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  1. Thanks Rich. It's this uncertainty that's causing problems for those of us with cruises booked from Canadian ports in May and June; HAL's guidance for customers doesn't stretch that far yet, but Canada hasn't given any indication that their freeze on ships visiting their ports is likely to be revisited before the end of June. Will be grateful for any updates you can post as and when you are able. Thanks.
  2. Yes that's possible, but not helpful where flights and hotel bookings have also been made. We need a concrete decision so that we can re-arrange other parts of the holiday, or seek refunds as appropriate.
  3. We have a HAL cruise booked to sail from Vancouver on 3rd June i.e. within the closedown that Canada is enforcing. Dates are important as we wanted to concentrate on whale watching, which is seasonal, so cruise credit and the option to re-book doesn’t really work for us. What are your thoughts on whether a refund will be offered in this circumstance i.e. the cancellation is caused by the Canadian closedown, rather than HAL decision?
  4. Thanks Freestyling, we know that if we leave it too late the appointments whilst at sea will get booked up, we’ll keep an eye on availability over the next few weeks.
  5. Hi, we're sailing on the Volendam on 3rd June 2020, does anybody know how long before departure the spa and massage bookings will open up online please? Thanks.
  6. Yes, thanks wyobean. I think, as I'm not a heavy drinker, it's likely to be better if I just pay-as-I-go.
  7. That's excellent and extremely practical advice whogo. Bearing in mind the cruise is already booked, I shall have to decide whether it is best to cancel my wife's part of the booking completely, or try to convert her into a drinker within the next three months. Wouldn't want to waste the opportunities provided by a beverage package.
  8. Hi, I drink tea, coffee and alcohol but my wife only drinks mineral water and soft drinks/juices. It makes sense to buy a beverage package for me, but not for my wife. HAL have confirmed to me by email that everyone aged over 21 in a stateroom has to have the same beverage package - so if we don't buy one for my wife (which makes no financial sense to do), I can't buy one either. I understand that the rule is there to stop people 'sharing' a single beverage package, but surely we're not the only couple who've ever sailed with HAL where one person drinks and the other doesn't. Is there any way around this? HAL's suggestion was that I'll have to pay-as-I-go, but I'll be missing out on the benefits of buying a package by doing that. Thanks, Jeremy
  9. We're looking at using a similar service but at the end of the cruise, not the beginning - we'll disembark the ship in Vancouver by 10:00am but our international flight isn't until 9:00pm that evening, and we want to make the most of that final day in Vancouver without having to lug our suitcases around with us. We'relooking to use a service called Porter Genie to pick up our cases when we disembark, and deliver them back to us at a specified time at the airport. It's $10 per suitcase which sounds very reasonable. Anybody used that, or a similar service before? Any thoughts or recommendations?
  10. OK so the research is going well, and we're looking at doing ziplining in either Skagway or Ketchikan - I think the Ketchikan option looks better, has anybody done either before?
  11. Thanks Wyobean. Couldn't see that a role call had been started for this cruise yet so I started one myself. Yes, I think I'll book outside of HAL, the timings don't cause a concern and I suspect I'll save a lot of money.
  12. Thanks for the tip. Yes, plenty of time yet but I like to sort these things out early!
  13. Thanks Wyobean. Couldn't see that a role call had been started for this cruise yet so I started one myself. Yes, I think I'll book outside of HAL, the timings don't cause a concern and I suspect I'll save a lot of money.
  14. Hi, We've just booked onto the Volendam leaving Vancouver on 03/06/20. We want to go whale watching in Juneau, and on the zipline in either Skagway or Ketchican - we can see that the timings work with the times the boat is docked, is it best to book direct with the tours, or via HAL when on the boat? On our previous cruise in the Med (with Princess), the tour costs were quite heavily marked up when booked on the ship. Any trip advice would be welcome, thanks. Jeremy
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