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  1. I have been reading the postings on this board and when I got to info posted in 2012...thought I’d ask a couple questions and perhaps get information that is more updated. Trying to figure what to do....wonder how snorkeling is if taking the catamaran vs speed boat snorkel? With information here, seems like Amiga is a quiet beach day ...not a snorkel opportunity. Anyone been to Amiga lately? On what beach to head for...is Barefoot beach (which I spread may have some snorkeling opps) for suite guests only? Thanks for sharing thoughts.
  2. We had also booked 2 Feb on Oasis while we were on the Symphony a couple weeks ago. The RCCL rep said they would honor the price we booked BUT only a few dates and the itineraries were not going to the same ports. We ended up rebooking for March...had to pay an increase in price. We had such a great cruise a couple weeks ago, we wanted to have another winter cruise...so we just accepted the fate. They offered $200 OBC but took away a $75 OBC which we had from a next cruise booking. I guess they are not hurting for bookings...and if we want to go...we have to adjust to the new reality. I hope others who were dropped find a suitable cruise date and price.
  3. Booked them after sending them an email. They can be googled or found on trip advisor.
  4. We were there about a week ago. Glad we went to a beach resort furthest down the strand from the cruise ships.....40 Canones. Had no seagrass buildup. Closer we walked towards the end where the ships are....more gunk in water. Ate at Crazy Lobster beachside...it was pleasant....then headed back the other end of the beach strand where it was clear.
  5. Just posted my review of Mystic snorkel.....we were so pleased and had a great experience because we got professionals to take us where there IS great snorkeling. Just sayin.
  6. We have returned from Cozumel where we had the best snorkel ever. We hired Mystic Snorkel which was our second time with them. Our past experience guided our decision and the fact that we wanted to do three reefs including ELCielo, Planacar, and Columbia. We took a taxi to the marina and was promptly met by Sebastian...our guide. There were seven of us so the small group was nice. They knew how to get into snorkel spots, stayed away from large overwhelming groups, took care to tour us to see great marine life while in the water. They took care to make sure everyone had a positive experience by keeping an eye on where we were In The water and moving us along significant places to see. They know their sea life areas! At one point we were given the choice to go to a reef or marine life and chose to go to the maximum marine life area. Saw sting rays, huge lobsters, a turtle,....not to mention the starfish at El Cielo were magnificent. They prepared a platter of fresh cut fruit, sodas, and water and that most definitely was a welcome tidbit. We were gone from about nine to one which gave us plenty of time to go back to town for a bit of shopping before heading back to the ship. We will go with them next time we go to Cozumel.
  7. We hired Ronys tours to meet us at ship and do a freestyle day. We wanted to see monkey/sloaths which turned out to be very interesting and well worth the stop. We went to West End Village which I believe has changed since the last time we went to Roatan as the little kiosks that were once present are now gone and the village has storefronts that were not really worth the time it took out of our snorkel. We ended up at the west end beach and stopped at Paradise Beach Club. We really liked this spot and will return to use this resort again. They had nice change rooms, a pool, and was clean and private. The best snorkeling is right off the beach Down a bit to the right...the kidney shaped sport...also the wall area. Great day and made easy with Ronys tours.
  8. Went to Costa Maya while on the western Carib cruise. Booked 40 Canones hotel beach resort which we were very glad we picked this property because it was at the far end of the strand of properties thereby we were not bum to bum with a sea of resort goers. We were met by Marina who checked on our beverage and food requirements as the day went by. The property was clean. Also at this end of the beach/strand, we had no seagrass floating scum that was more apparent at the other end closer to the ships docking. There’s a boardwalk type area behind the hotels and in front of the beach strand to walk, stop for a bite to eat, and shop a bit which was handy.
  9. ..whatever happened to the time one would think going on a cruise vacation was special enough....just call me crazy....
  10. I have the Royal IQ app....but haven’t sailed on RCCL for a while....thanks
  11. I want to be certain I have “the app”....will you confirm what app I should have on my iPad and phone. Thanks
  12. My redemption showed up six days before cruise....which if fine....I kept checking and had the receipt in my travel folder just in case....but it got my onboard account..yahoo
  13. Passport Agency piece of The State Department is a self paying entity like the post office...the fees collected offset the cost of doing business. So generally speaking, passports are not affected by the shutdown. However, I do follow their advice and never travel with a passport that is within six month of expiring. Just got back from Europe and it was stipulated to make sure passport was current. So if you are going to renew...get it done now to be sure you have enough time given the current govt crisis. Just sayin’
  14. We are almost top tier on both lines and fine them very very similar in entertain,ent, food, and service. I really like NCL having cool wash cloths and water as we reboard from being at a port. RCCL has done this sometimes. NCL has a better system for MyTime Dining...they make it really no or little hassle whereas RCCL just can’t figure it out. Maybe they have by now as it has been a couple years since our last RCCL cruise. But last time we went on RCCL the my time dining was not user friend,y if you didn’t have reservations and the folks that seated us were really unable to manage this aspect easily. We took the NCL Escape out of NYC/NJ and I won’t be going on the that ship again as, although it was gorgeously appointed, the cruiseline installed Jumbotron movies screens in the main atrium, the adult pool, and so many TVs In The sports bar that it was very hard to escape the constant barrage of noise and visual entities...I think they were trying to appeal to the folks who need audio and visual stimulation all day long. Not for me! I must admit I absolutely Despise the marketing while on board NCL as they have this slogan about things you are FREE to do with free styling cruising.....as they charge for everything much like Royal.... irk! So so I guess it comes down to the ship and itinerary...and value for the money. But all in all, we have found them to be comparable in value and services.
  15. Thanks. I looked at Fury but they are one hundred percent cruise ship operators. I looked on TA and they manage the group to stay together and done go to El Cielo. This is a hard nut to crack.....but will keep trying. Contacted four tour operators and one with a glass bottom boat goes to all three places....Egads will we feel like three men in a tub rockin and rolling? Thanks again. I’ll try Eagle Ray.
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