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  1. This is what is posted on Princess’s website Diamond Princess Cancellations M005  12-Feb-20  M005B  14-Feb-20  M006  20-Feb-20  M006D  20-Feb-20  M006B  22-Feb-20  M006C  25-Feb-20  M007  28-Feb-20  M007B  1-Mar-20  M007C  4-Mar-20  M008  7-Mar-20  M008B  9-Mar-20  M008C  12-Mar-20 
  2. Not all TA is refundable, the one we currently have form ours is not. If you look in your booking under payments at the bottom is your OBC info those with an * are not refundable.
  3. We took our Euros with us for Martinique and it made it really easy, especially as we used the local bus. I would bring it along with you.
  4. This is how is USED to be in North America as well. Glad it has changed.
  5. We did get an email before it was approved to confirm it was for a CPAP, but as you said it was already approved. If they question once you are using it, just state it is for a medical reason. The nice thing about pre-requesting it, as that the steward already knows you need it and you don’t have to ask.
  6. The Crown had speed issues when we were on her in 2017.
  7. The Key West Cooler became my favourite
  8. Same thing for us, and it is costing us both our FCC that we had leaving us without any, and 150 less OBC (50 each for military and 50 for the shares). You get $100 for 7 days and $250 for 14 We had our TA try to get it as a 14 day without success.
  9. One other downside is that some on board credits more than double between a 7 and 14 day cruise. The military, And shares Are $100 for a week, and $250 for 2 weeks. There are some trips that cabins are blocked for a 2 week cruise, but the same cabin can be booked for each leg of a b2b. We were forced to book at B2B for Alaska even though the 2 week version was avail as we wanted a particular deck.
  10. My vote is for SPB tours as well.
  11. One place I have gone for “dress clothes” is a resale shop, or something like the Salvation Army. That is where we got my son’s tux. So if it is not worn much you are not out a lot of money. Other things he may like is colourful shirts, but wash them beforehand so they soften up. I thank you for being concerned and trying to get him to follow the dress code for dinner. I really appreciate it.
  12. Everyone is supposed to dress for dinner, it can be pants and a polo shirt. My son does not like to dress up, but I got him a tux for some events, and he loved how he looked in photos, especially when Girls were attracted to that look. in reality they will not say anything, even if it drives the rest of the diners crazy. One trip we were on the family were in tshirts, and flip flops every dinner, on the formal night they “dressed up” they put on running shoes. It really got my Mom upset.
  13. Last year we got the water instead, as there were no tumblers, I bring my thermal mug with me So it works for hot or cold drinks.
  14. Like a previous posted said, let your TA know you are grateful for their gift, but let them know that you don’t drink or gamble. They would prefer to give you something you will use and enjoy.
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