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  1. At least we know it will be coming, and we are in for 10k also.
  2. I need them to do this by Friday...no money need the refund. Although it is taking a long time to come. I just thought, the money will go back on my cc, but I need it in my bank account...ugh
  3. No guests, as they were near Asia when this all started. They are in the middle of the ocean somewhere. No one will let them dock. Last week they did get some staff off in their own country, but they were refused gas and provisions. Mental health is really becoming an issue. Something all of us need to watch out for and take steps to keep in a good head space for the long haul. Can you imagine this without computers and the internet.
  4. RC may have also laid off their staff, my sister’s boyfriend works on a ship and they have been stuck on the ship for 8 weeks already, and have now been told they are laid off, but they are “letting” them stay on the ship for now. But no one will let the ship dock for the crew to go home. They have also asked them to eat less as they are starting to get low on things.
  5. The problem right now is that the cruise itself has not been cancelled yet. So if we need the cash back, either cancel now or”hope”for them to do it later and allow the money back not just a fcc.
  6. Can you post some sort of written info on this. My Mom called about her 4/14 cruise that has been cancelled by Costa, and they told her NO refund, FCC Only. And it has to be used in a year, but they are not doing the Holy Land itinerary next year.
  7. Not sure if this is more than rumours, but our CTV news reported that they think it may have been staff delivering meals that spread it to the pax on the Diamond.
  8. Can anyone who has this type of info in writing please post it. My Mom was on the line with them yesterday and even though they have cancelled her cruise she was told NO refund, only FCC and it is only valid for a year.
  9. Those of us who are going in May are screwed til they cancel cruise, as we had already paid in full and the date was changed to 60 vs 90. Canadian cancellation fees are different, right now it is 50%.
  10. They have not addressed the closure of the Canadian ports yet. The cruises I am book on are still available for booking. Maybe they are hoping the ban can be lifted. I guess we just need to give them time as things are changing on a daily basis.
  11. They have banned cruise ships for All of Canada until at least 1 July
  12. They will allow it if the hit to the economy of Alaska is too much. And if they do they may change the Vancouver departures to Seattle.
  13. Glad they are doing this, my Mom was booked on Costa and their cancelled cruise they have only been offered a FCC.
  14. This is what is posted on Princess’s website Diamond Princess Cancellations M005  12-Feb-20  M005B  14-Feb-20  M006  20-Feb-20  M006D  20-Feb-20  M006B  22-Feb-20  M006C  25-Feb-20  M007  28-Feb-20  M007B  1-Mar-20  M007C  4-Mar-20  M008  7-Mar-20  M008B  9-Mar-20  M008C  12-Mar-20 
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