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  1. I've actually opted for a refund via the official channels (3rd June departure date) and the cruise is still showing as live on my HAL account, no refund received yet.
  2. Similar experience for me. I opted for a full refund mid-April, no refund yet and my cruise (due to depart 3rd June) is still showing as live via my HAL login.
  3. Worth noting... the online cancellation form includes the following wording at the bottom, saying that if someone opts for the FCC option now they can still change their mind and request a refund instead between 1st June and 31st December 2020: This is a clarification regarding the Option 1 Future Cruise Credit ("FCC"). If a guest elects Option 1 and does not use his/her FCC and wants a refund thereafter of the original base cruise fare paid, between June 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020, the guest can request Holland America Line to exchange the FCC for a refund of their base cruise fare paid. Refund will be issued within approximately 60 days from request date. Requests accepted via email to guestrelations@hollandamerica.com. In no situation shall a guest be entitled to a refund greater than the base cruise fare paid. Guests selecting Option 1 and requesting a refund as set forth herein will not be entitled to any other compensation/credit. Guests selecting Option 2 shall not be entitled to any additional refund (other than the initial refund as set forth in Option 2) at any time. All FCC's expire on December 31, 2020 if not applied to a booking sailing by December 31, 2021 and are subject to published terms, conditions, and restrictions. Offer and its terms are subject to change.
  4. I'd like to get a refund on my 3rd June cruise but as it was booked via a TA, I'm not sure whether I should cancel using the form provided by HAL, or wait until my TA gets in touch - but my TA is only taking calls from people whose holidays were due to commence in the next 72 hours. My concern is that HAL says they'll put the refund on the original card, but I'm not sure whether my original payment on my card went to HAL via the TA, or to the TA themselves (who then subsequently paid for the booking from their own account). All balance payments have also gone via the TA. I don't want to complicate things/add further delay if HAL never actually received the original payment directly from me.
  5. I paid my balance using discounted vouchers via my employer i.e. they run a scheme where I can buy vouchers for Virgin Cruises (who I booked the cruise through) at a 4% discount, I purchased vouchers and then paid the balance using them - having paid the deposit directly via credit card. I can't imagine what hoops I'll have to jump through in order to get a refund rather than a FCC, I'm happy to have the discount reclaimed but nevertheless, I'm sure it'll add complications.
  6. We cancelled our excursions and massage treatments about a week earlier, and got a refund back on our card within a few days. Perhaps we managed to do so just in time.
  7. Is that just a vibe DFD, or do you have a rationale for suggesting that?
  8. Yes this was also going to be our first HAL cruise, we're due to sail from Vancouver on 3rd June. Clearly that cruise can't go ahead, we don't want a cruise credit because the timing of the cruise was relevant, we want a refund and if the ship isn't sailing, for whatever reason, we should be able to get our money back. The lack of/delayed communications regarding June cruises seems pretty cynical. Unfortunately we've fully paid for it, so we just have to wait for HAL to make their position public.
  9. Thanks Rich. It's this uncertainty that's causing problems for those of us with cruises booked from Canadian ports in May and June; HAL's guidance for customers doesn't stretch that far yet, but Canada hasn't given any indication that their freeze on ships visiting their ports is likely to be revisited before the end of June. Will be grateful for any updates you can post as and when you are able. Thanks.
  10. Yes that's possible, but not helpful where flights and hotel bookings have also been made. We need a concrete decision so that we can re-arrange other parts of the holiday, or seek refunds as appropriate.
  11. We have a HAL cruise booked to sail from Vancouver on 3rd June i.e. within the closedown that Canada is enforcing. Dates are important as we wanted to concentrate on whale watching, which is seasonal, so cruise credit and the option to re-book doesn’t really work for us. What are your thoughts on whether a refund will be offered in this circumstance i.e. the cancellation is caused by the Canadian closedown, rather than HAL decision?
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