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  1. All, The Radiance is very seaworthy. She is small by new ship standards but built to be an ocean liner not a floating theme park. tasman Sea just not cooperating on the second half of this itinerary. First four days upon leaving Sydney were picture perfect in terms of seas and skies. It’s sunny right now but windy and rough seas. Regarding theaters...currently there is a 55 seat regular theater that shows movies and an outdoor big screen in the pool area. No IMAX theater. they are now also showing movies in the Aurera Theater because we have a lot of seniors onboard who do not want to be walking the ship in these seas. the movies are first run and the picture and sound are good in the main theater. But it is NOT IMAX. from what I’ve heard an upgrade refurbishment is scheduled sometime in 2020 and perhaps IMAX will be added then. The live music selections and the entertainment staff have saved this cruise for me. The One and One five piece band can play anything...very very well. Ron Kingston in the Quill and compass can do justice to both US and Aussie favorites and gets the Pub crowd very engaged with singalong and a small dance area. Trivia several times a day, special dance parties almost every night where ladies can dance alone or with other women and no one cares, and good natured dance contests that even the seniors enjoy participating in and watching with an after dinner or late night cocktail. There are very few children on this cruise and they have been monitored and supervised by their families when in the public areas. The drinking age on this cruise is 18 years old, as it originated n Sydney and only went to New Zealand which has the lower drinking age. Everyone has been well behaved in that regard. I bought the deluxe beverage package and Ive enjoyed that convenience. I’ve tried several new cocktails because I had the package. Angela in the Champagne Bar makes a pre dinner espresso martini that I’ll miss when the cruise is over. Gives me a second wind for the evening to come. i will have another sea day to answer specific quesrtions that require a “look see” while on board. we return to Sydney the morning of April 4 Australia time.
  2. I’m currently on the Radiance as we make our way back to Sydney following a planned port intensive itinerary around New Zealand. Alas, it wasn’t to be due to major storms in the South Island. Our 12 night itinerary now includes five sea days when all is said and done. If anyone has questions about the Radiance experience, I’ll be happy to try to answer. One can only attend so many movies on sea days when it’s rainy, windy and chilly outside. Some passengers are a bit grumpy but all decisions by the captain were made for safety first. I completely agree with him but missing the South Island Fjordlands was a major disappointment as I flew 17 hours nonstop from the US to Sydney to cruise this ship and this itinerary. Kinda like going to Alaska and not seeing the glaciers. Shout out all!
  3. On the Radiance now off the coast of New Zealand. have a balcony cabin on deck 7. All balcony cabins that I have seen with the door open as I walk down the hall have the privacy curtain like mine. It extends all the way across the rom to the TV. it’s also very thick so that could help with soundproofing. Any other Radiance questions fire away. We lost our time at the New Zealand Fjordlands sounds and are now in a three days at sea itinerary as we make our way back to Sydney. Ship is in excellent condition interior wise. they are always cleaning and renewing. There’s a new captain (formerly on Radiance as a first officer I think) who is handling the itinerary changes with safety first mentality and being VERY visible to the passengers who want to hear from him personally about the weather conditions and why the missed ports. I think the dining room food is as good as it was back in the day before megaships. We have a lot of Aussies onboard and as an American I am enjoying their personalities. My best cruise ever...and this is the number between 12 and 14. Susan
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