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  1. We are travelling on Adventure of the Seas in a one bedroom Grand Suite. That of course, comes with some perks but so does The Key. Is it worth it getting The Key despite the perks we already get with the Grand Suite? I'm not 100% sure of the differences in the perks between the two and whether its a waste of money to get The Key. TIA!
  2. Thanks for all of your tips/suggestions/input everyone. I appreciate it. :)
  3. I've done three cruises with connecting doors, and never had a noise issue - not saying there can't be though. Not sure why I am more concerned about it this time. lol. We're booking Adventure of the Seas, One bedroom Grande Suite.
  4. I am looking to book a cruise and have it narrowed down to two room choices. The one we want has no connecting door but across the hall there are no rooms. I know in some hallways when there are no rooms they tend to be closets/stairwells for staff working. I don't want to be across from that, but, my TA can't confirm if that is what is on the blank wall or its nothing. The other room is identical, except its a connecting room, and across the hall is other rooms - which is not an issue. I guess my question is, is there any way of finding out what is across the hall from the room we do want - closet, or just a wall? TIA!
  5. Thanks everyone, I appreciate all of the information. I’ll touch base with my TA too, maybe she has some information about the black out dates.
  6. Thanks everyone! Does anyone happen to know when the blackout dates are? We usually only cruise during two times of the year, and I have a feeling they are both during the blackout dates. BUT, we are thinking of doing an Alaskan cruise in 2020, which I assume are non blackout dates.
  7. Sounds pretty straight forward and glad I don't have to sit and talk to someone, lol. Are the cards easily found on the ship? If its only two placeholders per stateroom, what happens to the other people in the room? How would the discounts work if more than two people (in the same family, same stateroom) want to cruise together? What are the typical blackout dates? Is there blackouts on destinations and lengths of cruises, or just dates?
  8. Hi all! We took our first Disney Cruise last Spring - four nights on Disney Dream, and stupidly didn't pre-book for our next cruise. I was under the impression that because we had cruised once with Disney we could take advantage of the "perks" once off ship. Wrong. Anyways, we are going back this Spring and doing 7 nights on Disney Fantasy, and I want to be sure we do it right this time. Can someone give me the in's and out's of doing this, what perks you get, the savings, etc etc. Thanks a bunch!!
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