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  1. I’m back in. Had to use my original password the one I reset with didn’t work.
  2. exactly, this happened to me too. the only way I can see my cruise is by going to Manage my booking link. And not logging in. Atleast I know my booking is there and my payment & cruise credit is correct.
  3. That worked for me once. Since then I cannot get into my account.
  4. Let’s say mobility issues. done here
  5. just an idea. only here to share never to debate
  6. Possibly an attendant to limit numbers on elevators?
  7. Should there be a couple of elevators designated for handicap?
  8. Google. . solvehealth .com shows Walgreens. CVS. Locations with availability today in Westfield Mass
  9. Hello, if you post your town/ city someone on here might be able to help you get an appointment for vaccines.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out. I check my account frequently and just noticed the change in my dates too. Now December 31, 2022 from May 31, 2022. Appreciate your post.
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