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  1. so you have inside knowledge of the negotiations going on ?? we hear what Princess releases ... when 'they' want to release it
  2. that's what we did - long day ...
  3. the new locks free up the Island to do cruises other than the Panama canal ... really only need one ship (Coral) to do the old locks while the bigger ships do the new locks
  4. isolated reports due to government restrictions, not the cruise line(s) fault at all
  5. seems like it's a Mauritius gubmint restriction problem for their own "citizens" Mauritians have been among the last crew to leave cruise vessels, due to government policy set by the Mauritius government.
  6. just in time for the new Princess gift card offer !! 🍷 🥃 🍸 National Family Day is September 26. Celebrate by giving the gift of adventures ahead. This exclusive offer gives you a $50 bonus gift card to use through the end of next year — lots of time to plan a dream family vacation together! Princess gift cards can be used toward a cruise packed with family-friendly entertainment and activities, Discovery™️ shore excursions, onboard gifts and more. It's the perfect way to create lasting memories with the ones you love
  7. crew still onboard are being used to keep minimum ship operations going during the pause
  8. Negative - test taken on thursday after the "super-spreader" event the previous saturday
  9. depends on your risk tolerance, paid in full, minimum deposit or payments made, just not in full
  10. it was Kory Simon in Crooners for us ... we walked out when he went into karaoke mode
  11. middle of April, 2021 here ... we'll let you know how it goes and what to expect 🥃
  12. there are still crew on ships ... Some posters on here have posted that they have had 'contact' with crew ... it would be interesting to hear what actual crew are stating about the future, whether currently on ship, or waiting for new contracts
  13. you keep your cabin door open ? huh ...
  14. if you don't mind revealing the info ... ship, itinerary , approximated sailing month/year ? always interested (noisy) in cruisers getting free upgrades did this happen to be a ship change upgrade ?
  15. last cancellations ( for the caribbean as referenced ) 7/22 cruises cancelled thru 12/15, so that was 146 days out ( discounting any of those cruise previously cancelled ) 92 days now to 12/15 so based on the above ... I dunno
  16. I hope the cruise lines are as strict in enforcing the soon to be established policies as the airlines seem to be unlike dining room dress code 'guidelines' 🍻 😉
  17. so what about the 'abnormal' cruises going on now ? are they OK ?
  18. #ustoo with a couple of changes - me and my wife - do like to go out on our own in ports if we are just going to walk around the port area - we have no problem with Princess excursions, and yes they are more expensive and generic, but we accept that we are ship people, not cabin people - as we like to people watch as much as anything else it's OB or higher for us now, where before we were happy with an inside stay safe stay hydrated
  19. see you on board in a couple of years then, if at all, as there are, and never will be 'assured of total safety'
  20. pretty sure one of the ports won't be 'nati ... but we would take an excursion there to get some Skyline 5-way, then go get some Graeter's so you're safe now stay safe stay hydrated peace out
  21. and those people will/should never cruise again ...
  22. eventually, I agree sometimes business models need to adapt to current situations to survive
  23. so, you both would agree to all the potential restrictions ? masks at all time except eating/drinking staggered boarding times strictly enforced hand washing strictly enforced social distancing, even if it meant missing shows elevators limited to only passengers cruising together severe port restrictions for cruise ship only excursions what else even with the above - sign us up also
  24. so, any replacement cruise that you may want to consider is closed to 'new bookings' at this time ???
  25. why would you 'risk' that when you showed up, that other suites had reservations for that time ... only takes a few minutes when you board to select your preferred time and venue ... unless that doesn't matter to you
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