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  1. Has anyone had success getting an egg crate type mattress topper on Liberty of the seas lately? (Balcony room)
  2. jannray


    We were there on a cruise last mid January. Weather on the island was low 70's, few showers an clouds here and there. Too cool and windy for comfortable swimming. Seas not too choppy until we were on our way back to Houston, where the entire last sea day was rough, windy, cool...like too cool to be on deck. ( A front had come down and pushed way out into the gulf...not unusual for that time a year.) Plan accordingly. Further south was 80,s and beautiful...around Jamaica and Grand Cayman, but windy.
  3. How about the beach bars on the east side. Also safe?
  4. After many years of not cruising and good memories of NCL We sailed NCL 2 years ago to Alaska. Everything was nice except the food in all venues. It was HORRIBLE. Off-tasting fish, cold, tasteless entrees, nothing but school cafeteria quality in the MDR for 10 solid days, with hum-drum service. We decided that good food with excellent service must be a thing of the past. Then we decided to give RCCL a chance and chose Liberty of the Seas. NO COMPARISON. We were shocked at the excellent quality of MDR food and service. Excellent intertainment also. We were so happily surprised that we are returning less than a year later. Both ships were roughly the same age. RCCL was a larger ship by 1000 capacity. Cabins and storage were about twice the size on RCCL (Balconies on both). We loved the promenade on RCCL and spent many a pleasant times visiting and people-watching in their cafe promenade whike kistening to a variety of music drift by. Just nice.
  5. This line I am speaking of was to get to the check in counter, after a long line to the security scanner, not physically walk onto the ship. That is what I am asking about. Will THAT be shortened substantially with gold C&A status?
  6. That cruise was a first on RCI, so no status at all that cruise. Sorry I didn't make that clear.
  7. We are sailing on Liberty OTS for the second time, so we now "gold" status. It says we get priority boarding. So, in practicality, what will that mean regarding boarding in Galveston? Last time we arrived at 12 noon and stood in line for 21/2 hours. I would like to NOT repeat that, even if it means arriving much later or much earlier. Guess I am wondering if having "priority" will shorten boarding all that much.
  8. What I am asking is if there is a designated, marked place for private car pick up or is it anywhere along the area where all yhe parking shuttles pick up. Thanks
  9. Can anyone tell me where the area is for private car passenger pick-up after a cruise on Liberty of the Seas in Galveston? I am not sure which terminal it is, but it is NOT the one that Carnival uses. Thanks
  10. Everything from shirt sleeves or t shirts to jeans and a warm jacket. Layers are best, particularly for sailaway and first day at sea.
  11. Thanks for the current review. We are going on LOS Dec.8. We were told by our travel agent that LOS was now strictly abiding by assigned boarding times in order to manage the lines. Has anyone recently had that experience in Galveston? Also, we have been on 1 other cruise on LOS last year (our first with RCCI} and also loved the ship, but stood in line 2 1/2, arriving at 12. We are considering waiting till 1PM just to avoid that.
  12. We were on Liberty of the seas last January and the MDR food and service were very good. Waiter gave his "favorite" as a recommendation every night and we quickly learned to pay attention! I would love to have the same team, but don't remember their names. We aren't foodies but the couple we were with are and they both agreed. We are returning this December. I am curious, what are the "savory bites" that were mentioned and can they be ordered at MDR or are they available at the specialty restaurants?
  13. How long will Liberty OTS leaving out of Galveston? End of 2020 or earlier? Has it been announced and what will her replacement be. We love her and hate to see her leave!
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