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  1. And CNN. New positive case from passenger on US flight in California
  2. Jan Swartz just on CNN and also mentioned on Princess website Feb 19 th passengers testing negative are given a certificate of clearance to disembark. How did those 14 positives disembark without that certificate being checked? what is the truth?
  3. The Goldmans & Mark were in close contact with Mark's wife who tested positive----there were announcements on the ship that quarantine would be reset at the time a cabinmate who tested positive went to the hospital. The Captain could be heard on social media ie: yardley Wong etc twitter. Princess website info on disembarking--Feb 19th---says they need to show certificate for test being negative to disembark. Was this not the case for the Goldman's? Someone slipped up, letting them disembark the ship.
  4. Wonder if a proof of negative test is checked before disembarking ship? On the Twitter feeds I thought one posted a certificate for disembarkation. Can anyone clarify? If so, who slipped up in letting the Goldman’s and Mark without any proof they tested negative?
  5. Canadian plane is there in Japan but on late news tonight CTV said not leaving Thursday delayed until Friday Canadians told to stay on ship if taking Gov’t plane
  6. He said no hospital beds available for 4-5 days, I belive
  7. Thanks for sharing link. Most up to date---you can hear them calling those with negative results to disembark. He seems okay and has clarified that he and Sally tested positive, still waiting to be transferred to a hostel until a hospital bed is available. So sad. from twitter: Matthew Smith, on the otherhand, as of 3 hours ago, has not got his test results back yet. Yardley Wong & quarantinedondiamondprincess have disembarked just now.
  8. Agree need to start thinking about those on land in all countries. My heart goes out to those who went through this on the Diamond. Let’s hope it never happens again. I cruise in 2 weeks on a Princess ship.
  9. Did this change recently? The last update I saw was he said it was to a hostel no wifi no phone. Couple stays together
  10. Princess has posted a new video update. They will bring in an outside food service for meals. Finally.
  11. Princess update posted above says they are bringing in an outside food service. finally
  12. Thanks. Not surprised at all. Hope all goes well for them.
  13. I saw that too. Also somewhere said their government would not comment re: David Abel’s comments
  14. Any news regarding the UK sending a plane for their citizens?
  15. It is now posted that the Westerdam Feb 29th cruise is CANCELLED. Sorry, my previous post caused you to over react. Oh, I did not understand your point about: "people who are NOT scheduled to sail on March 4 or March 18. And I was not aware this was your ROLL CALL.
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