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  1. Attempting to book flights for our Oct., 2020 cruise, Rome to Dubai. All is fine until the final accept & book. Regardless of the return flight I select I get a message this flight not available. I've tried several itineraries & get that same message. Before I call princess I want to see if others are having the same problem. Thanks.
  2. My one & only complaint on our last cruise on the Caribbean was the muster drill. Our assigned meeting place was in the churchill smoking lounge. I have asthma so was afraid to even stick my head in. The crew member at the door allowed several of us to stay outside the lounge for our drill. We did have a place to sit & I was grateful we were able to stay out of the lounge. But a smoking area does not seem a good place for that type of gathering.
  3. My DH & I will be elite for 1st time on next cruise. I will exchange the mini bar for the coffee pkgs. He is not a coffee drinker. Someone said have both pkgs put on my medallion. I can't remember if they said they had done this or said I should try requesting this. Has.anyone done this? Thanks.
  4. I believe we got ours about 3 weeks from departure date.
  5. I can't give you percentage. Our cruise out of Quebec last month is our only medallion cruise. Once we cleared security the checkin was much faster. Platinums have priority boarding so that may also factor in. We showed our medallion & were allowed onboard immediately. No waiting in line to go to the ck in counter like past cruises. If we have to wait for cabin to be ready I'd rather wait onboard over lunch than in the terminal in line or sitting in a metal chair. I personally like the medallion, & I'm far from being a techy.
  6. I am the techy in our family & that isn't saying much. I downloaded the medallion app to my phone only for our last cruise & managed everything for DH & myself. For our next medallion cruise, if I add the app to his phone will I still be able to manage his acct & mine from my phone? Hope I'm making sense, & thank you for info & input.
  7. Keep your phone in airplane mode. We get free internet mns so I carry my phone with me allowing me to ck email & facebook messenger wherever I sit for a while. I don't know about the other things like ordering drinks, food, playing games, etc. I didn't use those features. The tech person at the internet cafe is very good at answering questions.
  8. We've taken 2 cruises on the Island. There is no International Cafe. The atrium is smaller & designed so that you cannot see the entertainers performing there. The theater is smaller. I personally prefer the larger ships. However, if the itinerary is a good one and the price is right, I would cruise on her again.
  9. I read here that you can, but honestly, I think you might give it a try first. We really did like using ours. And believe me when I say I'm not much of a techy.
  10. You are given a new medallion for each cruise. Ours become souvenirs of our cruise.
  11. 3 for free is usually best for us. The free gratuities is my favorite perk of the 3. On our 28 day cruise 2 yrs ago we saved $756 total for DH & myself. That was when grats were $13.50 pp per day for an inside.
  12. We'll exchange our mini bar set up for coffee pkgs on our next cruise. Is there an automatic gratuity on specialty coffees like there is on drinks? Thanks.
  13. Same for us on the Caribbean a couple of weeks ago.
  14. We did not on our cruise 2 weeks ago on the Caribbean Princess.
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