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  1. did you get an email from Princess ? phone call ? how did you hear about the upsell ?
  2. better than having all your laundry 'stuff' in hand then realizing that the machine only takes the medallion and not your ( and why is it that almost everyone that wants to 'opt out' ) "BLACK CARD" ???
  3. has it been covered how much to tip for the suite breakfast in a specialty dining room ?
  4. can always go to the customer service desk and buy tokens
  5. medallions in hand bypass the people in line to pick up their medallions
  6. since you know you will not use the "punches" - why not make new friends when standing in line ??? we gotta come up with a new word for "punches" ... maybe FKAP
  7. OP is going on a 'near perfect' cruise to get the PBP ... mix of port and sea days ... and most port days end fairly early go for it ...
  8. I actually emailed Princess about ours ... they emailed back that they were adding it as a courtesy ... but it is not automatically done with upsells
  9. those are 'sample menus' ... others have posted actual menus that includes that language
  10. what's printed on the menu is wrong ? ... huh...
  11. I get the package ... my wife does pay as you go I constantly have a beverage in my hand or close by ... sometimes alcoholic, sometimes not ... I enjoy both staying lubed up and hydrated up while cruising unless it is my night to be on call in case something happens to the Captain and I am called to the helm ...
  12. this is what is currently showing on the Princess website For more information regarding accessible cruising please contact the Access Office and Compliance Department at : Fax: 661-284-4408. Email: accessofficeprincess@princesscruises.com. Princess Cruise Lines' ADA Responsibility Officer is Kelly Clark, Chief Ethics Officer & General Counsel. not sure if that is what you are looking for ...
  13. it's not a financial decision .. it's more of a personal preference / budgeting decision about not getting sticker shock at the end of the cruise when you final bill is presented we've done it before ... it's just a down payment on my wife's "drink package" .... a perfect situation is owing less than $100 at the end of the cruise, at least for us
  14. when in May 2020 ? early, late ? ... Emerald Princess ?
  15. 4 days in an upsell PH suite on the CB , now back to our normal inside for 3 days on the SKY ... somehow we'll survive
  16. something to at least consider ... https://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/shocking-facts-about-susan-g-komen-for-the-cure/
  17. what area is the 2nd pic ? outside alfresco dining ? Le Mer ? Alfredo's ?
  18. thanks - my potential increase above $ 70 to $ 105 is on a 3-day, 1 port in December ... we'll see what happens
  19. that was EXACTLY what happened when we took an upsell to our one and only full suite ...
  20. I can assure you that is not my quote ... dunno how you did this ... and now here comes the reacted laughing emoji
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