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  1. I agree with this. My cruise was on Celebrity-Japan & South Korea. Many were dressed very formally.
  2. Thanks, I will take your word for it.
  3. If you have a booking, go to your Personalizer and you have an option of entering dietary requests. Gluten free, low sodium etc... There is a link that pops up and mentions something similar to the email I received mentioning pre-packaged/pre-parepared foods.
  4. Well, I'm about to make my meal request for my next Princess cruise and will let you know if I get the same response as last time.
  5. Actually, I tend to believe them. When I contacted Princess pre cruise with a request I received an email saying meals were pre made so they could not assure me. I should make my request known to the waiter and they would advise me what options best suited my request from the next evening's menu. I had a choice to eat at the specialty restaurant and did not mind paying $29 for it, considering Princess gave me a $1700 price drop, after final payment on that cruise.
  6. I don't believe how we dress has anything to do with the decline in food quality on Princess. In the MDR they do try to serve decent food that often looks appealing. However, the serving sizes, choices and quality of meals have declined as seen by those of us who have been cruising for 20+ years. Last time in Sabatini's the staff made a point of telling us ALL the food they were serving us was FRESH, not pre made/frozen like we get in the MDR. And cruise lines know we are willing to pay that extra $29-$39pp to get better quality food---beef, seafood in the Specialty dining rooms. Re: dress code in the MDR is inconsistently enforced from one ship to another.
  7. There are lots of positive things to say about Princess. Don't let these threads decide for you.
  8. Call Princess and ask, they may show that $200 air credit in your account, if it is possible when booking now. The Princess website shows the cruises and dates with this sale banner now.
  9. Go to your cruise Personalizer on the Princess website and print your own. Including luggage tags.
  10. I've done 2 British Isles cruises - Crown & Caribbean Princess from Southampton. Enjoyed them both equally, as well. Re: tender in Orkney Is.--the line up to return to the ship was the longest I've ever seen. Did the ship's island bus tour, then had a wonderful lunch in a pub near tender. Went both times in late August and missed one port each time due to winds/rough seas. Had to turn around in Edinburgh and return to Southampton the way we came, missing stop for Paris. The next time missing Guernsey.
  11. I was seeing the same on the Star Princess last Feb. Maintenance in hall most days dealing with plumbing issues. I've been on all 3 Grand class ships, with the Star 3 times and there is a definite decline in service, food quality.
  12. So, they still have missed port time in "the suite". I've had a few cruises where we missed ports and it was very disappointing, and we were never offered any compensation. Guess that depends on why the ports were missed.
  13. I've been on 14 Princess cruises and 3 Celebrity cruises. IMO, Princess food quality and service are a step below Celebrity. I like Celebrity balcony cabin better with the sofa--have to take a higher category to get that on Princess. Otherwise, they are comparable, IMO.
  14. No need to apologize! Another thing I've found on the Princess ships is the menu was a repeat each week. I was on the Dawn Princess 5 weeks- Australia & New Zealand with the same menu each week. You made the right choice going with Club Class. We also tried the Crab Shack on the Star Princess this past Feb.
  15. Missing a port is the same for all passengers regardless of cabin category, isn't it? I don't understand your "insult" remark.
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