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  1. There are enough Australians to fill the ships they don’t need people from other places.
  2. My cruises did not drop off until the the day there were supposed to sail.
  3. That was the exact same for me. It was also put on as a foreign exchange charge, in US dollars. I just got the refund yesterday. So if the exchange rate does not change you will loose money due to the way they do it. I wish I would have known as I have a US$ credit card.
  4. I also think it was PV that we did not go on local time. It will not really affect anything. If you are making your own trip arrangements they will know when the ship is coming in. If they are going to do this they will make sure you know what they are doing. It really make things on the ship MUCH easier when they do not change. If you are concerned wear a watch and keep it on ship time so you will not miss the ship.
  5. Just got my refund for the cruise fare today 23 Jun. 23 May Vancouver-Whittier and then the return 30 May. Grand Princess We submitted Option 2 the day after they were cancelled by princess. Still waiting for refund of excursions.
  6. For the mini bar set up, there is not really a lot of choice, no rum. I think there was vodka, gin, scotch, for a total of 6 little bottles. You got 6 pops, and a few beers. Also there was one or two Perrier. You can change out things, but not at the same value, it 1 or 2 bottles of wine (I think it used to be two, but is now one). You can get two coffee cards, only worth it if you don’t have the drink package. we did change for they types of pop we wanted, and changed the vodka to gin.
  7. I also saw that FCD on mine today, we were scheduled for a B2B starting 23 May. I could really do with the refund before my next cc bill is due..
  8. They have been told no social media, so I will be vague. He is not new to working on ships.
  9. My sisters boyfriend finally got home last week, after almost 100 days at sea. He will be finished his quarantine in time for her birthday.
  10. You have just lifted all of our moods. Thanks
  11. Some of us need the money to live. Right now the only person in our house working right now is my son who took a job at a grocery store. My eldest son is looking for other jobs as he works for a company that puts on trade shows and events, he will not have anything for quite a while.
  12. Thanks for this, my sister’s boyfriend has been stuck on the Ovation since mid Feb. at least they finally let them go into guest cabins, but that only happened recently.
  13. Princess has offered an OBC if we rebook Alaska by end of May
  14. And the cake with a candle on it. Really not much. That is what it said on mine when it was my birthday.
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