the ezair flights for our cruise every day. I am my own TA so I'm only a pain to my DH. 😁
  4. I googled clearing cookies on smart phone. You would Google clearing cookies on whatever device it is you're using. The steps were simple & easy to follow, & I'm pretty challenged in technology. Good luck!
  5. I am really glad I read this! I was having the same problem. Cleared my cookies & problem is no more. Thanks!
  6. Same here. At this moment all is working except I still am unable to see itinerary details on any ezair flights, no matter what I do.
  7. Mine is now working. But a problem I've been having for about a week continues. I am unable to look at details on any flights. When I tap "show details" a red box appears around the words "show details" & no details ever come up. "Fare restrictions" & "baggage fees" both work.
  8. I have been getting that message since last night.
  9. Our Oct. cruise on the Caribbean dropped $30 pp yesterday. We are paid in full. I called yesterday & was told if she refared us it would cost an additional $130 because of our non refundable deposit, so would not be cost effective. I called this morning & got the savings with no additional cost. It will be refunded to our credit card. 😁
  10. Boy does that take me way back! 😁
  11. Our Alaskan cruise in May on the Island was booked as an inside cabin "to be assigned later." About a month before departure we got an upsell offer for a balcony for $149 extra each. I snapped it up. The posts I read on this forum re. gty. cabins are almost always positive.
  12. 1965


    We set sail Oct. 24. I was able to download the app and entered the required info maybe a month ago.
  13. Thank you for the info. I cannot wait! We hope to do the total walk. We have a little over a year to get in semi shape. 😁
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