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  1. Hey Sid - loved the review. Loved the nipple ring even more.
  2. I wasn't even on the World Cruise. All I did was follow a number of interesting blogs. And I'm depressed it's over.
  3. I have also been following various blogs on the world cruise. I hope to go on a world cruise someday and I really enjoyed reading about your daily adventures. I also liked knowing what was for dinner each evening. Sorry the cruise ended this way and hope everyone gets home safely.
  4. I have so enjoyed your adventures and trivia. I'm so sorry that your cruise is ending like this. I hope that someday I may be able to take a world cruise.
  5. I have been enjoying your adventures. So sorry your cruise is ending like this.
  6. I have been enjoying your adventures and I'm so sorry that your cruise is ending like this.
  7. Thanks so much Sid. I had a great time on your cruise! You, sir, have a gift for writing and entertaining people. We just have to figure out how to parlay your gifts into a paycheck. I'll see you over at the tribe thread.
  8. Hey Sid - I've never been to Tortola but thanks to your pics I just put it on my bucket list.
  9. Loved your St. Thomas adventure. Have a great day in Tortola.
  10. Hey Sid - I'm finally all caught up with your review. Love it. I'm sitting at work craving some of those margaritas and mofongo. So happy to be along for the ride.
  11. Darn - I'm so late checking in. Between a wedding in Colorado, Thanksgiving festivities,and jury duty this is the first chance I've had to catch up on the review. Enjoying Sid's adventures as always.
  12. Great review Sid - It's amazing how fast a week goes by on a ship. Thanks for taking us along. See you on the ATL.
  13. Happy Birthday Sid - Just catching up on your review. Got sidelined in the ER with kidney stones. Your review is making me feel better.
  14. Hey Sid - Another loyal tribe lurker checking in. Looking forward to the review. If you like Negronis, they are fabulous at the Alchemy Bar.
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