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  1. when we got off our recent Canary island cruise in Southampton, an suit jacket or blazer would have been as useful as a chocolate fireguard. A full rain proof and insulated jacket was required 🙂
  2. I didn’t post on your trip thread but did read it. Thoroughly enjoyable read in my opinion, thank you.
  3. I’m a relative newbie to Cunard having only done 4 cruises. Tbh I don’t find putting a jacket on a great hardship. I have come across people that have consciously avoided the MDR most nights and even with the no jacket rule I believe still would not want to conform (non collared shirts, jeans etc). The only time I find the jacket a pain is on the last night and planning packing/getting luggage picked up from outside the room etc.
  4. If it’s any comfort, we were on this cruise and overall had a great time. Missing Lisbon wasn’t ideal but can understand the reasoning. Would we do the same cruise at the same time of year again? Definitely. Regarding roughness of the crossing, the crew we spoke to said the preceding cruise (Western Med) returning across the Bay of Biscay was rougher than our experience.
  5. My experience is that if they aren’t in the wardrobe, if you mention it to the stateroom steward then they will gladly get them for you.
  6. that makes a lot of sense tbh. We only did a couple of theatre visits. Thought the comedian was good. The cruise seemed to have a big highlight at the end with the vocal quartet in the Queens Room, shame about the early get up the next day. My mum is a diamond level member and messaged me to say we’d done something she hadn’t, namely 4 successive sea days. We enjoyed the relaxing and de-stress after a tough few months at work. Our only gripe was a food issue where my wife couldn’t eat her entree one night and Cunard showed a bit of a weak underbelly in trying to correct it but that’s life. Would definitely do that cruise again. edited to add that thankfully neither of us got seasick
  7. Out of curiosity what do you think most people’s gripes were about? My guess is late departure from Lanzarote with an overnight silence, missing Lisbon and the rough days. I think missing Lisbon was a blow but guess the Captain wanted the extra time to go deeper into the Bay to avoid the worst of the storm. On the Thursday evening we got talking to another couple who were also in the Yacht club and we had to leave because it was very rough up there especially on a slippy dance floor. Anyway the guy reckoned that the stabilisers weren’t deployed to save fuel. I've been unlucky on my last 2 cruises, the previous one was to Guernsey in August and we had to go to Le Havre on that occasion due to the weather. I got a questionnaire and tended to be sympathetic in my replies because I feel I have to put total faith in the Captain.
  8. We didn’t get the Voyage summary but did receive the signed menus and an email questionnaire which I’ve completed.
  9. I’ve concluded that the wonderful Cunard ballrooms are like Wembley to me. Will always watch and can’t set foot onto the hallowed turf. Yacht club is more my standard 😉 I do love those ballrooms though and hope the fourth Queen embraces their designs.
  10. Got off the ship yesterday and missing it already. Some random ramblings. Our 4th Cunard cruise with this being the longest cruise having done a Fjords 7 nighter plus two very short cruises previously. Cunard are excellent and 99.9% of the time they get things right. However when they get it wrong they do seem to struggle in the service recovery department. We have just turned 50 so probably in the lower end of the age range. Love the old school attitude on there. Held the lift doors open countless times and received thanks. Small thing but it gives a good atmosphere. Found the Queens Room floor quite intimidating for the ballroom events. Me and the wife have had lessons previously but I literally do have 2 left feet. Did the waltz lesson on the first sea day and we struggled so never retuned. My wife had a chat with the dance pros and they said their 5 year old kids could master that dance. The party nights in the Queens Room were brilliant especially on the last evening. No inhibitions about dancing then. Cunard do last nights well but I wish they would do that more. Probably a bit controversial because their ballroom ambience does set them apart from the rest. If you go onboard with an open mind and chat to everyone who is prepared to engage, then you can meet some people with wonderful cruise experience not just of Cunard but other cruise lines. Loved the pre dinner ambience in the various bars throughout the ship. We were on later sitting and it worked for us. Already looking forward to getting back on board next April. Thanks for reading these random thoughts.
  11. Anyone know how QV is? All sites I’ve checked show her still in Southampton but was scheduled to leave 3 hours ago.
  12. a very informative post . Luckily for us, midship was far more comfortable during the night although the roll was a bit unnerving and has reinforced to me why we pick a cabin and say no to upgrade. We did sit in the theatre for the movie on the Wednesday and Thursday and it was pretty noisy and a lot of pitching in there, in fact on one day we left. That dining on the Thursday evening was interesting and we were not too far back in the Britannia so again didn’t get the extreme motion you experienced.
  13. It was a great cruise I thought. We are back on the QV in April for the Atlantic adventure so get to do Biscay again. Hopefully this time we will make Lisbon.
  14. we were speaking to a group very late last night after the brilliant evening and they were at the front of the ship and said it was horrendous. We were midship and the pitching wasn’t too bad but the ship rolled enough to cause stuff to be thrown to the floor from the bedside tables. yes, it was hang onto your wine on Thursday evening in the Britannia.
  15. Personally I suspect there is a bigger picture that will be revealed tomorrow. The winds seem to have eased off here in Lanzarote. All I ask is if Lisbon is dropped, please not Le Havre. We ended up there during the summer when our Guernsey one got diverted due to weather and I couldn’t stomach that on a cold November day. edited to add that I wonder if this is anything to do with it
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